M0SKF-9 messages

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EMAIL-2 M0SKF-9 09/17 12:37:21z Reply skf test email reply 01{556
EMAIL-2 M0SKF-9 09/17 12:33:02z Reply Email sent to samhkf@gmail.com{555
M0SKF-9 EMAIL-2 09/17 12:32:04z Send another skf test shortcut 01{3
M0SKF-9 EMAIL-2 09/17 12:18:58z Send another skf samhkf@gmail.com{1
EMAIL-2 M0SKF-9 09/17 12:16:56z Reply skf added.{554
EMAIL-2 M0SKF-9 09/17 12:05:29z Reply Email sent to samhkf@gmail.com{553
M0SKF-9 EMAIL-2 09/17 12:02:29z Send another samhkf@gmail.com test03{0
M0SKF-9 EMAIL 09/17 10:48:47z Send another samhkf@gmail.com Test01{1
EMAIL-2 M0SKF-9 09/17 10:46:30z Reply Email sent to samhkf@gmail.com{552
M0SKF-9 EMAIL-2 09/17 10:46:29z Send another samhkf@gmail.com Test02{1
PE1PKB M0SKF-9 08/27 12:59:18z Reply Message reveived.Greetings back!{5
PE1PKB M0SKF-9 08/27 12:52:34z Reply Message received. Greetings back!{JK}
M0SKF-9 CQ 08/27 11:25:07z Send another Greetings from our camp in the Netherlands!{0
WXBOT M0SKF-9 08/26 19:17:34z Reply 66666666666{CY
WXBOT M0SKF-9 08/26 19:17:30z Reply Error, unable to get a forecast for location 51.6458333333333/6.041{CX
M0SKF-9 WXBOT 08/26 19:17:23z Send another JO31ap{2
M0SKF-9 2E0RLZ 08/26 15:53:42z Send another No idea if this will reach you, but greetings from the Netherlands!{1
M0SKF-9 N2NUO-15 08/24 05:52:02z Send another JO22SH{0