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KM6WYE-9 AG7SU-1 05/17 19:17:14z Send another hey there. testing{1
KM6WYE-9 AG7SU 05/17 07:02:58z Send another hey Tyler, thanks again. im learning a lot already! glad ur on APRS{1
KM6WYE-9 KM6OTE-9 04/27 21:38:06z Send another hey there. i recognize your CS fron local nets and wanted to say hi{1
KM6WYE-9 KE6SLS 04/23 01:30:39z Send another nice. I usually get the recording up by the next morn. take care{7
KE6SLS KM6WYE-9 04/23 01:25:33z Reply I can't here it up here, but I bookmarkd the Tech web! Tnx!{Hl}6
KM6WYE-9 KE6SLS 04/23 01:23:40z Send another btw were taking your rqst and explaining the ssb and cw sats 2moro{6
KM6WYE-9 KE6SLS 04/23 01:18:37z Send another enjoy the net and your evening, thanks for listening to the TechNer{5
KM6WYE-9 KE6SLS 04/23 01:17:58z Send another oh, very nice. I have to get an 80m antenna, my 40 wont tune. soon{4
KE6SLS KM6WYE-9 04/23 01:17:05z Reply No worries, we are on HF now 3.955 if u want to chk in SSB!{Hj}3
KM6WYE-9 KE6SLS 04/23 01:16:41z Send another well thank you very much. Great to meet you.{3
KE6SLS KM6WYE-9 04/23 01:16:07z Reply Nice, and you are ON THE LOG tonight Bill!{Hi}2
KM6WYE-9 KE6SLS 04/23 01:15:35z Send another that is awesome! APRS net is new to me, i love it. 73{2
KE6SLS KM6WYE-9 04/23 00:49:18z Reply RG, I run the APRS Monday night chk-N-net .. TU OM! 73 Jaye{Hf}1
KE6SLS KM6WYE-9 04/22 20:56:52z Reply AA:TNX, U R chkd-in the Humboldt net! 73{Hc}1
KM6WYE-9 KE6SLS 04/22 20:56:51z Send another Hey thanks for the email! Got a reply back to ya just now. 73 4 now{1