M0SUY-11 messages

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M0SUY-11 OZ1PMX 04/24 09:18:02z Send another GM Peter on RPR{OO}
M0SUY-11 OZ1PMX 04/23 19:06:34z Send another But on RPR I have 9{LY}
M0SUY-11 OZ1PMX 04/23 19:06:05z Send another AA:QRL, 73
M0SUY-11 OZ1PMX 04/23 19:05:59z Send another nobody else is QRV on 40m PACKET APRS{LX}
M0SUY-11 OZ1PMX 04/23 19:05:45z Send another OK on PACKET here I only see you, because{LW}
M0SUY-11 OZ1PMX 04/23 19:05:25z Send another Only 2 on 30m PACKET for months{LV}
M0SUY-11 OZ1PMX 04/23 19:05:10z Send another On 30m I had ZERO Stations for months{LU}
M0SUY-11 OZ1PMX 04/23 18:40:31z Send another I have 9 stations{LT}
M0SUY-11 OZ1PMX 04/23 18:39:12z Send another At least on 40m there is traffic!{LS}
M0SUY-11 OZ1PMX 04/23 18:28:38z Send another I hope they stay. 30m is dead at th is end! Hi!{LR}
M0SUY-11 OZ1PMX 04/23 18:28:20z Send another Many stations came on 40{LQ}
M0SUY-11 OZ1PMX 04/23 18:26:35z Send another 73 via RPR{LP}
M0SUY-11 SA7SKY-10 04/23 15:55:23z Send another Thanks Helge{LO}AS
WLNK-1 M0SUY-11 04/23 15:54:39z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{681
SA7SKY-10 M0SUY-11 04/23 15:53:16z Reply Please check our website to read the first statements. 73 de Helge{AS}
SA7SKY-10 M0SUY-11 04/23 15:53:07z Reply Hi Dimitrios, I have started to collect opinions on the 40m issue.+{AR}
WLNK-1 M0SUY-11 04/22 15:46:04z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{585
M0SUY-11 OZ1PMX 04/22 12:14:30z Send another 73{XX}
OZ1PMX M0SUY-11 04/22 09:57:04z Reply GM 73{11
OZ1PMX M0SUY-11 04/22 09:26:17z Reply 73{10
WLNK-1 M0SUY-11 04/06 17:00:17z Reply You have 2 Winlink mail messages pending{18
OZ1PMX M0SUY-11 03/20 12:02:06z Reply 73{07
WLNK-1 M0SUY-11 03/02 11:47:18z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{25
OH6DL-10 M0SUY-11 02/25 11:30:20z Reply ├čaprsd{LR}
OH6DL-10 M0SUY-11 02/25 11:06:46z Reply ?APRSD
WLNK-1 M0SUY-11 02/24 17:02:05z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{173
M0SUY-11 OZ1PMX 02/18 15:09:55z Send another 73{RW}
WLNK-1 M0SUY-11 02/18 14:33:21z Reply You have 2 Winlink mail messages pending{220
M0SUY-11 OZ1PMX 02/17 12:04:06z Send another 73{JK}
M0SUY-11 OZ1PMX 02/17 11:49:47z Send another 73 via RPN{GE}