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W4GCW N3HOE 04/24 19:05:05z Reply Alan, if you have 10m can you give me a radio check? Tnx 73, Don{TC}
W4GCW N3HOE 04/20 19:02:23z Reply Hi Alan, if you have HF can you give me a radio check on 10m?+{EM}
N3HOE KE4AZZ 04/18 09:05:45z Send another de KE4AZZ EL87 73 --Greetings reply de N3HOE EL98 MLB,FL{43
W4GCW N3HOE 04/17 16:55:35z Reply Hi Alan, are you on HF? Need a radio check on 10m if you're+{FG}
NS6I N3HOE 04/15 12:02:51z Reply GOOD MORNING FROM NS6I!{0