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EMAIL-2 KM4SQK 12/10 22:07:00z Reply Email sent to CDSU23@GMAIL.COM{WA}01
KM4SQK EMAIL-2 12/10 21:15:12z Send another CDSU23@GMAIL.COM THIS IS A JS8CALL APRS EMAIL TEST{01}
EMAIL-2 KM4SQK 12/10 21:13:45z Reply Email sent to CDSU23@GMAIL.COM{W9}01
KM4SQK KM4SQK-7 12/05 01:11:36z Send another hi{0O}12
KM4SQK-7 KM4SQK 12/04 20:29:37z Reply hell o{12
KM4SQK-9 KM4SQK 11/19 17:51:31z Reply k lo k{27
KN4KBY KM4SQK 11/08 05:04:01z Reply MAGA! KN4KBY{2
KM4SQK ALL 10/11 04:11:40z Send another safety first pls{0N}