KM4RKT-1 messages

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KM4RKT-1 ND4AA-5 04/06 19:46:30z Send another AA:this is a mostly unmonitored station
ND4AA-5 KM4RKT-1 04/06 19:46:28z Reply and that I am securing my station {2
ND4AA-5 KM4RKT-1 04/06 19:46:00z Reply pls relay to KJ4ZZB that my cell is dying {1
WHO-IS KM4RKT-1 04/01 15:15:56z Reply E/Henry C Prosser/GA/United States{ZB}LB
KM4RKT-1 WHO-IS 04/01 15:15:56z Send another K4HCP{LB}
KM4RKT-1 KM4RKT-7 03/04 18:00:36z Send another test{OH}
KM4RKT-1 KM4RKT-7 03/04 17:50:49z Send another sendign test message{OG}
EMAIL-2 KM4RKT-1 03/04 17:47:35z Reply Invalid Request!{11}OI
KM4RKT-1 EMAIL-2 03/04 17:47:35z Send another KM4RKT-7 test message{OI}10
KM4RKT-1 KM4RKT-7 03/04 16:18:35z Send another ?APRSP
EMAIL-2 KM4RKT-1 03/04 16:17:20z Reply Invalid Request!{10}OF
KM4RKT-1 EMAIL-2 03/04 16:17:19z Send another KM4RKT-7 test message{OF}