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KI4ASK-7 N1RCN 11/02 19:41:38z Reply Hello{58
KI4ASK-7 N1RCN 11/02 19:39:39z Reply Hello{59
N8URE-7 N1RCN 10/27 13:36:17z Reply FM19 QSL?{65
N1RCN W9QO 10/26 22:53:25z Send another de n1rcn via NO-84
KE4SYV N1RCN 10/26 16:19:03z Reply I was having problems with my rig, did not see you. KE4SYV
N1RCN XE3ISS 10/26 16:17:57z Send another QSL?
XE3ISS N1RCN 10/26 16:17:47z Reply Qsl 73s VIA LOTW
NN3RP-3 N1RCN 10/26 16:17:23z Reply tks fer qso via ISS 73{01
KC9YTT N1RCN 10/26 16:14:25z Reply Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's
N1RCN K5WLW 10/24 17:51:14z Send another OSL and 73
K5WLW N1RCN 10/24 17:51:06z Reply Heard you via ISS in Santa Fe,Texas EL29
N0BOO N1RCN 10/24 17:48:50z Reply Hello to you
N1RCN K9JKM 10/24 17:47:49z Send another You are loud and clear in Port Charlotte Florida!
W2THC N1RCN 10/23 18:36:52z Reply Greetings de -W2THC-
N1RCN NN4NC 10/23 17:03:15z Send another Good Afternoon via ISS!
KD4QNA-8 N1RCN 10/23 17:01:50z Reply Heard via SAT FM17!{62
N1RCN NN4NC 10/23 17:00:43z Send another Good Afternoon vis ISS!
N1RCN NY3W-6 10/19 20:09:28z Send another [AA] TNX for the contact!{42
NY3W-6 N1RCN 10/19 20:09:23z Reply Grt 2 cu via SAT{42
KD4QNA-8 N1RCN 10/19 18:36:47z Reply Heard via SAT FM17!{46
KI4ASK-7 N1RCN 10/19 18:36:46z Reply QSL & 73 via ISS{5
N1RCN K3DQB 10/19 18:32:42z Send another [AA] TNX for the contact!{16
K3DQB N1RCN 10/19 18:32:38z Reply Hello From FM19{167
VE2AAQ N1RCN 10/18 21:31:28z Reply QSL & Bonjour de Montreal, QUEBEC{4
9Z4DZ-1 N1RCN 10/18 19:25:44z Reply Hpe to c u agn soon, 73 de 9Z4DZ
VE2AAQ N1RCN 10/18 19:21:02z Reply RECU{2
N8URE N1RCN 10/16 12:44:11z Reply QSL FM19 73!{57
KB5AAM N1RCN 10/16 12:41:38z Reply G m frm Em00 73 Ron
N1RCN NN3RP-3 10/15 20:04:13z Send another [AA] TNX for the contact!{34
NN3RP-3 N1RCN 10/15 20:04:09z Reply copy 59 FM18 qsl ?{34
N1RCN K2MJP-6 10/15 13:33:19z Send another [AA] TNX for the contact!{62
K2MJP-6 N1RCN 10/15 13:33:16z Reply Heard u via ISS, 73!{62
N1RCN VE3TSV-9 10/15 13:33:14z Send another QSL?
N1RCN VE3TSV-9 10/15 13:32:18z Send another <<>>
N1RCN KI4ASK-7 10/15 13:29:43z Send another Good Morning from EL87
N1RCN KL7JKC-6 10/15 13:28:52z Send another [AA] TNX for the contact!{00
KL7JKC-6 N1RCN 10/15 13:28:48z Reply Heard you in Kentucky... 73!{0P}
N1RCN KL7JKC-6 10/15 13:28:20z Send another Good Morning from EL87
TG5ALY-4 N1RCN 10/14 22:36:50z Reply Hello from Guatemala TG5ALY Germán Ek44
XE3ISS N1RCN 10/14 22:26:22z Reply Qsl VIA LOTW 73s
N1RCN W4HBO-6 10/14 22:26:13z Send another Good Evening from EL87
9Z4DZ-1 N1RCN 10/14 20:58:27z Reply Grt cing u on this pass..73, Stay safe
W4MBO N1RCN 10/14 20:53:11z Reply QSL FROM MATT IN FM 16 UW
N1RCN K9NBG 10/14 20:50:39z Send another <<>>
KD4QNA-6 N1RCN 10/14 14:17:12z Reply =3811.15N/07732.30W-Good day, stay safe, God bless!
KL7JKC-6 N1RCN 10/14 12:42:58z Reply QSl and 73 !!{0N}
N1RCN KB2M-11 10/13 13:28:23z Send another 73 from EL87
N1RCN WA0D-5 10/12 22:23:48z Send another Heard You Loud and Clear in Port Charlotte Florida!
N1RCN N4SG 10/12 22:23:27z Send another Heard You Loud and Clear in Port Charlotte Florida!
N1RCN WA0D-5 10/12 22:23:15z Send another Good to see you via ISS
N1RCN N8URE 10/11 23:11:55z Send another [AA] tnks for the contact{50
N8URE N1RCN 10/11 23:11:50z Reply de Stephen FM19{50
KD4QNA-7 N1RCN 10/11 15:07:36z Reply Good day, God bless,73!{38
N1RCN N2FYA-7 10/11 15:05:26z Send another Good Morning from EL87 !
KI4ASK-7 N1RCN 10/11 15:02:45z Reply QSL & 73 via ISS{2
KB2M-11 N1RCN 10/11 15:02:25z Reply good morning FM29
N1RCN KI4ASK-7 10/11 15:01:46z Send another [AA] tnx for the contact !{02
XE1GLA N1RCN 10/11 15:00:50z Reply RRR
KD4QNA-8 N1RCN 10/11 13:28:57z Reply Tx for contact 73!{60
9Z4DZ-1 N1RCN 10/10 22:31:09z Reply Greetings from Trinidad & Tobago, Blessings 73
N1RCN W7BAZ 10/10 22:26:56z Send another qsl via LoTW?
N1RCN W7BAZ 10/10 22:25:44z Send another [AA] tnx for the contact !{62
W7BAZ N1RCN 10/10 22:25:40z Reply Hello from EN73 {62
VE2XMR-7 N1RCN 10/09 16:41:26z Reply QSL from Montreal Canada{19
VE2XMR-7 N1RCN 10/09 16:41:20z Reply QSL from Montreal Canada{17
VE2XMR-7 N1RCN 10/09 16:41:17z Reply QSL from Montreal Canada{16
KC4ZVA N1RCN 10/09 15:01:08z Reply hello
N1RCN W9XE 10/09 15:01:00z Send another Good to see you via ISS!
XE3ARV N1RCN 10/09 14:59:41z Reply hello{23
XE3ARV N1RCN 10/09 14:59:21z Reply hello !!{22
N1RCN XE3ARV 10/09 14:58:02z Send another Good to see you via ISS!
K2MJP-6 N1RCN 10/08 15:52:15z Reply Hello from K2MJP, FN30 NY{22
N1RCN KB2M-11 10/08 15:47:59z Send another QSL and 73 via ISS
KB2M-11 N1RCN 10/08 15:47:44z Reply hi fr fm29 NJ
KI4ASK-7 N1RCN 10/08 15:46:25z Reply QSL & 73 via ISS{1
N1RCN XE1MYO 10/08 15:44:44z Send another <<< de n1rcn EL87 via ISS>>>
N1RCN XE1MYO 10/08 15:44:22z Send another <<< de n1rcn EL87 via ISS>>>
NN4H-9 N1RCN 10/07 16:42:59z Reply tnx 73 frm em76 da!{42
NN4H-9 N1RCN 10/07 16:42:54z Reply tnx 73 frm em76 da!{41
XE3ISS N1RCN 10/07 16:35:18z Reply QSL via ISS
N1RCN XE3ISS 10/07 16:35:16z Send another QSL, 73
XE3ISS N1RCN 10/07 16:35:00z Reply Greeting from Cancun EL61 de XE3ISS
KN2K N1RCN 10/05 16:33:42z Reply QSL 73!
KN2K N1RCN 10/05 16:33:13z Reply Heard you FM18. QSL?
N1RCN N8JR 10/05 16:33:01z Send another Hello from Florida!
N1RCN N8JR 10/05 16:32:47z Send another >>de n1rcn qsl?
N1RCN KE4SYV 10/05 16:31:36z Send another QSL, 73
KE4SYV N1RCN 10/05 16:31:27z Reply Hello from KE4SYV Larry in Rockvale Tenn EM65rs
K2MJP-7 N1RCN 10/04 17:23:54z Reply Hello from K2MJP de Matt FN30 NY{02
KD2WFZ-7 N1RCN 10/04 17:23:41z Reply de n1rcn via ISS{98
K4KDR-6 N1RCN 10/04 17:22:21z Reply QSL - 73!!
K4KDR-6 N1RCN 10/04 17:21:24z Reply Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es
N1RCN KD4QNA-7 10/04 17:21:18z Send another qsl and 73
KD4QNA-7 N1RCN 10/04 17:21:04z Reply Heard in VA FM18!{52
N1RCN W9QO 10/04 17:18:48z Send another de n1rcn via ISS