N0JVW-3 messages

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WA0STX N0JVW-3 03/10 18:35:21z Reply Hi Joe, was to busy to ack earlier.... Xastir PIs are vry stable nw{16}0T
N0JVW-4 N0JVW-3 03/05 20:42:05z Reply test 1 back{0M}0U
N0JVW-3 N0JVW-4 03/05 20:41:56z Send another test 1{0U}0L
N0JVW-3 WA0STX 03/05 18:43:20z Send another Received! This is the touchscreen.{0T}15
WA0STX N0JVW-3 03/05 12:56:32z Reply TESTING THE N0JVW-3 NODE... DE WA0STX/1{15}
N0JVW-4 N0JVW-3 03/05 01:33:57z Reply test{0L}0S
N0JVW-3 N0JVW-4 03/05 01:33:45z Send another test{0S}
N0JVW-4 N0JVW-3 02/24 01:34:33z Reply yo, it raining, it pouring, i just be snoring!{0Q}0Q
KA0VEL-11 N0JVW-3 02/21 23:47:22z Reply too cool{0t}0R
N0JVW-4 N0JVW-3 02/21 23:46:42z Reply cosmic and groovy{0N}0Q
N0JVW N0JVW-3 02/21 22:59:02z Reply response from tnc-x also{1D}
N0JVW-3 KA0VEL-11 02/21 22:56:27z Send another Roger...got this one also!{0R}
N0JVW-3 N0JVW-4 02/21 22:56:08z Send another this is the Motobecane Pi Touchscreen{0Q}
N0JVW-3 N0JVW-4 02/21 22:55:54z Send another Excellent. Just back from the vet & catching up on mail.{0P}