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KB1MAO N1LMA 01/21 23:03:07z Reply I got all of the tests{04
N1LMA KB1MAO 01/21 22:50:06z Send another TESTING A NEW RIG HERE IN THE SHACK. GOOD PATH.{m0004
N1LMA KB1MAO 01/21 22:49:16z Send another TEST2{m0003
N1LMA KB1MAO 01/21 22:49:14z Send another TEST2{m0002
N1LMA KB1MAO 01/21 22:47:05z Send another TEST{m0001
KB1MAO N1LMA 12/29 23:11:27z Reply Test received{03
N1LMA KC1DJO 12/29 20:02:51z Send another test{m0002
WA1VIN N1LMA 12/25 01:12:32z Reply N1LMA HEARD: 14 . . . . . . .
N1LMA WA1VIN 12/25 01:12:32z Send another ?APRSH N1LMA{H0001
N1LMA KC1GYM-9 12/14 02:34:35z Send another GOT IT{JI}