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TA5AHO-15 N1NHT-14 06/22 19:02:26z Reply Hello from Turkey 400 ;)
N1NHT-14 K3ROG-9 06/18 19:26:25z Send another saw your call flash on my screen and wanted to say hello{22
N1NHT-14 K3ROG-9 06/18 19:25:15z Send another saw your call flash on my screen and wanted to say hello{21
N1NHT-14 K9UDX-6 06/17 17:52:34z Send another hello saw your call and wanted to say hi n1nht mobile{20
W5BRM-14 N1NHT-14 06/17 10:29:15z Reply thanks. {12
N1NHT-14 W5BRM-14 06/17 07:45:12z Send another your test message was recvd{7
N1NHT-14 W5BRM-14 06/17 03:09:16z Send another no message recvd{19
W5BRM-14 N1NHT-14 06/17 02:55:44z Reply 400 test{10
TA5AHO-15 N1NHT-14 06/17 00:40:45z Reply I would be very happy
N1NHT-14 TA5AHO-15 06/17 00:12:26z Send another prepare to receive more messages today from the group{18
TA5AHO-15 N1NHT-14 06/17 00:05:23z Reply yes my friend{35
N1NHT-14 TA5AHO-15 06/17 00:04:49z Send another are you part of our 400 group?{17
TA5AHO-15 N1NHT-14 06/17 00:01:06z Reply thank you for the message{34
N1NHT-14 TA5AHO-15 06/16 23:58:37z Send another hello to you also from new york usa{16
W5BRM-14 N1NHT-14 06/16 23:50:51z Reply Greetings from Eaton OH{05
N1NHT-14 KD8KTS-9 06/15 20:20:02z Send another thank you for the contact{15
VE3XID N1NHT-14 06/15 13:23:52z Reply Good morning, Jay, de Jim @Cornwall,ON{85
N3UPY-9 N1NHT-14 06/15 08:23:23z Reply 73 DE N3UPY{26
N1NHT-14 KD8KTS-9 06/15 05:04:01z Send another thanks for contact {14
N1NHT-14 AB8JL-14 06/15 05:02:23z Send another thanks for contact{13
N1NHT-14 KB3ZWI-9 06/15 05:01:33z Send another thanks{12
N1NHT-14 CA3IRO-5 06/15 05:00:57z Send another thanks for the contact{11
KC8MTV N1NHT-14 06/15 04:58:30z Reply AA:Message received, thnx for the contact!
N1NHT-14 KC8MTV 06/15 04:56:41z Send another thanks for the contact {10
W1FJC-9 N1NHT-14 06/15 03:04:15z Reply 400{02
CA3IRO-9 N1NHT-14 06/15 02:12:42z Reply 400{26
W5YYA-10 N1NHT-14 06/15 00:11:32z Reply HOWDY FROM TEXAS! 400{01}
K5LGF-9 N1NHT-14 06/14 23:09:37z Reply 400{38
VE3XID-7 N1NHT-14 06/14 22:45:01z Reply Jim >Cornwall,ON 400{08
K4FML-9 N1NHT-14 06/14 22:15:41z Reply 400 73 de K4FML{11
W5BRM-14 N1NHT-14 06/14 21:48:12z Reply 400 TEST FOR ACK{04
VE3XID-7 N1NHT-14 06/14 21:18:40z Reply Jim >Cornwall,ON 400{07
W9BU-7 N1NHT-14 06/14 19:29:28z Reply 400{11
KG5WEN-9 N1NHT-14 06/14 18:25:34z Reply 400 {01
KD8KTS-9 N1NHT-14 06/14 18:21:48z Reply 400 hey man whats up{09
AB8JL-14 N1NHT-14 06/14 18:01:16z Reply 400{60
KB3ZWI-9 N1NHT-14 06/14 17:22:52z Reply 400{01
CA3IRO-5 N1NHT-14 06/14 17:13:49z Reply ?APRSP
CA3IRO-5 N1NHT-14 06/14 16:47:53z Reply 400{04}CC
KC8MTV N1NHT-14 06/14 16:38:47z Reply Nice video. Thanks for the contact!{91
W5BRM-14 N1NHT-14 06/14 16:32:56z Reply got tge msg thanka!{02
KC8MTV N1NHT-14 06/14 16:32:15z Reply Hello from KC8MTV in Ohio.{89
KC8MTV N1NHT-14 06/14 16:30:46z Reply Hello from KC8MTV {87
N1NHT-14 VE3XID 06/14 16:29:55z Send another thanks for the contact{09
W5BRM-14 N1NHT-14 06/14 16:29:31z Reply 400 greetings de w5brm{01
N1NHT-14 W5BRM-14 06/14 16:28:48z Send another hello{08
VE3XID N1NHT-14 06/14 16:24:52z Reply 400{75