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KO0OOO VE7WI 11/20 22:00:38z Send another hi Richard.. how you doing?{01}
VE7WI KO0OOO 11/20 21:55:42z Reply Hi Richard, my name also Richard in Cloverdale, near Vancouver.+{RS}01
KO0OOO VE7WI 11/20 21:53:12z Send another hi... Richard here in Las Vegas...{01}RR
KO0OOO 11/10 14:31:50z Send another {01}
VA7PRR-10 KO0OOO 10/30 00:36:19z Reply getting a mobile setup running using a RPi4b and a ts-480HX{RH}
VA7PRR-10 KO0OOO 10/29 20:17:44z Reply I have an HF-APRS igate running here at my qth. But am working on+{RG}05
KO0OOO VA7PRR-10 10/29 20:00:00z Send another I had WinRPR on a Win10 machine and then had BPQ talk to it over my LAN{05}RF
VA7PRR-10 KO0OOO 10/29 19:57:07z Reply Im working on getting WinRPR to run on box86 and WINE on a RPI4b{RF}04
KO0OOO VA7PRR-10 10/29 19:40:51z Send another and a Pi4 so can't run WinRPR on this Pi{04}RE
KO0OOO VA7PRR-10 10/29 19:40:49z Send another hi John...{03}RE
KO0OOO VA7PRR-10 10/29 19:40:39z Send another using BPQ and my Tracker{02}RE
VA7PRR-10 KO0OOO 10/29 19:39:44z Reply Hello, This is John{RE}01
KO0OOO VA7PRR-10 10/29 19:39:41z Send another hi Richard here...{01}RD
VA7PRR-10 KO0OOO 10/29 19:32:38z Reply Im using APRSIS32 on windows 10, Im also using SCS WinRPR v0.752{RD}
VA6ATA-1 KO0OOO 10/28 02:39:41z Reply now.{BS}
VA6ATA-1 KO0OOO 10/28 02:35:29z Reply Setup the iGate with the WinRPR. Keping SCS Tracker int he truck+{BR}
K7MT-8 KO0OOO 10/27 15:31:16z Reply 2020/05/01 21:21: APRSIS32 Win v6.1 b7601 p2 0.0/0.0%
KO0OOO K7MT-8 10/27 15:31:16z Send another ?VER
VA6ATA-1 KO0OOO 10/27 15:30:30z Reply 2020/05/01 21:21: APRSIS32 Win v6.2 b9200 p2 0.0/0.0%
VA7PRR-10 KO0OOO 10/27 15:29:59z Reply 2020/05/01 21:21: APRSIS32 Win v6.2 b9200 p2 8.4/7.4%
KO0OOO KO0OOO 10/27 15:29:26z Send another xastir 2.1.0
KO0OOO K7MT-8 10/26 20:10:34z Send another take care{0L}WQ
K7MT-8 KO0OOO 10/26 20:10:10z Reply work too hard. Take care tks for qso..{WQ}0K
K7MT-8 KO0OOO 10/26 20:09:54z Reply Yes I use it for Winlink Message handing I won't{WP}0K
KO0OOO K7MT-8 10/26 20:09:45z Send another ok don't work too hard{0K}WO
K7MT-8 KO0OOO 10/26 20:09:36z Reply I was taking a break !!!!{WO}0J
KO0OOO K7MT-8 10/26 20:09:15z Send another frees up the SCS Pactor tnc{0J}WN
K7MT-8 KO0OOO 10/26 20:09:11z Reply I was taking a break !!!!{WO}0I
K7MT-8 KO0OOO 10/26 20:08:47z Reply Need to finish shoveling snow{WN}0I
KO0OOO K7MT-8 10/26 20:08:43z Send another you're welcome{0I}WM
K7MT-8 KO0OOO 10/26 20:08:18z Reply rrrr I seen that cool tks ...{WM}0H
KO0OOO K7MT-8 10/26 20:07:58z Send another it's the Virginia Packet Network homepage{0H}WL
KO0OOO K7MT-8 10/26 20:07:35z Send another ok..{0G}WL
K7MT-8 KO0OOO 10/26 20:07:19z Reply Ok page not found but I will find it ....{WL}0F
KO0OOO K7MT-8 10/26 20:06:03z Send another but many of the commands no APRS yet thou{0F}WK
KO0OOO K7MT-8 10/26 20:05:54z Send another it's still Alpha{0E}WK
K7MT-8 KO0OOO 10/26 20:05:23z Reply Got it tks...{WK}0D
KO0OOO K7MT-8 10/26 20:05:14z Send another vapn.org/news/winrpr-saving-robust-packet-from-oblivion.html{0D}WJ
KO0OOO K7MT-8 10/26 20:04:24z Send another damn.. typed that wrong{0C}WJ
KO0OOO K7MT-8 10/26 20:04:03z Send another vapn.org/news/winrrp-saving-robust-packer-from-oblivion.html{0B}WI
K7MT-8 KO0OOO 10/26 20:03:56z Reply I have a IC-7000 in the RV for HF Mobile !!{WJ}0A
K7MT-8 KO0OOO 10/26 20:03:14z Reply Excellent I will look it up for the RV...{WI}0A
KO0OOO K7MT-8 10/26 20:02:54z Send another it's from SCS they still own it{0A}WH
KO0OOO K7MT-8 10/26 20:02:32z Send another it's the tracker firmware using a soundcard{09}WH
K7MT-8 KO0OOO 10/26 20:01:57z Reply No I am using a SCS PTIIex ? Tell me more{WH}08
KO0OOO K7MT-8 10/26 20:01:57z Send another WinRPR{08}WG
K7MT-8 KO0OOO 10/26 20:01:33z Reply it should be on in the daytime..{WG}07
KO0OOO K7MT-8 10/26 20:01:26z Send another you see the soundcard version of RP?{07}WF
K7MT-8 KO0OOO 10/26 20:01:09z Reply it should be on in the daytime..{WG}06
K7MT-8 KO0OOO 10/26 20:01:08z Reply after wild land fire season so{WF}06
K7MT-8 KO0OOO 10/26 20:01:04z Reply I just setup Robust Packet again{WE}06
K7MT-8 KO0OOO 10/26 19:59:36z Reply Excellent !!!{WD}06
KO0OOO K7MT-8 10/26 19:58:40z Send another changed calls time for something new{06}WC
KO0OOO K7MT-8 10/26 19:58:11z Send another I retired a year ago..{05}WC
K7MT-8 KO0OOO 10/26 19:57:39z Reply Yep Me too Aha got it now..{WC}04
KO0OOO K7MT-8 10/26 19:57:20z Send another I used to be ke7xo{04}WB
KO0OOO K7MT-8 10/26 19:57:02z Send another getting older... this is Richard{03}WB
K7MT-8 KO0OOO 10/26 19:56:39z Reply Doing fine and you ?{WB}02
KO0OOO K7MT-8 10/26 19:56:18z Send another how you been doing?{02}WA
KO0OOO K7MT-8 10/26 19:55:43z Send another hi Bill{01}WA
K7MT-8 KO0OOO 10/26 19:54:48z Reply Hwdy from Bill in Montana{WA}
N0KQX-3 KO0OOO 10/16 23:48:21z Reply hello{75