N1CLV-4 messages

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N1CLV-4 W1GTT 04/10 23:25:35z Send another Hi{2
N1CLV-4 W1GTT 04/10 23:24:30z Send another AA:Please leave a message!
W1GTT N1CLV-4 04/10 23:24:23z Reply Good evening{38
W1GTT N1CLV-4 03/05 19:13:13z Reply Was getting a cup of coffee. now you're sending msg's ok!{29
N1CLV-4 W1GTT 03/05 18:58:51z Send another Push the big menu button to TX{1
N1CLV-4 W1GTT 03/05 18:58:11z Send another Great{0
W1GTT N1CLV-4 03/05 18:43:21z Reply Looking on Google Earth, you'll have direct path to the mesh.{28
W1GTT N1CLV-4 03/05 18:37:37z Reply The path I use is: WIDE2-1,TCPIP{27
W1GTT N1CLV-4 03/05 18:36:17z Reply Hello from SC!{26
W1GTT N1CLV-4 03/05 18:23:25z Reply Greetings!!{21