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N0JVW WA0STX 04/21 23:18:43z Send another Happy Easter. No worries. I had a small plumbing project anyway.{1q}1H
N0JVW WA0STX 04/21 16:38:26z Send another Happy Easter! No worries. I did a small plumping project.{1p}1H
WA0STX N0JVW 04/21 13:39:00z Reply --... ...--{1H}1o
WA0STX N0JVW 04/21 13:38:53z Reply Happy Easter !{1G}1o
WA0STX N0JVW 04/21 13:38:48z Reply Hi Joe, sorry I didn't touch base yesterday, had to be caretaker{1F}1o
N0JVW WA0STX 04/20 17:59:07z Send another tnx ...can help with aprs in about an hour or so if you are not bus{1o}1B
WA0STX N0JVW 04/20 17:58:43z Reply good luck with Jumbo Spot{1E}1n
N0JVW WA0STX 04/20 17:58:31z Send another plus need to eat lunch.{1n}1D
WA0STX N0JVW 04/20 17:58:23z Reply Yeah, I've got do some caregiving this PM but everything looking up{1D}1m
N0JVW WA0STX 04/20 17:58:15z Send another trying to get a new jumbo spot working{1m}1C
N0JVW WA0STX 04/20 17:58:02z Send another fantastic! we can do aprs soon!{1l}1C
WA0STX N0JVW 04/20 17:57:57z Reply --... ...--{1C}
WA0STX N0JVW 04/20 17:57:49z Reply this morning, looking forward to settup up APRS{1B}
WA0STX N0JVW 04/20 17:57:34z Reply Hi Joe, Carl and I worked the bugs out of the AnyTone HT{1A}
N0JVW WA0STX 04/10 00:42:19z Send another talking to jerry on 3.605{1m}1B
WA0STX N0JVW 04/09 23:01:32z Reply WORK NOW --... ...--{1B}1l
N0JVW WA0STX 04/07 18:57:16z Send another Fantastic! Glad you are beating the bugs & looking fwd to AM!{1l}1A
WA0STX N0JVW 04/03 13:19:36z Reply Why did the Wx station go down? de WA0STX K{19}1o
WA0STX N0JVW 04/03 13:18:17z Reply when the guys showed to add another panel. It's up for good now.{18}1o
WA0STX N0JVW 04/03 13:18:02z Reply Xastir was up for almost 2 weeks here but I had to bring it down{17}1o
WA0STX N0JVW 04/03 13:17:41z Reply Hi Joe, sorry I didn't respond yesterday{16}1o
N0JVW WA0STX 04/02 16:58:39z Send another had urs gone down or just down while gone 4 work?{1o}15
N0JVW WA0STX 04/02 16:58:12z Send another for a few weeks also{1n}15
N0JVW WA0STX 04/02 16:58:09z Send another communicating --thats backup--looks like my xastir has been solid{1m}15
N0JVW WA0STX 04/02 16:57:44z Send another FB ...had to drain the cap on the weather station as it wasn't{1l}15
WA0STX N0JVW 04/02 16:55:12z Reply Hi Joe, Xastir back up and running too, 73 WA0STX{15}
WA0STX N0JVW 03/20 23:17:02z Reply Uptime on Xastir 16 days 11 hours ... not bad (((73))){1A}1k
WA0STX N0JVW 03/12 04:41:37z Reply I just read my uptime, its 7 days and 12 hours ... nice{19}1k
WA0STX N0JVW 03/12 03:26:36z Reply yeah, I think these cheapie Bao's don't always hear everything{18}1k
WA0STX N0JVW 03/12 00:41:24z Reply Hi Joe, sorry it took so long to respond (busy busy here){17}1k
N0JVW WA0STX 03/11 00:44:01z Send another with a real antenna{1k}1E
N0JVW WA0STX 03/11 00:43:52z Send another they are using cheapy HT's compared to the root using a TM731A{1j}1E
N0JVW WA0STX 03/11 00:43:26z Send another need to explore that.{1i}1E
N0JVW WA0STX 03/11 00:43:23z Send another however, for some reason the -3 and -4 don't always hear everything{1h}1E
N0JVW WA0STX 03/11 00:43:09z Send another Excllent! Glad to hear it's stable! I have all mine firing;{1g}1E
N0JVW KA0VEL 03/08 04:50:27z Send another Test 03.07.2019 V1.2{1e}
N0JVW KA0VEL 03/08 03:39:28z Send another Test 03.07.2019 V1.0{1c}
N0JVW KA0VEL-11 03/08 02:48:03z Send another Testing 03.07.2019 V2.1{1f}0u
KA0VEL-11 N0JVW 03/08 02:45:22z Reply testing back to you{0u}1d
N0JVW KA0VEL-11 03/08 02:44:49z Send another Test 03.07.2019 V2.0{1d}0u
N0JVW WA0STX 03/03 19:22:35z Send another codeplug for the Anytone 878UV. Pandoras box.{1b}1E
N0JVW WA0STX 03/03 19:22:20z Send another When not doing honey doos...been busy with re-configuring{1a}1E
N0JVW WA0STX 03/03 19:21:56z Send another New vanity light hung. Still more stuff to do!{1Z}1E
WA0STX N0JVW 03/03 17:05:14z Reply inquiring minds want to know ...{1E}1Y
WA0STX N0JVW 03/03 17:05:05z Reply Hi Joe, finish all those "honey-do"s ?{1D}1Y
WA0STX N0JVW 03/02 16:58:14z Reply I'm in the shack for now having a good time.{1C}1Y
WA0STX N0JVW 03/02 16:57:58z Reply Hi Joe, yeah - u guys are real night owels :){1B}1Y
N0JVW WA0STX 03/01 21:17:11z Send another creating an image for his duplex board when Carl went to bed{1Y}1A
N0JVW WA0STX 03/01 21:17:10z Send another on skype. Working on Jerry's nextion screen and then{1X}1A
N0JVW WA0STX 03/01 20:07:01z Send another My response timed out yesterday. Was working with Carl and Jerry{1W}1A
N0JVW WA0STX 03/01 04:32:42z Send another join us if you are in the shack{1V}1A
N0JVW WA0STX 03/01 02:37:36z Send another off work. honey dooes today...on skype with Carl and Jerry now{1U}1A
WA0STX N0JVW 02/28 14:15:45z Reply Anything new or exciting?{1A}1S
N0JVW-4 N0JVW 02/28 00:07:11z Reply it's doing great, ans sbutting down now for shipment back{0L}1T
N0JVW N0JVW-4 02/26 20:14:16z Send another Seeing if JuicePI still working.{1T}0R
N0JVW WA0STX 02/25 17:30:26z Send another most snow is melted{1S}19
N0JVW WA0STX 02/25 17:30:12z Send another maybe more above the tree line. wx station is below the tree line{1R}19
N0JVW WA0STX 02/25 17:29:49z Send another Not like Jerry. It skipped past us. Was 22mph a day or so back{1Q}19
N0JVW WA0STX 02/25 17:15:54z Send another Excellent! Sounds like ur past the issues & opto solved!{1P}18
N0JVW KA0VEL-11 02/25 00:13:01z Send another looks like next ice possiblity is thursday{1O}0u
N0JVW N0JVW-4 02/24 18:46:46z Send another Incredible job on the baluns. So the electolytic was correct 4scope{1N}0R
N0JVW-4 N0JVW 02/24 01:37:03z Reply tru dat, lazy for me but finished unun and scope repair!!{0R}1M
KA0VEL-11 N0JVW 02/23 18:57:25z Reply say what... it's raining, it's pouring....{0u}1H
N0JVW N0JVW-4 02/23 18:53:06z Send another Plenty of time for HF later.{1M}0P
N0JVW N0JVW-4 02/23 18:52:57z Send another Early games...Cards on right now and Blues at 2:30{1L}0P
N0JVW N0JVW-4 02/23 18:52:43z Send another Excellent to hear! Cards and Blues on today.{1K}0P
N0JVW-4 N0JVW 02/23 17:51:19z Reply this one is still running like a train, i'm becoming a believer{0P}1I
N0JVW WA0STX 02/22 19:21:05z Send another R R R --glad u figured out the opto isolator{1J}17
WA0STX N0JVW 02/22 19:17:33z Reply I rebooted mine last week by accident{17}1F
N0JVW N0JVW-4 02/22 17:34:01z Send another Ja...not that there is anything worng with that{1I}0O
N0JVW-4 N0JVW 02/22 03:19:16z Reply that's not all i'm passing tonight, not there's anything wrong wit{0O}1G
N0JVW KA0VEL-11 02/22 03:19:14z Send another Can't wait to see how the hats work{1H}
N0JVW N0JVW-4 02/22 03:17:55z Send another Excellent! Pass some more to make sure it's stable{1G}
N0JVW WA0STX 02/21 23:10:34z Send another accidentally closing or if the incoming data stopped.{1F}
N0JVW WA0STX 02/21 23:10:23z Send another First reboot in a couple of weeks. Cant' tell if it was my from me{1E}
N0JVW N0JVW-3 02/21 22:59:02z Send another response from tnc-x also{1D}
N0JVW N0JVW-4 02/21 22:58:54z Send another response from my tnx-x also{1C}0M
N0JVW-4 N0JVW 02/21 22:21:21z Reply hey joe, this is you pi juice with the arduino pro mini modem,{0M}
N0JVW WA0STX 02/20 22:04:05z Send another Almost through the hardest part of the week.{1s}16
N0JVW WA0STX 02/20 22:03:53z Send another Travel back Thurs or Friday?{1r}16
WA0STX N0JVW 02/20 21:11:43z Reply QSL Enjoy{16}1q
N0JVW WA0STX 02/20 00:05:51z Send another Getting ready for the Blues playing Toronto. Tough Match.{1q}15
N0JVW WA0STX 02/20 00:05:31z Send another Message received! Sipping on some wine after work.{1p}15
WA0STX N0JVW 02/20 00:03:13z Reply Qrz from corning NY{15}
WA0STX N0JVW 02/15 12:30:40z Reply copy that ...{14}1o
N0JVW WA0STX 02/14 21:56:27z Send another SWR wise the 49:1 wins{1o}13
N0JVW WA0STX 02/14 21:56:09z Send another 50:1 is better for 160M and 80M{1n}13
N0JVW WA0STX 02/14 21:55:54z Send another I'm looking forward to seeing if we can determine if the 49:1 or{1m}13
N0JVW WA0STX 02/14 21:55:26z Send another Sounds great! I'll take great care of it.{1l}13
WA0STX N0JVW 02/14 16:52:44z Reply It will be fun to see how it performs and tunes{13}1k
WA0STX N0JVW 02/14 16:52:13z Reply I figure I'll copy your dimensions and start there ...{12}1k
WA0STX N0JVW 02/14 16:51:47z Reply I'me packing the rigexpert up to send you b4 leaving for NY Sunday{11}1k
N0JVW WA0STX 02/14 16:22:04z Send another haven't tried the 50:1 260' with any significant power yet.{1k}10
N0JVW WA0STX 02/14 16:21:47z Send another easier than the 50:1 across all bands with the internal tuner{1j}10
N0JVW WA0STX 02/14 16:21:30z Send another currently I use the storebought 49:1 with the 133' as it tunes{1i}10
N0JVW WA0STX 02/14 16:18:18z Send another the 260' with the 49:1 had better swr than theh 50:1 w/ 260'{1h}10
N0JVW WA0STX 02/14 16:18:03z Send another might swithc back depending on your data.{1g}10