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N4BRB-9 SMSGTE 08/04 02:14:28z Send another @9704330835 I left my phone in kitchen.{28
N4BRB-9 SMSGTE 07/31 03:42:44z Send another @9704330835 Bring both water bottles if yes! {27
N4BRB-9 SMSGTE 07/31 03:41:35z Send another @9704330835 Bring both water bottles if yes! {26
SMSGTE N4BRB-9 07/31 03:40:51z Reply @9704330835 Not really but I guess we can go.....{M223
N4BRB-9 SMSGTE 07/31 03:35:04z Send another @9704330835 Phone dead. Wanna run 2 shop w me?{25
SMSGTE N4BRB-9 07/31 01:48:52z Reply @9704330835 I'm great, sexy! How you be?{M196
N4BRB-9 SMSGTE 07/31 01:47:22z Send another @9704330835 Helko how are you?{24
N4BRB-9 KM6KSO-9 07/27 17:43:09z Send another Hope you are having a blasy!!{23
SMSGTE N4BRB-9 07/27 07:16:47z Reply @9704330835 Good night my love!!! I really hope your tummy gets bet{M9580
N4BRB-9 SMSGTE 07/27 07:12:34z Send another @9704330835 Good night{22
N4BRB-9 KC5TRB-2 07/21 12:54:40z Send another good morning{21
N4BRB-9 AB0TJ-13 06/28 15:17:02z Send another Good morning!{20
K7BMP-9 N4BRB-9 06/27 16:47:58z Reply Thanks! {41
N4BRB-9 SMSGTE 06/27 16:28:29z Send another @9704330835 Tami left 360{19
N4BRB-9 K7BMP-9 06/27 16:25:28z Send another Travel safe my friend!{18
N4BRB-9 K7BMP-9 06/27 16:20:56z Send another hello!{17
N4BRB-9 N7ALX-8 06/27 15:21:48z Send another safe travels!{16
SMSGTE N4BRB-9 06/26 17:01:50z Reply @6202022616 hi{M5623
N4BRB-9 SMSGTE 06/26 16:57:04z Send another @6202022616 Hello from radio land!{15
N4BRB-9 SMSGTE 06/26 16:44:15z Send another @9704330835 Check email asap{14
N4BRB-9 SMSGTE 06/26 16:39:34z Send another @9704330835 Agreed!!!{13
SMSGTE N4BRB-9 06/26 16:36:07z Reply @9704330835 Good day ahead{M5620
SMSGTE N4BRB-9 06/26 16:35:46z Reply @9704330835 good morning to you{M5619
N4BRB-9 SMSGTE 06/26 16:34:14z Send another @9704330835 good morning{12
EMAIL-2 N4BRB-9 06/26 16:31:22z Reply Email sent to jessicaturner1324@gmail.com{686
N4BRB-9 EMAIL-2 06/26 16:31:22z Send another jessicaturner1324@gmail.com test{11
AB0TJ-13 N4BRB-9 06/25 23:07:57z Reply Muy bueno{002
N4BRB-9 AB0TJ-13 06/25 23:07:18z Send another How are you?{10
AB0TJ-13 N4BRB-9 06/25 23:06:50z Reply Hello{001
AB0TJ-13 N4BRB-9 06/25 23:05:06z Reply Hello{1
EMAIL-2 N4BRB-9 06/25 23:05:00z Reply Email sent to dominettec@gmail.com{685
N4BRB-9 EMAIL-2 06/25 23:04:59z Send another dominettec@gmail.com If you ever get a email from here call 911 !!{09
SMSGTE N4BRB-9 06/25 22:57:53z Reply @9706293405 I love ham radio!{M5530
EMAIL-2 N4BRB-9 06/25 22:56:16z Reply Email sent to kd0ftc@hotmail.com{684
N4BRB-9 EMAIL-2 06/25 22:56:16z Send another kd0ftc@hotmail.com test{08
SMSGTE N4BRB-9 06/25 22:53:53z Reply @9706293405 No working{M5527
SMSGTE N4BRB-9 06/25 22:52:31z Reply @9706293405 Hello?{M5524
SMSGTE N4BRB-9 06/25 22:51:28z Reply @9706293405 test complete.{M5522
N4BRB-9 SMSGTE 06/25 22:50:45z Send another @9706293405 test{07
N4BRB-9 K7QEQ-6 06/25 18:45:15z Send another hello from gj!{06
N4BRB-5 N4BRB-9 06/25 18:38:37z Reply Chilling.{14369
N4BRB-9 N4BRB-5 06/25 18:38:04z Send another whats up{05
N4BRB-9 AB0TJ-3 06/25 18:35:23z Send another How are things?{04