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KC2OQV KN2X-9 10/20 16:59:35z Reply tracking you on my map{M0002
KC2OQV KN2X-9 10/20 16:58:20z Reply DIRET MSG TEST{M0001
KC2OQV KN2X-9 10/20 16:58:19z Reply DIRECT MSG TEST{M0001
KN2X-9 K2OQV : 10/20 12:58:28z Send another D2NMG house {41
KN2X-9 KC2OQV 10/20 12:58:21z Send another KD2NMG house {41
KN2X-9 KC2OQV 10/20 12:55:27z Send another yep goin to put up an antdnna{40
KC2OQV KN2X-9 10/20 12:53:54z Reply Where on the antenna? Home?{0004
KC2OQV KN2X-9 10/20 12:53:53z Reply Where on the antenna? Home?{C0004
KN2X-9 K2OQV : 10/20 12:51:17z Send another ornin!{39
KN2X-9 KC2OQV 10/20 12:51:14z Send another Mornin!{39
KC2OQV KN2X-9 10/20 12:50:14z Reply Hunting Today?{0003
KC2OQV KN2X-9 10/20 12:50:13z Reply Hunting Today?{C0003
KC2OQV KN2X-9 10/20 12:49:21z Reply Beautiful Day we have here {0002
KC2OQV KN2X-9 10/20 12:49:17z Reply Beautiful Day we have here {C0002
KC2OQV KN2X-9 10/20 12:48:05z Reply Good Morning John{0001
KC2OQV KN2X-9 10/20 12:48:02z Reply Good Morning John{C0001
KC2OQV KN2X-9 10/18 15:15:32z Reply I'm enjoying a day off!{M0003
KN2X-9 K2OQV : 10/18 15:13:24z Send another ckM0002
KC2OQV KN2X-9 10/18 15:13:12z Reply Watch Out for Dinosaurs!{M0002
KC2PJH-9 KN2X-9 10/18 13:43:10z Reply Where are you at{17
KC2PJH-9 KN2X-9 10/18 13:41:06z Reply hi{16
KN2X-9 KC2PJH-9 10/18 13:33:27z Send another Howdy!{38
KN2X-9 K2OQV 10/18 11:43:49z Send another Yeah{37
KC2OQV KN2X-9 10/18 11:38:31z Reply TGIF JOHN!!{M0001
W2JYB KN2X-9 10/17 23:37:13z Reply Hello hope you get this msg{77
KC2MHA KN2X-9 10/17 22:45:03z Reply Hi John, Welcome to Packet!!{80
KN2X-9 W2JYB 10/17 11:54:43z Send another Howdy Ed!{36
KN2X-9 KC2MHA 10/17 11:34:51z Send another Howdy{35
KN2X-9 K2MHA : 10/17 11:30:44z Send another owdy{35
KC2OQV KN2X-9 10/17 10:37:05z Reply Tracking you on YAA map, looking good!{0001
KC2OQV KN2X-9 10/17 10:37:04z Reply Tracking you on YAAC map, looking good!{C0001
KN2X-9 K2OQV : 10/17 10:36:13z Send another ck0001
KN2X-9 K2OQV : 10/17 10:35:43z Send another nX!{33
KN2X-9 KC2OQV 10/17 10:35:41z Send another TnX!{33
KN2X-9 K2OQV : 10/17 10:33:58z Send another ckM0001
KC2OQV KN2X-9 10/17 10:33:50z Reply Safe Travels Kn2X!{M0001
KC2OQV KN2X-9 10/11 12:46:20z Reply TGIF Kn2X!{M0001
KN2X-9 KC2ASA-9 10/05 16:05:26z Send another Sullivan ARES ready to assist{32
KN2X-9 KC2ASA-9 10/05 16:03:07z Send another Sullivan ARES{31
KN2X-9 N2KL-9 : 09/30 20:53:31z Send another owdy{30
KN2X-9 N2KLC-9 09/30 20:53:24z Send another howdy{30
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/26 11:04:30z Reply GOOD MORNING JOHN{M0002
KN2X-9 KM2O-9 09/25 20:38:04z Send another Howdy de KN2X{29
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/24 23:17:15z Reply Hello!{M0001
KN2X-9 KC2OQV-9 09/24 19:41:05z Send another Very good coverage up north{28
KN2X-9 KF3BH-9 09/24 19:32:26z Send another Howdy de KN2X{27
KN2X-9 K2OQV : 09/22 18:10:02z Send another in{26
KN2X-9 KC2OQV 09/22 18:09:58z Send another win{26
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/22 18:09:30z Reply JETS 0 NEW ENGLAND 20 DANG JETS!{M0003
KN2X-9 KC2OQV 09/22 18:06:34z Send another Test{25
KN2X-9 K2OQV : 09/22 18:04:32z Send another est{25
KN2X-9 KC2OQV-9 09/22 18:04:26z Send another TGIF{24
KC2OQV KN2X-9 09/22 18:03:17z Reply Sunday Funday!{M0001
KN2X-9 KC2OQV-9 09/20 15:29:29z Send another drive safe{2
KN2X-9 KC2OQV-9 09/17 22:02:47z Send another arrived at camp{1
KC2OQV-9 KN2X-9 09/17 12:16:05z Reply Safe travels today John{28
KC2OQV-9 KN2X-9 09/15 12:33:38z Reply I got your TGIF msg! Enjoy the camping trip!{27
KN2X-9 KC2OQV-9 09/13 21:08:39z Send another TGIF{23
KC2OQV-9 KN2X-9 09/12 11:33:53z Reply good morning{26
KN2X-9 KC2OQV-9 09/11 21:25:57z Send another back{22
KC2OQV-9 KN2X-9 09/11 21:22:32z Reply yes{25
KN2X-9 KC2OQV-9 09/11 21:21:10z Send another KN2X mobile passing thru {21
KN2X-9 KC2OQV-9 09/10 21:57:39z Send another KN2X mobile passing thru {20
KC2OQV-9 KN2X-9 09/09 20:32:49z Reply on the way home!{24
KN2X-9 N2KLC-9 09/01 14:16:04z Send another howdy{19
KN2X-9 N297NW 08/31 18:29:46z Send another howdy{18
WXBOT KN2X-9 08/30 12:11:06z Reply 79{HO
WXBOT KN2X-9 08/30 12:11:01z Reply Wurtsboro Hills NY. Today,Sunny then Slight Chance Showers 20% High{HN
KN2X-9 WXBOT 08/30 12:10:54z Send another 12790{3
KC2OQV-9 KN2X-9 08/29 10:38:29z Reply Thursday morning!{23
KN2X-9 KC2OQV-9 08/28 21:13:39z Send another test{17
KN2X-9 KC2OQV-15 08/28 19:14:36z Send another tst{16
KC2OQV-9 KN2X-9 08/28 12:19:40z Reply spotted you!{22
KN2X-9 KC2OQV-9 08/26 13:31:33z Send another Happy Monday agn{15
KN2X-9 KC2OQV-9 08/26 13:28:26z Send another Happy Monday{6
KC2OQV-9 KN2X-9 08/25 18:30:23z Reply check out my tracking!{21
SMSGTE KN2X-9 08/23 12:32:25z Reply @8453418910 Nice use of SMSGTE!{M9206
KN2X-9 SMSGTE 08/23 12:29:40z Send another @8453418910 got ur TGIF{14
KC2OQV-9 KN2X-9 08/23 12:01:21z Reply Got your almost Friday message. TGIF{20
KN2X-9 KC2OQV 08/22 12:01:47z Send another almost friday{13
KN2X-9 KC2OQV-9 08/21 21:10:29z Send another back at you SKYWARN activated all ENY{12
KC2OQV-9 KN2X-9 08/21 21:02:35z Reply hello{19
KN2X-9 KC2OQV-9 08/19 21:00:15z Send another Tag UR it {11
KN2X-9 W1W 08/16 21:00:13z Send another Spotted u tcpip RF soon{10
KN2X-9 K2PJG : 08/13 22:50:59z Send another hassup KN2X{8
KN2X-9 KC2PJG 08/13 22:50:51z Send another Whassup KN2X{8
KN2X-9 K2OQV : 08/13 22:41:08z Send another ammadeparts com{7
KN2X-9 KC2OQV 08/13 22:41:05z Send another hammadeparts com{7