N0RC-9 messages

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N0RC-9 K0ION 12/10 00:08:42z Send another ge{86
K0ION N0RC-9 12/09 21:52:23z Reply GA{QU}
N0RC-9 K0ION 12/08 13:23:51z Send another gm{85
K0ION N0RC-9 12/07 22:23:37z Reply GA{AA}
N0RC-9 K0ION 12/07 22:13:37z Send another ga{84
K0ION N0RC-9 12/07 13:34:48z Reply GM{ZZ}
N0RC-9 K0ION 12/06 22:18:37z Send another i just leave it on 50{83
K0ION N0RC-9 12/06 14:00:20z Reply GM. U need a full 50W on that mobile!{DB}
K0ION N0RC-9 12/05 23:07:01z Reply GA{QM}
N0RC-9 K0ION 12/05 12:51:42z Send another gm{82
K0ION N0RC-9 12/04 23:01:07z Reply GA{KK}
N0RC-9 K0ION 12/04 22:08:31z Send another ga{81
N0RC-9 K0ION 12/04 13:16:44z Send another gm{80
K0ION N0RC-9 12/04 13:15:51z Reply GM{KJ}
K0ION N0RC-9 12/02 21:07:36z Reply GA{OX}
N0RC-9 K0ION 12/01 13:08:31z Send another gm{79
N0RC-9 K0ION 11/29 13:28:09z Send another gm{78
N0RC-9 K0ION 11/28 12:41:26z Send another gm{77
K0ION N0RC-9 11/27 22:33:21z Reply We've lost the KC VA digi...{VL}
K0ION N0RC-9 11/27 22:32:15z Reply ga{VK}
K0ION N0RC-9 11/27 15:42:22z Reply GM{VJ}
N0RC-9 K0ION 11/27 13:16:45z Send another gm{76
K0ION N0RC-9 11/23 16:24:44z Reply Happy T'day!{DT}
K0ION N0RC-9 11/21 00:23:41z Reply GE{CP}
N0RC-9 K0ION 11/18 21:49:59z Send another ga{75
N0RC-9 KD0NRC-9 11/18 21:49:51z Send another hi{74
K0ION N0RC-9 11/18 01:10:07z Reply GE{AC}
N0RC-9 K0ION 11/17 21:59:58z Send another ga{73
N0RC-9 K0ION 11/17 17:10:45z Send another gm{72
K0ION N0RC-9 11/17 00:36:41z Reply GE{GP}
KD0NRC-9 N0RC-9 11/16 21:59:18z Reply AA:ACK
N0RC-9 KD0NRC-9 11/16 21:58:03z Send another hi{71
N0RC-9 K0ION 11/15 13:14:45z Send another gm{70
N0RC-9 K0ION 11/13 13:19:31z Send another gm{69
K0ION N0RC-9 11/10 23:57:15z Reply GE{CB}
N0RC-9 K0ION 11/09 22:07:11z Send another ga{68
N0RC-9 K0ION 11/06 13:13:18z Send another hi{67
KC0JC-5 N0RC-9 11/04 02:14:44z Reply Hello{0EBAF
N0RC-9 KF0LMK-9 11/04 01:28:17z Send another hi{65
N0RC-9 SMSGTE 11/04 01:26:13z Send another ?{64
N0RC-9 KC0JC-7 11/04 01:25:13z Send another hi{66
N0RC-9 SMS 11/04 01:21:43z Send another ?{63
N0RC-9 K0ION 11/04 01:01:22z Send another they were open{62
K0ION N0RC-9 11/04 00:46:18z Reply The Dr's office is closed.{OK}
N0RC-9 K0ION 11/03 12:17:03z Send another gm{61
K0ION N0RC-9 11/02 23:16:17z Reply GE{WM}
N0RC-9 K0ION 11/01 21:18:31z Send another ga{60
K0ION N0RC-9 11/01 21:14:58z Reply GA{GO}
N0RC-9 K0ION 11/01 12:16:35z Send another gm{59
N0RC-9 W0MAB 10/31 21:43:15z Send another hi{58
N0RC-9 K0ION 10/31 21:38:08z Send another ga{57
K0ION N0RC-9 10/31 12:35:22z Reply GM. Pinged a VK earlier-40m VarAC.{DO}
K0ION N0RC-9 10/30 17:40:19z Reply Out for lunch?{CN}
N0RC-9 K0ION 10/30 13:36:16z Send another gm{56
K0ION N0RC-9 10/30 13:34:58z Reply GM{CM}
N0RC-9 K0ION 10/27 21:39:33z Send another ga{55
K0ION N0RC-9 10/27 21:37:28z Reply GA{TO}
N0RC-9 K0ION 10/27 15:08:11z Send another gm{54
K0ION N0RC-9 10/27 12:20:19z Reply GM{TN}
K0ION N0RC-9 10/26 23:44:35z Reply GE{KR}
K0ION N0RC-9 10/25 23:58:25z Reply GE{QQ}
K0ION N0RC-9 10/25 12:32:40z Reply 73{QC}
N0RC-9 K0ION 10/25 12:31:47z Send another 73{53
N0RC-9 K0ION 10/25 12:24:48z Send another same here{52
K0ION N0RC-9 10/25 12:24:21z Reply quite a few CERT folks are ham licensed as well.{QB}
N0RC-9 K0ION 10/25 12:23:36z Send another mostly hams on gmrs around here{51
K0ION N0RC-9 10/25 12:21:07z Reply the C.E.R.T folks in RayCoMo may have one going up.{QA}
N0RC-9 K0ION 10/25 12:19:38z Send another kaf4575{50
N0RC-9 K0ION 10/25 12:19:16z Send another others{49
N0RC-9 K0ION 10/25 12:18:56z Send another mygmrs.com{48
K0ION N0RC-9 10/25 12:18:48z Reply Under ur call or anothers?{PZ}
N0RC-9 K0ION 10/25 12:18:18z Send another shawnee700{47
K0ION N0RC-9 10/25 12:17:53z Reply I don't see it listed in RepeaterBook.{PY}
N0RC-9 K0ION 10/25 12:17:16z Send another is linked{46
N0RC-9 K0ION 10/25 12:16:38z Send another yes, it{45
K0ION N0RC-9 10/25 12:15:36z Reply Do u have a GMRS repeater?{PX}
N0RC-9 K0ION 10/25 12:12:37z Send another gm, mw turn today{44
K0ION N0RC-9 10/25 12:08:04z Reply Ur not driving, ur dropping off!!{PW}
K0ION N0RC-9 10/25 12:06:53z Reply GM{PV}
K0ION N0RC-9 10/23 16:49:13z Reply Lunch?{HX}
K0ION N0RC-9 10/23 11:44:26z Reply GM{HW}
N0RC-9 K0ION 10/23 11:33:39z Send another gm{43
N0RC-9 K0ION 10/22 19:21:25z Send another yup{42
K0ION N0RC-9 10/22 19:15:08z Reply Bak alreddy?{CQ}
N0RC-9 K0ION 10/22 15:37:32z Send another gm{40
N0RC-9 K0ION 10/22 15:35:28z Send another heading home{41
K0ION N0RC-9 10/22 15:34:57z Reply AA:Not at keyboard.
K0ION N0RC-9 10/21 23:28:19z Reply Heading bak?{FA}
N0RC-9 K0ION 10/21 16:48:58z Send another yup{39
K0ION N0RC-9 10/21 15:29:03z Reply DSM, has a zoo?!?!{EZ}
K0ION N0RC-9 10/21 15:27:54z Reply IA, huh? Maddie cheking out IA State university?{EY}
N0RC-9 K0ION 10/21 13:01:16z Send another gmfrm ia{38
N0RC-9 K0ION 10/20 14:27:08z Send another road trip{37
N0RC-9 K0ION 10/20 13:40:50z Send another gm{36
N0RC-9 K0ION 10/19 12:04:24z Send another gm{35
K0ION N0RC-9 10/18 22:03:57z Reply GA{HS}
N0RC-9 K0ION 10/18 12:32:25z Send another gm{34
K0ION N0RC-9 10/17 22:20:19z Reply Beef roast in the pressure cooker!{OS}
N0RC-9 KD0NRC-9 10/17 21:55:14z Send another hi{33
N0RC-9 K0ION 10/17 21:00:30z Send another ga{32