LY2EZ messages

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RW3DKE-1 LY2EZ 10/06 19:00:17z Reply QSL I'm not talking about the card, asked to confirm{07
RW3DKE-1 LY2EZ 10/06 17:49:11z Reply I cant read your shirft!{06
LY2EZ RW3DKE-1 10/06 17:35:16z Send another QSL нет, 73'{1
RW3DKE-1 LY2EZ 10/06 17:29:28z Reply Hi hi, QSL?{05
LY2EZ DK2EZ-10 10/05 19:17:50z Send another hallo test{5
LY2EZ DK2EZ-10 09/29 14:58:21z Send another dk3ez/ly2ez{4
LY2EZ DK2EZ-10 09/29 14:38:57z Send another Test droid2{3
LY2EZ LY2EZ 09/29 14:34:35z Send another droid2{1
LY2EZ DK2EZ-10 09/29 14:33:33z Send another testdroid{2
HB9IJE-15 LY2EZ 09/06 14:15:51z Reply 73 von yo{63
LY2EZ HB9IJE-15 08/31 12:17:24z Send another AA:tnx fr msg, BUSY !! 73`
HB9IJE-15 LY2EZ 08/31 12:17:20z Reply 73 von yo{73