M7ABR messages

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M7ABR M7ABR-7 08/19 20:04:07z Send another test message{01}
WHO-15 M7ABR 08/14 21:39:47z Reply Andrew Brook/England{55}A5
M7ABR WHO-15 08/14 21:39:47z Send another M7ABR{A5}26
WHO-15 M7ABR 08/13 21:45:24z Reply Andrew Brook/England{80}A5
M7ABR WHO-15 08/13 21:42:24z Send another M7ABR{A5}25
M7ABR WHO-15 08/12 21:15:34z Send another G2FKO {A6}24
WHO-15 M7ABR 08/12 21:15:05z Reply Call sign of the: Appledore And District Amateur Radio Club/England{0Y}A6
M7ABR WHO-15 08/12 21:15:04z Send another G2FKO {A6}23
M7ABR WHO-15 08/12 21:15:03z Send another M7ABR{A5}22
WHO-15 M7ABR 08/12 21:14:33z Reply Andrew Brook/England{0X}A5
M7ABR WHO-15 08/12 21:14:33z Send another M7ABR{A5}21
M7ABR WHO-15 08/12 19:47:12z Send another M7ABR B {8E}A1
WHO-15 M7ABR 08/12 19:46:42z Reply Andrew Brook/England{0W}8E
M7ABR WHO-15 08/12 19:46:42z Send another M7ABR B {8E}A0
M7ABR WHO-15 08/10 20:09:33z Send another WHO{8D}9F
WHO-15 M7ABR 08/10 20:09:00z Reply format is an invalid command!{T4}8D
M7ABR WHO-15 08/10 20:09:00z Send another WHO{8D}9E
M7ABR WHO-15 08/10 20:06:34z Send another M7ABR{8C}9D
WHO-15 M7ABR 08/10 20:06:03z Reply Andrew Brook/England{T3}8C
M7ABR WHO-15 08/10 20:05:33z Send another M7ABR{8C}9C
M7ABR WHO-15 08/10 20:05:13z Send another F6KFW{8B}9B
M7ABR WHO-15 08/10 20:05:03z Send another M7ABR{8C}9A
WHO-15 M7ABR 08/10 20:04:43z Reply 1/RADIO CLUB NORD COTENTIN RCNC/France{T2}8B
M7ABR WHO-15 08/10 20:04:43z Send another F6KFW{8B}99
M7ABR WHO-15 08/10 19:57:49z Send another M7ABR{37}67
WHO-15 M7ABR 08/10 19:57:19z Reply Andrew Brook/England{T1}37
M7ABR WHO-15 08/10 19:57:19z Send another M7ABR{37}66
WHO-15 M7ABR 08/10 18:50:01z Reply Andrew Brook/England{T0}36
WHO-15 M7ABR 08/10 18:49:41z Reply Andrew Brook/England{SZ}35
M7ABR WHO-15 08/10 18:49:31z Send another M7ABR{36}65
M7ABR WHO-15 08/10 18:49:12z Send another M7ABR{35}64
M7ABR WHO-15 08/10 18:49:00z Send another M7ABR{36}63
M7ABR WHO-15 08/10 18:48:41z Send another M7ABR{35}62