N1NHT-14 messages

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N1NHT-14 KD2JKV 10/08 03:19:51z Send another wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man{40
N7FMH-10 N1NHT-14 09/12 14:03:49z Reply Plan to use on Tuesday.{EJ}
N7FMH-10 N1NHT-14 09/12 14:03:43z Reply Thursday is 900 day here too.{EI}
N1NHT-14 N7FMH-10 09/11 22:27:46z Send another i have 220 on my yaesu vx8dr it is only half watt {39
N7FMH-10 N1NHT-14 09/11 22:22:13z Reply just a reminder to use your 220 rig if you have one{EH}
N1NHT-14 N7FMH-10 09/11 22:12:42z Send another rcvd message tuesday200{38
N7FMH-10 N1NHT-14 09/11 22:11:50z Reply explain what?{EG}
N1NHT-14 N7FMH-10 09/11 22:00:20z Send another explain plz{37
N1NHT-14 N1IIC-14 08/22 18:47:24z Send another nononononononono{36
N1NHT-14 KC1BYD-9 08/10 19:34:29z Send another bazinga{35
N1NHT-14 N1IIC-14 08/10 18:53:19z Send another yo {34
N1NHT-14 N1IIC-14 08/10 18:30:40z Send another frrrruuunkis{33
KC1BYD-9 N1NHT-14 08/09 22:47:17z Reply been quiet? tx 1850 8/9/17{05