KQ0I-10 messages

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W0CHP-10 KQ0I-10 11/21 19:08:42z Reply Breezy High 53{AC}01
W0CHP-10 KQ0I-10 11/21 19:08:37z Reply Maquoketa IA. Hazardous Weather Outlook, This Afternoon,Cloudy and{AB}01
KQ0I-10 K9LUK 11/17 16:13:20z Send another GM. I see you connecting to K9VSO, but I cannever see Jim. {01}
KQ0I-10 k9vso 11/16 18:24:25z Send another ping{1
W0CHP-10 KQ0I-10 11/16 17:48:25z Reply Maquoketa IA. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Today,Mostly Sunny High 41{AA
KQ0I-10 W0CHP-10 11/16 17:48:18z Send another 52060{1
W0CHP-10 KQ0I-10 11/10 20:37:37z Reply ce Rain/Snow 20% High 41{DK}01
W0CHP-10 KQ0I-10 11/10 20:37:32z Reply Maquoketa IA. Hazardous Weather Outlook, This Afternoon,Slight Chan{DJ}01
KQ0I-10 W0CHP-10 11/10 20:37:30z Send another 52060{01}
KQ0I-10 VA3HRA 11/10 16:31:30z Send another Morning, Harv. Cloudy but not cold. That's coming tomorrow. 73 Ma{01}
KQ0I-10 K9VSO 11/10 16:31:24z Send another Morning, Jim. Cldy but not cold yet. That's coming tomorrow. 73 {01}
KQ0I-10 K9VSO 11/09 17:30:01z Send another GM on APRS, Jim. Srprised to see my ping get toyou. 73 Mark{02}
KQ0I-10 K9VSO 11/09 17:29:16z Send another ping{01}
KQ0I-10 K9VSO 11/04 16:02:40z Send another Morning, Jim.{01}
W0CHP-10 KQ0I-10 11/04 15:57:05z Reply t{DH}01
W0CHP-10 KQ0I-10 11/04 15:57:00z Reply Currently at Dubuque Regional Airport, Temp:40 wind:260@13, fog/mis{DG}01
KQ0I-10 W0CHP-10 11/04 15:56:57z Send another 52060 now{01}
KQ0I-10 w0chp-10 11/04 15:53:41z Send another 52060 now
W0CHP-10 KQ0I-10 11/02 16:31:55z Reply 9{CY}01
W0CHP-10 KQ0I-10 11/02 16:31:50z Reply Maquoketa IA. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Today,Mostly Cloudy High 3{CX}01
KQ0I-10 W0CHP-10 11/02 16:31:47z Send another wx 52060{01}
KQ0I-10 W8MV-11 11/02 16:12:36z Send another GM, Steve. Haven't seenyour signal, but someone callingou. 73 Ma{01}
KQ0I-10 VA3HRA 11/02 15:54:40z Send another Gm Hrv. Using BPQ APRS againthismorning. How's your day? 73 Mark{01}
KQ0I-10 K9VSO 11/02 15:52:16z Send another GM Jim. Seeingyou in my aprs msg list thismorning. Have a good on{01}
KQ0I-10 K9VSO 10/30 17:00:59z Send another Hi Jim..surprised to see you on APRS this morning. 73 Mark{01}
W0CHP-10 KQ0I-10 10/29 17:06:10z Reply 38{CH}01
W0CHP-10 KQ0I-10 10/29 17:06:05z Reply Maquoketa IA. Hazardous Weather Outlook, This Afternoon,Sunny High{CG}01
W0CHP-10 KQ0I-10 10/20 12:32:58z Reply y Sunny High 64{AC}01
W0CHP-10 KQ0I-10 10/20 12:32:53z Reply Maquoketa IA. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Today,Dense Fog then Mostl{AB}01
W0CHP-10 KQ0I-10 10/19 15:11:38z Reply Forest Home NY. Today,Sunny High 58{AA
KQ0I-10 W0CHP-10 10/19 15:11:29z Send another US Weather{1
KQ0I-10 KQ0I-10 10/18 23:05:56z Send another testing transmit on PinPoint{01}
KQ0I-10 KQ0I-10 10/18 18:44:02z Send another test msg from bpqaprs 10/18 1:42 PM{01}
KQ0I-10 VA3HRA 10/18 18:26:07z Send another tring bpqaprs again..1018 1.24PM{01}
KQ0I-10 KQ0I-10 10/18 18:24:07z Send another test message Friday 1:22 PM{01}
KQ0I-10 VA3HRA 10/18 15:07:45z Send another Had to re-install PinPoint this morning. Tryiing aain.
KQ0I-10 va3hra 10/17 20:45:00z Send another Test msg using PinPoint APRS.{1
KQ0I-10 VA3HRA 10/17 13:32:24z Send another GM Harv. Exciting day ahead?{01}
W0CHP-10 KQ0I-10 10/16 18:49:23z Reply Forecast available only at United States locations{ED}02
W0CHP-10 KQ0I-10 10/16 18:49:18z Reply what= full,metar,cwop,current or whois{EC}02
W0CHP-10 KQ0I-10 10/16 18:49:12z Reply when= tonight,tomorrow, or day of week i.e. Sunday{EB}02
W0CHP-10 KQ0I-10 10/16 18:49:07z Reply where= City,ST callsign,APRS obj,lat/lon,grid,CWOP,airport or zip{EA}02
W0CHP-10 KQ0I-10 10/16 18:49:02z Reply Send an APRS message to W0CHP-10 with 'where' 'when' 'what'{DZ}02
KQ0I-10 W0CHP-10 10/16 18:49:02z Send another help{02}DY
W0CHP-10 KQ0I-10 10/16 18:48:35z Reply dy High 49{DY}01
W0CHP-10 KQ0I-10 10/16 18:48:30z Reply Maquoketa IA. Hazardous Weather Outlook, This Afternoon,Mostly Clou{DX}01
KQ0I-10 W0CHP-10 10/16 18:48:27z Send another wx{01}
KQ0I-10 K9VSO 10/15 23:46:31z Send another Hi Jim...just checking to make sure my APRS is still working. 73 M{01}
KQ0I-10 10/14 16:44:45z Send another filter m/50{01}
KQ0I-10 VA3HRA 10/13 17:25:03z Send another Morning, Harv. sending thismsg using bpq aprs. Have good one.{01}
KQ0I-10 KE0TII-9 10/13 17:08:35z Send another GM Shawn from Maquoketa, IA. Using BPQ APRS. 73 Mark{01}
KQ0I-10 KE0TII-9 10/13 17:02:02z Send another GM Shawn, from Maquoketa, Iowa. Noteexactly DX.
VA3HRA KQ0I-10 10/13 13:57:00z Reply Morning Mark{01}
KQ0I-10 KD0GVB-3 10/12 19:07:42z Send another Hi Pat...trying a new APRS program...PinPoint. So far, so good.{1
KQ0I-10 KQ0I-10 10/12 17:38:44z Send another Here is a test message usng pinpoint aprs.{1
AC0VC-9 KQ0I-10 10/12 14:00:42z Reply 73 COPY
KQ0I-10 AC0VC-9 10/12 13:59:30z Send another GM Bill..nice sunny day foryour trip. 73 Mark{01}