N4ERT messages

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W4KDK-7 N4ERT 02/19 20:09:38z Reply RRR{4
N4ERT W4KDK-7 02/19 19:50:22z Send another never beat the pile ups{DZ}
N4ERT W4KDK-7 02/19 19:50:14z Send another no have not tried, tried the up/down link a few and could hear but+{DY}
W4KDK-7 N4ERT 02/19 19:15:14z Reply Hve u wrkd ISS with APRS?{2
N4ERT KG4NVN-4 02/19 18:37:49z Send another good afternoon{DW}
N4ERT W4NWT-1 02/19 18:35:35z Send another Hello Bobby{DX}
N4ERT W4KDK-7 02/18 00:18:39z Send another Hello!{DV}
N4ERT N4GMF-5 02/13 18:30:24z Send another thanks!{DU}
N4GMF-5 N4ERT 02/13 18:29:45z Reply Got it{14
N4ERT KM4EUG-9 02/13 18:26:43z Send another no wonder you spend that much eating out! {DT}
N4ERT N4ERT-9 02/13 18:24:39z Send another test{DS}
N4ERT N4GMF-5 02/13 18:12:34z Send another trying to fix aprs messaging - test{DR}
N4ERT KK4DTT-9 02/13 17:16:10z Send another never been where you are!{TY}
KG4NVN N4ERT 02/13 15:21:08z Reply AA:CQ 147.210 PL107.2 Local Jax Area - TRAVEL 146.520
N4ERT KG4NVN 02/13 15:20:52z Send another TEST NEW APRS{TX}
N4ERT N4ERT 02/02 01:53:46z Send another BITS.11111111,Battery State Tracking
N4ERT N4ERT 02/02 01:53:46z Send another EQNS.0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0
N4ERT N4ERT 02/02 01:53:46z Send another UNIT.Percent,Charge/On/Off,Sats/On/Off,N/A,N/A,On,Yes,On,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A
N4ERT N4ERT 02/02 01:53:46z Send another PARM.Battery,Charging/AC,GPS+Sat,A4,A5,A/C,Charging,GPS,B4,B5,B6,B7,B8
N4ERT W4KDK-7 02/02 01:40:58z Send another AA:Sorry this station not monitored full time!
W4KDK-7 N4ERT 02/02 01:40:27z Reply TNX for FB QSO on 223.5 today.{0
WHO-IS N4ERT 02/01 20:48:23z Reply WX4EMT/G/Ronald K Fronk/TN/United States{ZL}UN
N4ERT WHO-IS 02/01 20:48:17z Send another WX4EMT{UN}
N4ERT KA4UQS 02/01 14:20:32z Send another looking good on aprs{UM}
N4ERT KA4UQS 02/01 14:17:02z Send another Looking good on APRS{AH}
N4ERT KG4NVN-3 01/24 20:22:46z Send another do you like the pinpoint software{AW}
EMAIL-2 N4ERT 01/24 20:00:23z Reply Email sent to jerrykray@gmail.com{VO}AV
N4ERT EMAIL-2 01/24 20:00:23z Send another jerrykray@gmail.com test aprs{AV}
N4ERT W4NWT-9 01/11 15:03:51z Send another Good Morning Bobby!{AB}