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SMSGTE KN4KBY-6 02/08 20:10:04z Reply @4124962326 Mint hill has better parking?{M5732
SMSGTE KN4KBY-6 02/08 20:09:54z Reply @4124962326 Debating Main vs. Mint Hill{M5731
SMSGTE KN4KBY-6 02/08 20:09:49z Reply @4124962326 Packing mom up to head to ER{M5730
SMSGTE KN4KBY-6 02/08 20:09:39z Reply @4124962326 10-4{M5729
SMSGTE KN4KBY-6 02/08 19:44:50z Reply @7046915128 Cool.{M5728
KN4KBY-6 SMSGTE 02/08 19:41:58z Send another @4124962326 phone charging in office text if you need me{1
KN4KBY-6 SMSGTE 02/08 19:39:27z Send another @7046915128 test{0
N4HUV-10 KN4KBY-6 01/06 00:43:52z Reply k{XH}
KN4KBY-6 N3LW-7 01/05 13:34:16z Send another Hello de KN4KBY{0
SMSGTE KN4KBY-6 01/02 20:56:30z Reply @5163800260 What's up{M3565
KN4KBY-6 SMSGTE 01/02 20:55:54z Send another @5163800260 Hey{0
KN4KBY-6 AJ4NR-1 12/20 06:07:19z Send another Hello de KN4KBY EM94kx {0