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KC8EMF N0MR 10/21 00:44:27z Reply 73s.{24
KC8EMF N0MR 10/21 00:44:25z Reply ill try this stuff in morning see if bands open on packet stuff{23
KC8EMF N0MR 10/21 00:43:47z Reply prob be around in out morning..{22
KC8EMF N0MR 10/21 00:43:24z Reply they are pred rain here too tomm.{21
KC8EMF N0MR 10/21 00:43:09z Reply thanks think i got ya figured out packet now 73s hgd...kc8emf..{20
N0MR KC8EMF 10/21 00:42:40z Send another FB. Let me know if you have any other questons. 73 for now.{06
KC8EMF N0MR 10/21 00:42:03z Reply rest day nice 70 dreg..{19
KC8EMF N0MR 10/21 00:41:55z Reply had light shower this morning early att wet .. then sun came out{18
N0MR KC8EMF 10/21 00:41:05z Send another Rain coming for tomorrow so gone is nice wx.{05
KC8EMF N0MR 10/21 00:41:04z Reply i did not put miimt at end there could not get in so?{17
KC8EMF N0MR 10/21 00:40:29z Reply on two meters but no hear?{16
N0MR KC8EMF 10/21 00:40:20z Send another Have to use your credentials cause you are loggin into Dennis{04
KC8EMF N0MR 10/21 00:40:13z Reply trying denn..{15
KC8EMF N0MR 10/21 00:39:41z Reply had it wrong but wrote it down so..{14
N0MR KC8EMF 10/21 00:39:31z Send another OK. Just had dinner. Time to relax a bit.{03
KC8EMF N0MR 10/21 00:39:02z Reply ok jerry fb works wrote it down..{13
N0MR KC8EMF 10/21 00:38:51z Send another You got it!{02
KC8EMF N0MR 10/21 00:35:40z Reply had it all mixed up thats why could not get thanks!{12
N0MR KC8EMF 10/21 00:35:27z Send another Now you do it and I'll watch...{01
KC8EMF N0MR 10/21 00:35:12z Reply works when u know what to put where?{11
N0MR KC8EMF 10/21 00:34:06z Send another See how it works?{00
N0MR KC8EMF 10/21 00:31:53z Send another Watch.{99
N0MR KC8EMF 10/21 00:31:50z Send another OK, I'll connect teamviewer. Use your call and pat to log in.{98
KC8EMF N0MR 10/21 00:31:12z Reply here{10
N0MR KC8EMF 10/21 00:29:59z Send another If your around this evening, text me and I'll connect and show you.{97
KC8EMF N0MR 10/21 00:00:14z Reply hello jerry tryed that no go?{09
N0MR KC8EMF 10/20 00:44:29z Send another Then c vhf miimt to get to MIIMT.{96
N0MR KC8EMF 10/20 00:44:19z Send another connect to Dennis using pat and kc8emf password.{95
KC8EMF N0MR 10/19 23:44:19z Reply or ?{08
KC8EMF N0MR 10/19 23:44:17z Reply i put his call in and dennis for password maybe not typing right{07
KC8EMF N0MR 10/19 23:42:56z Reply im getting his mail from ken that but?{06
KC8EMF N0MR 10/19 23:42:25z Reply can figure out hook to miimt from there.{05
KC8EMF N0MR 10/19 23:42:00z Reply hey jerry when get into dennis what typw where{04
KC8EMF N0MR 10/19 17:34:44z Reply 73s sanara{03
KC8EMF N0MR 10/19 17:13:24z Reply cant get up there from pi?have to go route{02
KC8EMF N0MR 10/19 17:11:47z Reply go echo for minute jerry{01
N0MR KC8EMF 10/19 17:11:15z Send another No forwarding route so you have to connect up there to leave mail.{94
KC8EMF N0MR 10/19 17:10:34z Reply what just pout his call at bbs here it go then or?{00
N0MR KC8EMF 10/19 17:09:56z Send another I just connected to Bruce and left mail.{93
KC8EMF N0MR 10/19 17:09:41z Reply ok fb did not know that ya gd{99
N0MR KC8EMF 10/19 17:09:24z Send another That's how outpost gets your mail automatic.{92
KC8EMF N0MR 10/19 17:08:57z Reply ok thanks jerry ya that worked{98
N0MR KC8EMF 10/19 17:05:14z Send another Go to tools, then interactive on bottom, then telnet, then connect{91
KC8EMF N0MR 10/19 17:04:50z Reply yes{97
N0MR KC8EMF 10/19 17:04:35z Send another Got outpost going?{90
KC8EMF N0MR 10/19 17:04:00z Reply here now{96
N0MR VA3ROM 10/19 16:42:28z Send another Hello!{89
N0MR VA3ROM-G 10/19 16:41:51z Send another hello!{88
N0MR VA3ROM-G 10/19 16:26:48z Send another do you hear packet from MIKWNW across the lake?{87
N0MR KC8EMF 10/19 15:55:29z Send another Pat, you in the shack?{86
KC8EMF N0MR 10/19 15:34:28z Reply gm jerry{95
KC8EMF N0MR 10/17 00:43:14z Reply hgn catch u clue u in on progress.{93
KC8EMF N0MR 10/17 00:34:45z Reply ya will do..{92
N0MR KC8EMF 10/17 00:34:32z Send another Make sure good condition.{84
KC8EMF N0MR 10/17 00:34:00z Reply it should be worth 30 bills or?{91
N0MR KC8EMF 10/17 00:33:36z Send another good plan{83
KC8EMF N0MR 10/17 00:32:59z Reply its older one but told him ck it out first see if puts out right...{90
KC8EMF N0MR 10/17 00:32:00z Reply unless dennis wants interced get it..{89
KC8EMF N0MR 10/17 00:31:36z Reply got few projects do in between try get up pick up supply u8nl..{88
N0MR KC8EMF 10/17 00:30:29z Send another rr{82
KC8EMF N0MR 10/17 00:30:10z Reply i got ck on radio and tnc yet too but ill clue iu in on that so..{87
N0MR KC8EMF 10/17 00:29:27z Send another OK. That will do.{81
KC8EMF N0MR 10/17 00:28:52z Reply cal got a power suplly he said 30 amp.its plenty for now then see?{86
N0MR KC8EMF 10/16 21:47:33z Send another were short here. We are buying tnc's and supplies for new sites.{80
KC8EMF N0MR 10/16 21:45:02z Reply ill ck my stuff out first go from there..{85
KC8EMF N0MR 10/16 21:43:40z Reply ill ck with dennis see if i gave it to him or what i dont know..{84
N0MR KC8EMF 10/16 21:42:59z Send another do you remember an old KAM I gave you years back?{79
KC8EMF N0MR 10/16 21:41:40z Reply maybe cal got one ill ck see{83
KC8EMF N0MR 10/16 21:41:19z Reply ill ck with dennis see if hes got extra supply to use..{82
N0MR KC8EMF 10/16 21:40:48z Send another I gave you and Dennis a KAM years back. Still got that?{78
KC8EMF N0MR 10/16 21:40:27z Reply got mfj but not great for much..{81
N0MR KC8EMF 10/16 21:40:07z Send another No spare?{77
KC8EMF N0MR 10/16 21:39:35z Reply at silo{80
KC8EMF N0MR 10/16 21:39:33z Reply got one at miimt two here in shack one for packet one aprs.. one{79
N0MR KC8EMF 10/16 21:38:43z Send another How many tnc's do you have not being used except the MFJ?{76
KC8EMF N0MR 10/16 21:38:15z Reply off on but not lot?{78
KC8EMF N0MR 10/16 21:38:10z Reply rain again up there?sun off on hre few clouds went by got trace{77
N0MR KC8EMF 10/16 21:37:33z Send another rain stopped here. Just went for 2 mile walk.{75
N0MR KC8EMF 10/16 21:37:19z Send another OK{74
KC8EMF N0MR 10/16 21:37:11z Reply ill bring them home tomm ck them out..{76
N0MR KC8EMF 10/16 21:37:04z Send another Yes. You'll have to go over with a good supply and check.,{73
KC8EMF N0MR 10/16 21:36:34z Reply dont know about radio and tnc maybe shot too{75
N0MR KC8EMF 10/16 21:36:21z Send another Not good{72
KC8EMF N0MR 10/16 21:35:56z Reply power supply is cooked too?{74
KC8EMF N0MR 10/16 15:11:26z Reply suply or ?{73
KC8EMF N0MR 10/16 15:11:21z Reply hi gm jerry... no power over silo i think blew fuse on silo..power{72
KC8EMF N0MR 10/15 14:46:42z Reply gm jerry cant ck the silo for some reason?{71
N0MR KC8EMF 10/14 18:57:23z Send another Can't do that. It will transmit into scanner. Will blow it out.{71
KC8EMF N0MR 10/14 15:27:55z Reply i put a t conector on should recive both?{70
KC8EMF N0MR 10/14 15:22:46z Reply gm jerry got itb hooked{69
KC8EMF N0MR 10/14 13:01:36z Reply ill send mail now and see..heavey frost here?{68
KC8EMF N0MR 10/14 12:59:12z Reply maybe my system bad with internet ?{67
KC8EMF N0MR 10/14 12:58:41z Reply ill try today.. got notices yesterday though no idea?{66
KC8EMF N0MR 10/14 12:58:08z Reply gm jerry.. no i did not send anything over the internet?{65
N0MR KC8EMF 10/14 01:38:15z Send another Have you sent any mail? Everything working.{70
KC8EMF N0MR 10/13 23:04:39z Reply got in from miimt but getting notices{64
KC8EMF N0MR 10/13 23:03:46z Reply can ck bbs at urleasure{63
KC8EMF N0MR 10/06 14:25:11z Reply gm jerry getting notices again on packet?{55
KC8EMF N0MR 10/04 16:41:10z Reply 73s hgd.. say hi dave and kathy too.{54
KC8EMF N0MR 10/04 16:40:50z Reply cant hook dennis from miimt either.{53