M6KKW-7 messages

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M6KKW-7 SMSGTE 10/01 20:39:13z Send another @me testing again issues replying{10
M6KKW-7 SMSGTE 10/01 20:38:01z Send another @me hello again{9
SMSGTE M6KKW-7 10/01 20:36:08z Reply @M6KKW Back attachA{M1272
M6KKW-7 SMSGTE 09/30 14:59:38z Send another @me test sms{8
SMSGTE M6KKW-7 09/30 14:54:30z Reply @+447725059042 ??{M1017
M6KKW-7 SMSGTE 09/30 14:53:33z Send another @mum this is an text sent via radio from my igate. cool huh?{6
M6KKW-7 SMSGTE 09/30 14:49:27z Send another @jordan this is a text message sent from my radio igate cool huh,{7
M6KKW-7 SMSGTE 09/29 20:28:09z Send another #mynumber add 447795460106{5
M6KKW-7 SMSGTE 09/29 20:25:13z Send another @447795460106 smsgate{4
SMSGTE M6KKW-7 09/29 20:00:45z Reply The number +447795460106 has been associated with this callsign.{C891
G0CQZ M6KKW-7 09/29 10:12:25z Reply Good day to you, 73 de Nigel{UA}
G0CQZ M6KKW-7 09/29 10:10:19z Reply ?APRSP
M6KKW-7 EMAIL-2 09/29 08:43:34z Send another nwebb45@googlemail.com test email{1
SMSGTE M6KKW-7 09/29 08:43:12z Reply @+447795460106 Working{M812
M6KKW-7 SMSGTE 09/29 08:43:04z Send another @447795460106 testing sms via aprs{3
EMAIL-2 M6KKW-7 09/29 08:39:01z Reply Email sent to nwebb45@googlemail.com{683
M6KKW-10 M6KKW-7 09/25 18:57:54z Reply hello{SB}
M6KKW-7 M6KKW-10 09/25 18:45:23z Send another hi{04
M6KKW-10 M6KKW-7 09/25 11:23:58z Reply again{WN}
M6KKW-10 M6KKW-7 09/25 11:21:12z Reply hello{WM}
M6KKW-10 M6KKW-7 09/25 09:25:22z Reply testing 123{GA}
M6KKW-10 M6KKW-7 09/25 09:08:30z Reply test{KW}
M6KKW-7 G4KWT-9 09/24 14:40:42z Send another M6KKW0{03
M6KKW-7 M7MEX-7 09/24 12:25:44z Send another from m6Kkw{03
M6KKW-7 M7MEX 09/24 12:25:37z Send another from m6Kkw{02
M6KKW-7 M7MEX 09/24 12:24:17z Send another from m6Kkw{01
M6KKW-6 M6KKW-7 09/24 11:18:51z Reply hello 123{06}
M6KKW-6 M6KKW-7 09/24 11:11:58z Reply testing yet again{05}
M6KKW-6 M6KKW-7 09/24 10:23:30z Reply Testing again{04}
M6KKW-6 M6KKW-7 09/24 08:30:50z Reply 12344321 testing arps{03}
M6KKW-6 M6KKW-7 09/24 08:27:13z Reply TEST{02}
M6KKW-6 M6KKW-7 09/23 08:26:12z Reply test-7{01}