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N1IQI W1JT-9 06/06 00:03:48z Send another Hi{13
W1JT-9 N1IQI 06/05 21:22:59z Reply hi{60
KC1HHO-9 N1IQI 05/30 13:37:53z Reply good morning LOREN{89
KC1HHO-7 N1IQI 05/29 20:14:01z Reply nice breeze kicking up now.{38
N1IQI KC1HHO-7 05/29 19:08:09z Send another a lot better then cold for sure{12
KC1HHO-7 N1IQI 05/29 19:05:22z Reply the heat feels great!{36
KC1HHO-7 N1IQI 05/29 19:02:11z Reply Hot today but I'm not complaining!{35
N1IQI KC1HHO-7 05/29 18:58:19z Send another thats good no complaint{11
N1IQI KC1HHO-7 05/29 18:54:19z Send another hello{10
N1IQI N1KXJ 05/29 17:09:39z Send another Hello{09
N1IQI N1KXJ 05/29 17:06:15z Send another Hello{08
N1IQI KC1HHO-7 05/20 12:20:44z Send another looks like i will do work outside today{07
KC1HHO-7 N1IQI 05/20 11:33:05z Reply great weather good for yard work! or go for a walk!{96
N1IQI KC1HHO-7 05/19 13:24:16z Send another okay will do{06
KC1HHO-7 N1IQI 05/19 12:10:50z Reply summer arrives on thurs/fri..break out the shorts!!{66
N1IQI N4HAM-7 05/18 19:44:35z Send another Hello frm east{05
N1IQI N1KMX 05/18 00:44:03z Send another hello{04
KC1HHO-9 N1IQI 05/17 00:59:33z Reply 73{65
N1IQI KC1HHO-9 05/17 00:55:36z Send another okay talk tommorrow 73{03
KC1HHO-9 N1IQI 05/17 00:51:06z Reply -9 will be on when I am in the shack. -1 is always on -7 mobile{64
N1IQI KC1HHO-9 05/17 00:46:59z Send another SAW YOU ON AND SAID HI{02
KC1HHO-9 N1IQI 05/17 00:46:05z Reply HELLO Loren, new radio for APRS at home station{63
N1IQI KC1HHO-9 05/17 00:35:29z Send another HELLO PETER{01
KC1HHO-7 N1IQI 05/12 11:13:24z Reply did Brock go back on?{45
KC1HHO-7 N1IQI 05/11 11:30:36z Reply gm Loren, have a great day!{09
W1JT-7 N1IQI 05/10 02:42:57z Reply hi{79
N1IQI W1JT-9 05/08 12:44:05z Send another hello{00
N1IQI KC1HHO-7 05/05 12:43:01z Send another Gd Morning {99
KC1HHO-7 N1IQI 05/05 10:46:32z Reply GM Loren!!{26
KC1HHO-7 N1IQI 05/04 19:59:35z Reply how are you Loren?{22
KC1HHO-1 N1IQI 05/03 01:00:49z Reply the net go ok?{6
KC1HHO-7 N1IQI 05/01 20:44:55z Reply turned out to be a nice day{72
N1IQI W1JT-9 05/01 13:12:06z Send another stay dri hi hi{98
N1IQI KC1HHO-7 05/01 13:09:11z Send another yup get your pontoons out{97
KC1HHO-7 N1IQI 05/01 11:23:11z Reply a soaker today!{57
KC1HHO-7 N1IQI 04/30 17:00:38z Reply looks like UFO is onAPRS.nice to have more active stations in area{31
N1IQI KC1HHO-7 04/30 13:37:23z Send another Morning Peter{96
KC1HHO-7 N1IQI 04/30 10:53:36z Reply gm Loren{18
KA1UFO-9 N1IQI 04/29 14:52:14z Reply thank you you also finlly got a radio with aprs{01
KC1HHO-7 N1IQI 04/28 12:20:34z Reply copy that!{78
N1IQI KC1HHO-7 04/28 12:17:22z Send another catcha later{95
KC1HHO-7 N1IQI 04/28 12:16:39z Reply hopefully spring is here but more rain is coming later this week{77
N1IQI KC1HHO-7 04/28 12:16:30z Send another keep on trucking{94
N1IQI KC1HHO-7 04/28 12:13:04z Send another thats good{93
KC1HHO-7 N1IQI 04/28 12:10:27z Reply you too, no rain!{76
N1IQI KA1UFO-9 04/28 12:10:19z Send another have a great day{92
N1IQI KC1HHO-7 04/28 12:08:05z Send another have a great day{91
KC1HHO-7 N1IQI 04/28 10:59:23z Reply back to the grind!{69
KC1HHO-7 N1IQI 04/27 13:43:58z Reply hope U have a good day!{67
N1IQI KC1HHO-7 04/27 12:37:05z Send another very good{90
KC1HHO-7 N1IQI 04/27 11:12:37z Reply another gross day, oh well.{62
KC1HHO-7 N1IQI 04/27 11:02:23z Reply another gross day, oh well.{60
N1IQI KC1HHO-7 04/27 10:37:48z Send another Good Morning{89
N1IQI KC1HHO-7 04/27 10:25:50z Send another Good morning stay dry{88
N1IQI W1JT 04/25 21:20:28z Send another okay{87
W1JT N1IQI 04/25 21:19:46z Reply I'll be back and forth for a bit{03
W1JT N1IQI 04/25 21:19:02z Reply I may go back over to AX25 for a minute to try something....I guess{02
W1JT N1IQI 04/25 21:18:42z Reply Guess you're gone, I'll catch up with you later. {01
W1JT N1IQI 04/25 21:14:06z Reply for Plymouth I mean?{00
W1JT N1IQI 04/25 21:12:33z Reply Can't you change the tone in your rig?{99
N1IQI W1JT 04/25 21:09:27z Send another okay talk later jim{86
N1IQI N1IQI/R N 04/25 21:07:34z Send another IQI-1/B WIDE2-1/N
W1JT N1IQI 04/25 21:06:24z Reply it's sometimes difficult to talk{98
N1IQI W1JT 04/25 21:05:28z Send another okay not shure what to do{85
W1JT N1IQI 04/25 21:05:22z Reply Sometimes I do Marshfield but it's a busy repeater with DMR so{97
N1IQI W1JT 04/25 21:05:20z Send another i can hit dennis can not hit ply because tone change{84
W1JT N1IQI 04/25 21:04:31z Reply Elayne can not hit Whitman from her kitchen.{96
W1JT N1IQI 04/25 21:04:20z Reply radio or watching TV it gets annoying{95
W1JT N1IQI 04/25 21:04:04z Reply and telling me Welcome and when I'm reading or talking on the{94
W1JT N1IQI 04/25 21:03:42z Reply I can actually hit Whitman but it keeps telling me what time it is{93
W1JT N1IQI 04/25 21:03:35z Reply circle{92
W1JT N1IQI 04/25 21:03:18z Reply I don't know...I can hit everything really within about a 70 mile{91
W1JT N1IQI 04/25 21:03:05z Reply Sometimes I monitor Plymouth or Barnstable or Dennis{90
N1IQI W1JT 04/25 21:02:12z Send another witch one do you use{83
N1IQI W1JT 04/25 21:01:22z Send another do you do marshfield{82
W1JT N1IQI 04/25 21:00:48z Reply hit it anymore{89
W1JT N1IQI 04/25 21:00:30z Reply not too much on 2 meters..whitman moved antenna and we can hardly{88
N1IQI W1JT 04/25 20:59:15z Send another no what ones do you{81
W1JT N1IQI 04/25 20:58:30z Reply Do you monitor any repeaters on a regular basis?{87
W1JT N1IQI 04/25 20:48:10z Reply you are up now{85
WB2BWU-2 N1IQI 04/25 20:48:06z Reply rej80
N1IQI W1JT 04/25 20:48:00z Send another don no why{80
W1JT N1IQI 04/25 20:47:20z Reply packet activity seems to be on the increase{81
N1IQI W1JT 04/25 20:45:30z Send another am i now?{79
WB2BWU-2 N1IQI 04/25 20:44:04z Reply rej78
W1JT N1IQI 04/25 20:43:57z Reply you're not showing up on my map...I wonder why?{80
N1IQI W1JT 04/25 20:43:55z Send another plus now i had contact withanother in RIdoing the same{78
W1JT N1IQI 04/25 20:42:42z Reply I see...sounds good{79
WB2BWU-2 N1IQI 04/25 20:42:35z Reply rej77
N1IQI W1JT 04/25 20:42:28z Send another w1jwm is on traffic net{77
W1JT N1IQI 04/25 20:41:40z Reply is he a traffic handler?{78
W1JT N1IQI 04/25 20:41:25z Reply interesting{77
W1JT N1IQI 04/25 20:41:11z Reply Yeah, I see his QRZ page....{76
N1IQI W1JT 04/25 20:38:49z Send another he is running lenux with pi net work{76
W1JT N1IQI 04/25 20:38:04z Reply Is he doing HF?{75
W1JT N1IQI 04/25 20:37:51z Reply who is w1jwm?{74
N1IQI W1JT 04/25 20:37:21z Send another with a BPQ setup running{75
N1IQI W1JT 04/25 20:36:30z Send another no but we have w1jwm in melrose ma{74
W1JT N1IQI 04/25 20:36:22z Reply so you're seeing me fine yes?{73
W1JT N1IQI 04/25 20:34:53z Reply I figure I'll hang around here{72