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N0GMC AI0U 05/14 21:28:28z Send another U on?{21
N0GMC SMSGTE 04/28 16:30:04z Send another @6059994122 On the way{50
SMSGTE N0GMC 04/26 17:11:12z Reply @9702106416 Do you get my responses back ?{M228
N0GMC SMSGTE 04/26 17:02:25z Send another @9702106416 Bring Cope pouches pls{48
SMSGTE N0GMC 04/26 03:18:52z Reply @6059994122 Reply to this number?{M207
N0GMC SMSGTE 04/26 03:15:39z Send another @9702106416 At camp,North of Swasey cabin 1 road up agaipst rocks{47
SMSGTE N0GMC 04/26 02:20:38z Reply @9702106416 Got it{M200
N0GMC SMSGTE 04/26 02:19:23z Send another @9702106416 At camp,North of Swasey cabin 1 road up against rocks{46
SAMAIL N0GMC 04/26 01:45:28z Reply Email sent to juliepage2005@yahoo.com{03
N0GMC SAMAIL 04/26 01:45:27z Send another juliepage2005@yahoo.com Tell the kids night night!I luv u all! {45
SAMAIL N0GMC 04/26 01:39:25z Reply Email sent to juliepage2005@yahoo.com{02
N0GMC SAMAIL 04/26 01:38:24z Send another juliepage2005@yahoo.com At camp.No service 4 miles{44
N0GMC AI0U 04/25 15:08:40z Send another 6a{41
SMSGTE N0GMC 04/25 14:49:31z Reply @9702106416 Do you have a different phone number with that radio ?{M166
SMSGTE N0GMC 04/25 14:49:06z Reply @9702106416 It works{M165
N0GMC SMSGTE 04/25 14:30:59z Send another @9702106416 Testing-Jess{40
SMSGTE N0GMC 04/25 06:23:15z Reply @3039956207 Will this reply work?{M148
N0GMC SMSGTE 04/25 05:46:40z Send another @6059994122 Testing 2 u!Try replying?{37
SMSGTE N0GMC 04/25 05:33:50z Reply @3039956207 Test reply! Come on & work{M147
N0GMC SMSGTE 04/25 05:29:42z Send another @3039956207 test sms{35
SAMAIL N0GMC 04/25 05:28:34z Reply Email sent to gunner949@yahoo.com{01
N0GMC SAMAIL 04/25 05:28:33z Send another gunner949@yahoo.com test4{33
SAMAIL N0GMC 04/25 04:39:19z Reply Invalid email address!{00
N0GMC SAMAIL 04/25 04:39:19z Send another 3039956207@vtext,com test3{32
EMAIL-2 N0GMC 04/25 04:38:16z Reply Invalid Request!{896
N0GMC EMAIL-2 04/25 04:38:16z Send another 3039956207@vtext,com test2{31
N0GMC EMAIL 04/25 04:05:33z Send another 3039956207@vtext,com test{28
N0GMC EMAIL 04/25 04:00:46z Send another 3039956207@vtext,com{27
N0GMC EMAIL 04/25 03:57:02z Send another 0{26
AI0U N0GMC 03/31 16:13:49z Reply iseeyou{7
N0GMC AI0U 03/31 16:04:45z Send another call me{25