KO6KL-10 messages

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KO6KL-10 K6JRO-1 07/14 18:42:16z Send another good afternoon{KV}
KO6KL-10 KG6JXZ-15 07/13 15:10:14z Send another G M{TN}
KO6KL-10 CQ-0 07/11 03:12:28z Send another cq{MJ}
KO6KL-10 KF7AHO-14 07/09 01:34:03z Send another live?{UF}
KF7AHO-14 KO6KL-10 07/09 01:31:53z Reply hello{1
KO6KL-10 KF7AHO-14 07/09 01:31:16z Send another hello from Modesto{UE}
KO6KL-10 KB6LTY-3 07/06 04:48:14z Send another 73{MN}
KO6KL-10 K8PTR 07/06 03:50:29z Send another more quakes 8:40pm drive safe{MM}
KO6KL-10 KD0IYR-9 07/05 18:12:13z Send another Hi From Modesto{UW}
KO6KL-10 SMS 07/05 02:20:51z Send another ?
KO6KL-10 SMS 07/05 02:05:33z Send another 3608780942@KO6KL HELLO FROM PACKET{YM}
KO6KL-10 KM6WDN 07/05 02:00:53z Send another not good to run full auto on sat sub band.{YL}
KO6KL-10 KB6LTY-3 07/04 22:25:03z Send another cm97 73 h4j{YK}
WHO-IS KO6KL-10 07/04 02:39:56z Reply E/BILL I NICHOLS/NV/United States{78}YJ
KO6KL-10 WHO-IS 07/04 02:39:56z Send another NN7K{YJ}
KO6KL-10 EMAIL-2 06/30 15:59:18z Send another AA:cm97 brad 73 ck qrz.com
EMAIL-2 KO6KL-10 06/30 15:59:18z Reply No email address found!{OT}GV
KO6KL-10 EMAIL-2 06/30 15:59:18z Send another hello from aprs modesto ca{GV}
KO6KL-10 K6ZHS 06/16 23:44:35z Send another hello from Modesto{WS}
KO6KL-10 VK2XPH-5 06/14 13:55:00z Send another welcome !{BM}
VK2XPH-5 KO6KL-10 06/14 12:33:56z Reply hi, visiting your fantastic city{1
KO6KL-10 VK2XPH-5 06/12 21:00:29z Send another hello from CA 100{MG}
WA2CBS-1 KO6KL-10 06/12 20:59:39z Reply rejMF}
KO6KL-10 WA2CBS-1 06/12 20:59:31z Send another hello from California 100+ today{MF}
KO6KL-10 KO6KL-7 06/12 19:22:49z Send another ?APRSP
KO6KL-10 W4NOC-14 06/12 19:20:18z Send another rr Lots of wire in the air here.{ME}
W4NOC-14 KO6KL-10 06/11 20:35:30z Reply gud prt hr on the kaibab plain in N. Az. de Ken
KO6KL-10 KO6KL-10 05/28 06:49:33z Send another BITS.11111111,Battery State Tracking
KO6KL-10 KO6KL-10 05/28 06:49:32z Send another EQNS.0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0
KO6KL-10 KO6KL-10 05/28 06:49:32z Send another UNIT.Percent,Charge/On/Off,Sats/On/Off,N/A,N/A,On,Yes,On,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A
KO6KL-10 KO6KL-10 05/28 06:49:32z Send another PARM.Battery,Charging/AC,GPS+Sat,A4,A5,A/C,Charging,GPS,B4,B5,B6,B7,B8
PSAT KO6KL-10 05/18 21:50:27z Reply N^20 NNE^22 E LOS 6m21s{ZJ}
PSAT KO6KL-10 05/18 21:49:56z Reply N^17 NNE^22 E LOS 6m53s{ZI}
PSAT KO6KL-10 05/18 21:40:27z Reply AOS 5m25s NW NE^22 E 11m{ZH}
PSAT KO6KL-10 05/18 21:39:54z Reply AOS 5m57s NW NE^22 E 11m{ZG}