MM0JTC-7 messages

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EMAIL-2 MM0JTC-7 01/31 23:46:30z Reply Email sent to{210
EMAIL-2 MM0JTC-7 01/31 13:24:28z Reply Email sent to{209
SMSGTE MM0JTC-7 01/24 14:52:29z Reply @+447880322814 sms{M4767
MM0JTC-7 SMSGTE 01/24 14:51:29z Send another @447880322814 Test from aprsdroid{1
EMAIL-2 MM0JTC-7 01/24 14:39:35z Reply Email sent to{142
EMAIL-2 MM0JTC-7 01/21 20:36:25z Reply Email sent to{652
MM0JTC-7 EMAIL-2 01/21 20:35:25z Send another test{2
EMAIL-2 MM0JTC-7 01/21 19:54:26z Reply Email sent to{651
MM0JTC-7 EMAIL-2 01/21 19:54:26z Send another test{1
MM0JTC-7 MM0JTD 01/21 19:53:00z Send another test{1
SMSGTE MM0JTC-7 01/15 15:13:10z Reply Your position was sent to 447880322814{C4243
MM0JTC-7 SMSGTE 01/15 15:13:09z Send another #mapme 447880322814{2
MM0JTC-7 SMSGTE 01/15 15:03:52z Send another @447880322814 test{1
WXBOT MM0JTC-7 01/15 12:53:19z Reply EW0915 48,wind:209@8 g13,1005.6mbar,rh:82%,rain:none{GY
MM0JTC-7 WXBOT 01/15 12:53:12z Send another cwop{3
WXBOT MM0JTC-7 01/15 12:52:53z Reply Sorry, unable to get a forecast for location 55.84167/-4.04167{GX
MM0JTC-7 WXBOT 01/15 12:52:45z Send another ebfg{2
WXBOT MM0JTC-7 01/15 12:52:34z Reply Sorry, unable to get a forecast for location 55.84167/-4.04167{GW
MM0JTC-7 WXBOT 01/15 12:52:26z Send another ebgf{1
EMAIL-2 MM0JTC-7 01/15 12:42:06z Reply Email sent to{906