KN6HTD-5 messages

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KN6HTD-5 KN6ETO 02/07 02:40:52z Send another Hi Lee... did I make a QSO with you?{4ECDC
WHO-15 KN6HTD-5 02/02 05:42:30z Reply format is an invalid command!{910
KN6HTD-5 WHO-15 02/02 05:42:30z Send another Hello{F3DC2
KN6HTD-5 N6OBB B 02/02 05:28:55z Send another Hi, N6OBB, do you copy this message? -KN6HTD{500D1
KN6HTD-5 W6LFR-10 02/02 05:23:11z Send another Hi Lee, this is a test message. Do you copy? Jojo KN6HTD{AD95E
KN6HTD-5 KC1HHO-9 02/02 05:13:08z Send another Jojo KN6HTD calling to Peter, over...{DE141
KN6HTD-5 KG6SJT-10 02/02 05:11:51z Send another Hi Greg, this is Jojo KN6HTD. Do you copy?{0F874
KN6HTD-5 KG6SJT-10 02/02 05:11:17z Send another Ok, let's try this again. Callsign is AX.25 compliant now.{AF3F5