M0LXD-9 messages

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M1LXM-9 M0LXD-9 09/22 15:13:02z Reply 6 behind {56
M7SND-9 M0LXD-9 09/22 15:05:06z Reply 7 more like 3{09
M0LXD-9 M7SND-9 09/22 15:03:18z Send another will roll out the red carpet when you get here, 7mph!!!{10
M1LXM-9 M0LXD-9 09/22 14:33:13z Reply bit slow but ok{55
M0LXD-9 M1LXM-9 09/22 14:30:31z Send another all going well?{09
M7SND-9 M0LXD-9 09/22 14:21:27z Reply all good{08
M0LXD-9 M7SND-9 09/22 14:10:58z Send another all ok?{08
M0LXD-9 M7SND-9 09/22 10:42:56z Send another all ok?{07
M7SND-9 M0LXD-9 09/22 09:27:10z Reply no worries were in front of you{05
M0LXD-9 M1LXM-9 09/22 09:27:09z Send another horse event on course at millton abbas{05
M0LXD-9 M7SND-9 09/22 09:27:08z Send another cool cool{06
M0LXD-9 M7SND-9 09/22 09:24:11z Send another horse event on course at milton abbas{04
M7SND-9 M0LXD-9 09/22 08:04:10z Reply no{04
M0LXD-9 M7SND-9 09/22 07:38:43z Send another good good{02