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W4RRN-1 KN4ROZ 06/23 20:54:03z Reply Frankie, if you have time, try to get back to me.{1
WLNK-1 KN4ROZ 06/20 03:38:31z Reply Unknow request. Send ? for help{1506
KN4ROZ WLNK-1 06/20 03:38:30z Send another test{5
WLNK-1 KN4ROZ 06/20 03:37:19z Reply Unknow request. Send ? for help{1503
KN4ROZ WLNK-1 06/20 03:37:19z Send another{4
WLNK-1 KN4ROZ 06/20 03:36:43z Reply Unknow request. Send ? for help{1502
KN4ROZ WLNK-1 06/20 03:36:43z Send another{3
WLNK-1 KN4ROZ 06/20 03:35:34z Reply Hello KN4ROZ{1499
KN4ROZ WLNK-1 06/20 03:35:33z Send another sda111{2
WLNK-1 KN4ROZ 06/20 03:33:53z Reply Login [543]:{1496
KN4ROZ WLNK-1 06/20 03:33:52z Send another test{1