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M0SYS-9 MB7UES 03/30 14:00:40z Reply test dad2{73
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 03/30 14:00:39z Reply test dad{72
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 03/29 13:11:19z Reply test{71
MB7UES M0BWY-9 03/29 07:55:21z Send another Morning{ON}
MB7UES M0BWY-9 03/27 21:24:51z Send another I can see you!{OM}
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 03/27 17:45:09z Reply test{66
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 03/27 17:41:23z Reply test m42{65
MB7UES M6PSL-5 03/23 13:58:38z Send another coming to the club on Wednesday?{OL}
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 03/23 12:39:08z Reply Robin{64
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 03/23 11:02:08z Reply test{63
MB7UES M6PSL-5 03/22 23:08:02z Send another Hi Darren, yes, its Simon. Glad you got the message! Are you+{OK}
M6PSL-5 MB7UES 03/22 19:54:36z Reply Hello! all is going well thanks, is that Simon? {1
MB7UES M6PSL-5 03/22 12:18:07z Send another Hi Darren, how are you?{OJ}
MB7UES MB7UES 03/20 01:57:09z Send another BITS.11111111,Battery State Tracking
MB7UES MB7UES 03/20 01:57:09z Send another EQNS.0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0
MB7UES MB7UES 03/20 01:57:09z Send another UNIT.Percent,Charge/On/Off,Sats/On/Off,N/A,N/A,On,Yes,On,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A
MB7UES MB7UES 03/20 01:57:09z Send another PARM.Battery,Charging/AC,GPS+Sat,A4,A5,A/C,Charging,GPS,B4,B5,B6,B7,B8
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 03/13 13:28:52z Reply test{60
MB7UES M1PJB 03/12 18:26:40z Send another ?APRSP
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 03/09 18:53:23z Reply waiting for order{59
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 03/07 10:36:48z Reply stoke{58
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 03/07 10:06:59z Reply a50{57
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 03/06 15:49:11z Reply test in le{56
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 03/03 14:23:08z Reply mcdonalds{55
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 03/03 14:06:08z Reply red kangaroo{54
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 03/02 17:14:29z Reply calvepton{52
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 03/01 20:22:46z Reply pwr station{51
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 03/01 19:21:27z Reply m5{50
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 03/01 19:08:10z Reply Hi{49
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 02/28 19:25:52z Reply hi{47
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 02/28 19:24:24z Reply ethan{46
MB7UES M0BWY-9 02/27 18:44:58z Send another evening{YX}
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 02/25 12:25:50z Reply sxston{43
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 02/25 12:25:09z Reply sxston{42
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 02/25 12:10:34z Reply gRoby shell{41
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 02/25 11:26:58z Reply blixworth{40
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 02/22 16:58:01z Reply kowdham{39
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 02/22 16:36:41z Reply a46{38
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 02/22 15:53:54z Reply coventry{37
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 02/22 13:11:02z Reply leamington spa{35
EMAIL-2 MB7UES 02/21 20:48:53z Reply Email sent to simonstrange@icloud.com{8M}VT
MB7UES EMAIL-2 02/21 20:48:53z Send another simonstrange@icloud.com aprs test email{VT}
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 02/21 19:41:57z Reply miJ{34
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 02/21 19:34:39z Reply bridge{33
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 02/21 19:24:17z Reply j24{32
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 02/21 18:58:31z Reply a5{31
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 02/21 18:29:19z Reply m54{30
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 02/21 18:18:19z Reply shell{29
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 02/21 15:41:02z Reply mumbai{28
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 02/21 15:29:32z Reply albsiiton{27
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 02/21 15:11:29z Reply m6!{26
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 02/21 15:06:42z Reply walsall{25
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 02/21 14:56:49z Reply hi morgan{24
MB7UES M0SYS-9 02/21 14:51:52z Send another Morgan{VS}
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 02/21 14:51:22z Reply Road{23
MB7UES G4NDM-9 02/21 10:31:36z Send another Morning!{VR}
M0SYS-4 MB7UES 02/20 21:30:11z Reply testing 2{13
M0SYS-4 MB7UES 02/20 21:29:48z Reply testing{12
MB7UES M0SYS-4 02/20 18:57:01z Send another hi{VQ}
M0SYS-4 MB7UES 02/20 18:56:44z Reply hi{11
MB7UES M0BWY-9 02/20 18:21:30z Send another hi{VP}
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 02/20 15:53:41z Reply test drive{22
MB7UES G4NDM-9 02/18 21:13:21z Send another Hi Robin{VO}
MB7UES G4BCA-7 02/18 21:09:43z Send another Simon in Nottingham{VN}
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 02/17 14:03:32z Reply test drive{19
MB7UES M0VUB-9 02/17 00:41:32z Send another test test{JH}
MB7UES M0VUB-1 02/16 20:10:22z Send another did you get this message??{FW}
M0BWY-9 MB7UES 02/16 13:30:37z Reply it works{0
MB7UES M0BWY-9 02/16 13:24:46z Send another testing testing{FV}
MB7UES G4NDM-9 02/16 13:24:06z Send another hi{FU}
MB7UES M0VUB-9 02/14 21:45:12z Send another test test test{FT}
MB7UES M0VUB-9 02/14 21:28:24z Send another r u there?{FS}
MB7UES M0VUB-9 02/14 21:26:21z Send another r u there?{FR}
MB7UES M0VUB-9 02/14 20:52:17z Send another Thanks for the message.aprs{FQ}
M0VUB-9 MB7UES 02/14 20:51:40z Reply message from M0SYS to M0VUB{01
MB7UES M0VUB-9 02/14 20:48:18z Send another got this?{FP}
MB7UES M0VUB-9 02/14 20:47:30z Send another test message for shane{FO}
M0SYS-4 MB7UES 02/14 15:32:49z Reply test{7
M0SYS-4 MB7UES 02/14 15:25:01z Reply testing{6
MB7UES M0VUB-9 02/14 08:00:10z Send another testing testing testing. are you receiving me?{AC}
MB7UES M0VUB-9 02/14 01:54:39z Send another message from M0SYS to M0VUB{EB}
M0SYS-9 MB7UES 02/13 15:43:59z Reply test{14