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N3FYI-7 N3TJJ-3 11/03 23:56:11z Reply r u in cabine when cum home?{20
N3TJJ-3 W3PC-9 10/17 01:36:14z Send another or perpetually building a bitx40...{48
N3TJJ-3 W3PC-9 10/17 01:34:41z Send another up at sparc tuning duplexers on 23, were messed up.{47
W3PC-9 N3TJJ-3 10/17 01:12:52z Reply -3 on a weeknignt? Must be a special occasion{29
N3TJJ-3 N3RSY-1 09/29 22:00:41z Send another what is project lojack? just curious, email me n3tjj@juno.com{46
N3TJJ-3 N3FYI-7 09/16 04:17:04z Send another AA:Auto reply from Troys' Jeep.
N3FYI-7 N3TJJ-3 09/16 04:16:37z Reply hello{17
N3TJJ-3 W3PC-9 09/14 01:40:50z Send another listening to gator net story for about the 5,000,000th time.{45
N3TJJ-3 W3PC-9 09/14 01:06:47z Send another yes, the hate drivethru line is still around the building.{44
N3TJJ-3 W3PC-9 09/14 01:02:24z Send another im actually hitting chik filet tonight.{43
W3PC-9 N3TJJ-3 09/14 01:01:00z Reply yup eating dinner at Arby's{26
N3TJJ-3 W3PC-9 09/14 00:59:49z Send another i see youre back in town.{42