M0TDW-7 messages

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EI5IN-7 M0TDW-7 07/25 20:44:43z Reply Heard u via ISS{88
M0TDW-7 RS0ISS 06/30 07:47:45z Send another Have a good day73 fm England{14
M0TDW-7 RS0ISS 06/29 06:58:28z Send another Have a good day73 fm England{12
M0TDW-7 G7UZN 06/27 08:33:54z Send another 73 from space{08
M0TDW-7 M0TDW-7 06/25 10:09:35z Send another 73 from space73 from space{06
M0TDW-7 G0BHX 06/22 09:20:36z Send another {02
EA1CIU-6 M0TDW-7 06/19 11:44:31z Reply Saludos de Tomas{36
DB1DT-7 M0TDW-7 06/19 11:43:51z Reply 73 via ISS de Tom{31
G7HCE-7 M0TDW-7 06/19 11:43:13z Reply Hi G7HCE in IO80gr - QSL!{1