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KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/18 17:41:32z Reply You having lunch there?{M0005
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/18 17:32:58z Reply Thanks, what are you up to?{M0004
KN2X-9 KC2OQV 09/18 17:27:49z Send another congrats on the new PLX{75
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/18 16:55:29z Reply Hello John!{M0003
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/16 18:39:33z Reply Happy Trails to you! Until we meet again! (music){M0001
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/15 13:06:57z Reply Oh you mean like "MSG RCVD" or something?{M000n
KN2X-9 KC2OQV 09/15 12:23:27z Send another need to set up autoreply{74
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/15 12:13:57z Reply Good Morning John!{M000m
KC2PJH-4 KN2X-9 09/14 20:51:58z Reply Hi{8
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/14 20:50:01z Reply Doin' okay, you?{M000l
KN2X-9 KC2PJH-9 09/14 20:49:31z Send another Yo{73
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/14 20:45:32z Reply Good Afternoon!{M000k
KN2X-9 KC2OQV 09/14 20:44:48z Send another Yo how goes it{72
SMSGTE KN2X-9 09/13 19:08:56z Reply @8456659958 I'll call u later. Xox{M8740
SMSGTE KN2X-9 09/13 19:06:12z Reply @8456659958 I sorta got that. Lol Sux, tho{M8738
KN2X-9 SMSGTE 09/13 19:00:26z Send another @8456659958 I dropped my phone in sink KN2X{71
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/11 11:55:24z Reply Good Morning John, TGIF!{M0007
KN2X-9 KB2AJM-10 09/10 19:34:23z Send another test 73{70
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/10 17:06:41z Reply Safe travels John!{M0003
KN2X-9 KC2OQV 09/09 20:17:03z Send another crazy condx{69
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/09 17:51:49z Reply What are you hearing?{M0004
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/09 17:48:01z Reply Hey there John!{M0003
KN2X-9 W2JYB 09/09 16:59:01z Send another Hi Ed! good to hear U!{67
KN2X-9 KD2HWO-9 09/09 16:05:07z Send another Hola 73{68
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/09 12:08:00z Reply It is a 7" Touchscreen.{M0001
KN2X-9 KC2OQV 09/09 12:07:51z Send another dimensions of Pi screen?{66
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/09 12:06:24z Reply There are cheaper options for non-touch screen{M0002
W2JYB KN2X-9 09/09 11:52:52z Reply Good morning John from Ed {82
W2JYB KN2X-9 09/09 10:46:49z Reply Good morning John from Ed{81
W2JYB KN2X-9 09/09 09:33:46z Reply Good morning John {80
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/08 12:17:55z Reply good morning handsome!{M0001
KN2X-9 KC2OQV 09/08 12:16:45z Send another mornin!{65
W2JYB KN2X-9 09/07 18:20:41z Reply Hello John how you doing {79
W2JYB KN2X-9 09/07 17:11:17z Reply Hello John how you doing {78
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/07 14:35:43z Reply Where are you located now?{M0001
KN2X-9 KC2OQV 09/07 14:22:25z Send another long drive 4 nuttin!{64
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/07 14:21:13z Reply That stinks{M000a
WB2LMV KN2X-9 09/07 14:05:46z Reply (-={UR}
KN2X-9 WB2LMV 09/07 14:05:19z Send another working guuud!{63
WB2LMV KN2X-9 09/07 14:04:32z Reply I got you covered in the valley lol!{UQ}
KN2X-9 WB2LMV 09/07 14:03:07z Send another have a great day{62
WB2LMV KN2X-9 09/07 13:56:46z Reply Have fun with APRS!{UP}
WB2LMV KN2X-9 09/07 13:55:40z Reply Hi John!{UO}
KN2X-9 WB2LMV 09/07 13:55:16z Send another howdy Glenn!{61
KN2X-9 KC2OQV 09/07 13:55:10z Send another just got back 145.150 is on the air{60
WB2LMV KN2X-9 09/07 13:54:20z Reply Have a great day!{UN}
WB2LMV KN2X-9 09/07 13:53:56z Reply I got you on the map John!{UM}
WB2LMV KN2X-9 09/07 12:47:38z Reply Have a great day John!{XD}
WB2LMV KN2X-9 09/07 12:45:59z Reply Have a great day John!{XC}
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/07 12:19:24z Reply Happy Labor Day!{M0008
KN2X-9 WB2LMV 09/05 16:05:50z Send another you too!{58
WB2LMV KN2X-9 09/05 16:04:09z Reply Enjoy the nice WX!{ED}
WB2LMV KN2X-9 09/05 15:58:07z Reply Hi John!{EC}
KN2X-9 WB2LMV 09/05 15:36:39z Send another mornin Glenn!{57
KN2X-9 N25DV 09/05 15:31:06z Send another hola! 73{56
KN2X-9 KC2OQV-9 09/05 13:17:52z Send another Mornin!{55
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/04 18:37:35z Reply Hey that's where i'm headed! PINE BUSH{M0004
KN2X-9 KC2ASA-9 09/04 12:11:40z Send another hola 73{54
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/03 20:47:57z Reply You still on?{M000c
W2TTT-9 KN2X-9 09/03 20:13:39z Reply AA:Call on 442 rpt or 201.314.6964 73, Gordon
KN2X-9 W2TTT-9 09/03 20:13:20z Send another 73!{53
KN2X-9 W2WAT 09/03 20:05:09z Send another 73!{52
KN2X-9 K1ADK-9 09/03 20:03:23z Send another drive safe 73!{51
KN2X-9 KC2OQV 09/03 19:48:30z Send another can u send email to my radio?{50
KN2X-9 KM2O-9 09/03 17:00:42z Send another howdy Dave! 73{49
KN2X-9 KC2OQV 09/03 13:53:40z Send another good working{48
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/03 13:51:34z Reply Your message was recieved! Thanks and 73!
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/03 13:51:16z Reply Same here bud{M000b
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/03 13:47:01z Reply How are you today?{M000a
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/03 13:42:01z Reply Good morning John!{M0009
KN2X-9 KC2OQV 09/03 13:38:59z Send another mornin will{47
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/02 19:35:15z Reply Picked you up just west of hospital!{M0008
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/02 19:26:13z Reply You doing well today?{M0007
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/02 19:25:43z Reply I see you sneaking up the highway!{M0006
KC2OQV KN2X-9 08/31 16:46:53z Reply Hola!{M000i
KN2X-9 KC2OBW-9 08/31 16:28:14z Send another hola &73{46
KC2OQV KN2X-9 08/31 12:33:34z Reply Glad you and family are OK. Mess can be cleaned.{M000h
KN2X-9 KC2OQV 08/31 12:25:17z Send another front yard mostly cleap{45
KC2OQV KN2X-9 08/31 12:20:24z Reply Beautiful day out there! Hope your tree mess is cleaned up{M000g
KC2OQV KN2X-9 08/31 12:17:46z Reply Hope you had a nice weekend sir.{M000f
KC2OQV KN2X-9 08/31 12:16:51z Reply Good Morning John!!{M000e
KN2X-9 KC2OQV 08/31 12:15:47z Send another mornin!{44
KC2OQV KN2X-9 08/22 15:35:41z Reply John!!!{M0001
KN2X-9 KC1MUU-5 08/15 18:13:57z Send another Have fun 73!{43
KN2X-9 KC2PJH-9 08/14 15:15:34z Send another Have a great day 73{42
KN2X-9 K5DEZ-2 08/13 15:52:24z Send another Good activation &73!{41
KN2X-9 WB5USB-7 08/13 15:51:14z Send another have great activation! 73{40
WB2LMV KN2X-9 08/12 18:28:22z Reply Hi John! 73!{UB}
WB2LMV KN2X-9 08/12 18:26:42z Reply John 73!{UA}
KN2X-9 WB2LMV-1 08/12 16:47:47z Send another Howdy Glenn! 73!{39
KN2X-9 KD2HWO-9 08/11 20:06:04z Send another 51 days till Bow opener!{38
KN2X-9 KC2OQV 08/11 19:29:59z Send another Seeing msgs online but not on radio{37
KN2X-9 N87EM 08/11 19:18:32z Send another Hola & 73!{36
KC2OQV KN2X-9 08/11 14:39:17z Reply hi john{M0005
KC2OQV KN2X-9 08/09 22:07:08z Reply Hello again{M0008
KN2X-9 KC2OQV 08/09 20:45:39z Send another Have a good one 73!{35
WB2LMV KN2X-9 08/09 19:08:32z Reply Hi John! You too.{TQ}
KN2X-9 WB2LMV 08/09 18:37:21z Send another Have a great Sunday Glenn 73!{34
KC2OQV KN2X-9 08/09 18:01:29z Reply Hello there John!{M0007
KC2OQV KN2X-9 08/09 17:58:48z Reply HELLO JOHN!!!{M0006