N0DPR messages

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KA0FSP N0DPR 06/22 00:53:33z Reply Good evening sir{17}1
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/21 16:07:44z Send another are you on "POTTY" delivery duty yet?{1
KA0FSP N0DPR 06/20 21:40:36z Reply good deal{16}3
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/20 21:37:36z Send another test #2{3
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/20 21:37:19z Send another got it{2
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/20 21:36:58z Send another got it{1
KA0FSP N0DPR 06/20 21:31:58z Reply testing number 2{13}
KA0FSP N0DPR 06/20 21:23:11z Reply testing{12}
KA0FSP N0DPR 06/20 21:08:58z Reply Good afternoon !{11}
KA0FSP N0DPR 06/19 18:45:25z Reply Still playing{1C}99
KA0FSP N0DPR 06/19 18:36:55z Reply good afternoon{1B}99
KA0FSP N0DPR 06/19 18:06:00z Reply good afternoon!{1A}99
KA0FSP N0DPR 06/19 14:55:38z Reply good morning sir{19}99
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/19 01:14:58z Send another good meeting tonight.{1
KA0FSP N0DPR 06/18 12:41:08z Reply Good morning. Looks like all is well. {6
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/17 19:49:32z Send another i dont see you this afternoon?{4
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/17 19:47:32z Send another ok again{3
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/17 19:47:11z Send another ok{2
KA0FSP N0DPR 06/17 14:49:40z Reply Good morning sir {4
KA0FSP N0DPR 06/17 01:45:18z Reply rgr, got your message at least. {3
KA0FSP N0DPR 06/17 01:41:25z Reply Good evening. Try number 1{2
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/16 22:19:55z Send another sending you a message{1
KA0FSP N0DPR 06/16 01:18:29z Reply I see you. your icon is a fire station{14}99
KA0FSP N0DPR 06/15 22:42:50z Reply rgr in the shack till i grill some steaks!{13}99
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/15 18:40:12z Send another got the messages, but i guess you knew thar haha{99
KA0FSP N0DPR 06/15 14:54:08z Reply Good morning sir, rain slowed here{12}
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/11 18:38:19z Send another how do i tell what day this was?{98
KA0FSP-2 N0DPR 06/11 17:40:33z Reply testing another computer{01}
KA0FSP N0DPR 06/11 14:37:07z Reply good morning sir!{12}
KA0FSP N0DPR 06/10 17:14:27z Reply Good afternoon!{11}
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/07 18:24:58z Send another ga-finally made it to th shax\ck{96
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/07 18:23:44z Send another {95
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/07 18:22:57z Send another {94
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/07 18:22:50z Send another {93
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/07 18:22:43z Send another {92
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/07 18:22:37z Send another {91
N0DPR W0MB 06/07 18:21:28z Send another hey Mike, what APRS client do you use?{97
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/07 18:21:11z Send another {90
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/07 18:21:07z Send another {89
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/07 18:20:33z Send another {88
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/07 18:19:48z Send another {87
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/07 18:19:43z Send another {86
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/07 18:18:55z Send another {85
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/07 18:17:29z Send another {84
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/07 18:17:19z Send another {83
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/07 18:16:38z Send another {82
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/07 18:16:32z Send another {81
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/07 18:16:23z Send another {80
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/07 18:15:42z Send another {79
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/07 18:15:36z Send another G{78
KA0FSP N0DPR 06/07 15:01:22z Reply good morningA{13}77
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/06 18:14:01z Send another rgr{77
KA0FSP N0DPR 06/06 17:53:25z Reply well on rf{12}
KA0FSP N0DPR 06/06 17:53:16z Reply see you online{11}
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/06 15:52:17z Send another which icom?{76
KA0FSP N0DPR 06/06 15:31:15z Reply I changed my icon, just for grins{1C}75
KA0FSP N0DPR 06/06 15:25:10z Reply interesting issue,. not sure I know what does that.{1B}75
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/06 14:08:22z Send another i still no not see you???{75
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/06 14:07:04z Send another GM- what up{74
KA0FSP N0DPR 06/06 14:00:19z Reply good morning sir!{1A}73
KA0FSP N0DPR 06/06 03:00:21z Reply good evening. made it to the shack for a bit{19}73
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/04 18:27:30z Send another GM{73
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/04 18:27:18z Send another just noticed the message, i need to pay more attention haha{72
KA0FSP N0DPR 06/04 15:06:33z Reply good morning{18}71
KA0FSP N0DPR 06/04 00:46:54z Reply Good evening anothert test{17}71
N0DPR KA0FSP 06/04 00:46:47z Send another test{71
KA0FSP N0DPR 06/04 00:46:47z Reply Good evening anothert test{17}
KA0FSP N0DPR 06/04 00:35:56z Reply good evening{16}
KA0FSP-5 N0DPR 06/02 21:21:13z Reply Yo{1
KA0FSP-5 N0DPR 06/02 21:14:21z Reply Yo{6
KA0FSP-5 N0DPR 06/02 21:11:18z Reply Playing with updated aprsdroid{5
N0DPR KA0FSP-5 06/01 23:41:04z Send another testing{65
N0DPR KA0FSP-5 05/24 20:45:47z Send another i still nont see you?{64
N0DPR KA0FSP-5 05/19 20:30:10z Send another let me try again{63
N0DPR KA0FSP-7 05/19 20:21:22z Send another finally found my map haha{62
KA0FSP-5 N0DPR 05/19 19:48:59z Reply You betcha{4
N0DPR KA0FSP-5 05/19 19:44:59z Send another {61
N0DPR KA0FSP-5 05/19 19:43:54z Send another did you receive my message?{60
KA0FSP-5 N0DPR 05/19 19:01:38z Reply It will even do messages{3
N0DPR KA0FSP-5 05/19 19:00:13z Send another ?APRSS
KA0FSP N0DPR 05/18 17:46:23z Reply Good Afternoon!{10}