KN6RO-10 messages

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KN6RO-10 W3CP 10/02 13:24:39z Send another Have a great VaCa{WE}
KN6RO-10 K6BET-7 09/25 22:13:51z Send another Special Status received{MZ}
KN6RO-10 WA4TA-9 09/25 16:12:15z Send another Special Status Received{NA}
KN6RO-10 WX4RON-7 09/25 13:32:49z Send another Special Status Received{NB}
KN4SIL-1 KN6RO-10 09/25 13:30:36z Reply AA:Running down the road in my Taco
KN6RO-10 KN4SIL-1 09/25 13:30:24z Send another Priority Status Received{NC}
KN6RO-10 NR4J-8 09/22 14:34:33z Send another k{TB}
KN6RO-10 KN4SIL-1 09/14 17:35:51z Send another Priority Status Received{TH}
KN6RO-10 AA0S-9 09/14 17:35:19z Send another Special Status Received{TG}
KN6RO-10 KC4POD-9 09/14 17:34:35z Send another Special Status Received{TF}
W3CP KN6RO-10 09/13 13:51:39z Reply 6786487438{3
W3CP KN6RO-10 09/13 13:50:32z Reply great!{2
KN6RO-10 W3CP 09/13 13:49:09z Send another Will call soon Was out for work{AW}
KN6RO-10 KN6RO-7 09/13 13:45:55z Send another yyyyy{AV}
KN6RO-10 KN6RO-7 09/13 13:45:23z Send another uuu{AU}
KN6RO-10 KN6RO-7 09/13 13:43:50z Send another fff{OK}
KN6RO-10 NR4J-8 09/13 13:38:23z Send another sd{BO}
KN6RO-10 KN6RO-7 09/13 13:38:00z Send another fd{BP}
KN6RO-10 NR4J-8 09/13 13:34:44z Send another ?APRSP
KN6RO-10 KN6RO-7 09/07 15:11:46z Send another xfgh{WN}
KN6RO-10 KN6RO-9 09/07 15:07:27z Send another 12345{WK}
KN6RO-10 KN6RO-7 09/07 14:59:01z Send another vbn
KN6RO-10 KN6RO-7 08/23 19:11:22z Send another Test{M0001