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KR0SIV-9 KR0SIV-5 11/19 16:26:49z Reply =41.0000N/74.1666W Testing{XI}
KR0SIV-5 KR0SIV-9 11/19 16:02:27z Send another hello{7
KR0SIV-9 KR0SIV-5 11/19 16:02:25z Reply Test as TCP{XI}
KR0SIV-9 KR0SIV-5 11/19 16:00:43z Reply Testing an aprs tools application I'm working on2{XI}
KR0SIV-9 KR0SIV-5 11/19 16:00:34z Reply Testing an aprs tools application I'm working on{XI}
KR0SIV-5 K8SDR 11/18 03:39:35z Send another requires a license to operate, message an administrator{23
KR0SIV-5 K8SDR 11/18 03:39:26z Send another Anyone here need access to the aprs command? {22
KR0SIV-5 K8SDR 11/17 22:40:20z Send another OTA you only get 1 frequency, half duplex{21
KR0SIV-5 K8SDR 11/17 22:40:07z Send another yeah, you can run into network issues when people spam over the air{20
K8SDR KR0SIV-5 11/17 18:10:31z Reply np, was fun to learn how APRS works!
KR0SIV-5 K8SDR 11/17 18:10:09z Send another thanks for the hard work, would take me longer and less stable{19
KR0SIV-5 K8SDR 11/17 18:09:42z Send another awesome, I have it{18
K8SDR KR0SIV-5 11/17 18:09:14z Reply If you get this message, it means the auto uppercase thing works!
KR0SIV-5 K8SDR 11/17 18:01:46z Send another Incoming!{17
K8SDR KR0SIV-5 11/17 18:01:28z Reply Hello world!
KR0SIV-5 K8SDR 11/17 17:45:29z Send another got it{16
KR0SIV KR0SIV-5 11/17 17:45:10z Reply Hello this is a message dont ya know?!
KR0SIV-5 K8SDR 11/17 17:39:35z Send another it might be limiting us we've been hammering it a little bit{15
KR0SIV-5 K8SDR 11/16 22:04:24z Send another Can't wait to send a Discord message via aprs over a satellite!{14
KR0SIV-5 2E0ZUA 11/16 21:44:15z Send another reply{2
2E0ZUA KR0SIV-5 11/16 21:42:13z Reply Real hams don't use Baofengs
KR0SIV-5 2E0ZUA 11/16 21:41:55z Send another lol{1
KR0SIV-5 KR0SIV 11/16 21:41:11z Send another hello!{1
2E0ZUA KR0SIV-5 11/16 21:40:36z Reply nublet
KR0SIV KR0SIV-5 11/16 21:39:26z Reply test
K8SDR KR0SIV-5 11/16 20:59:16z Reply Hi from discord! Check the amature-radio channel!
KR0SIV-5 K8SDR 11/16 20:10:06z Send another dup*{13
KR0SIV-5 K8SDR 11/16 20:10:02z Send another sup*{12
KR0SIV-5 K8SDR 11/16 20:09:57z Send another I think a duo made it in :p sometimes it happens{11
KR0SIV-5 K8SDR 11/16 20:09:57z Send another I think we've won{9
KR0SIV-5 K8SDR 11/16 19:55:46z Send another hello{10
KR0SIV-5 K8SDR 11/16 19:31:47z Send another Peter Piper{8
KR0SIV-5 K8SDR 11/16 19:04:54z Send another test{7
KR0SIV-5 K8SDR 11/16 19:04:54z Send another hello{6
KR0SIV-5 K8SDR 11/16 18:39:58z Send another Testing{5
KR0SIV-5 K8SDR 11/16 18:11:04z Send another I see it{4
KR0SIV-5 K8SDR 11/16 17:18:48z Send another new feature{3
KR0SIV-5 K8SDR 11/16 17:18:48z Send another Hello everyone! big shout-out to what's the geek for this amazing{2
K8SDR KR0SIV-5 11/16 17:18:47z Reply :whatsthegeek here, if you get this, my nodejs code worked! Dm me if you can read this{4
KR0SIV-5 K8SDR 11/15 23:47:54z Send another test{1
KC1IEG-7 KR0SIV-5 11/02 01:46:14z Reply Hi!{25
KC1IEG-7 KR0SIV-5 10/29 15:26:55z Reply portable ft2d {23
KC1IEG-7 KR0SIV-5 10/29 14:11:00z Reply portable ft2d {21
KC1IEG-7 KR0SIV-5 10/03 23:53:01z Reply portable ft2d{17
KC1IEG-7 KR0SIV-5 10/03 18:05:43z Reply portable ft2d{16