KM4MNC-7 messages

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KM4MNC-7 KC4OJS 05/19 15:52:12z Send another route via reflector 7{22
KM4MNC-7 KC4OJS 05/19 15:51:38z Send another test to Woodstock, Georgia{21
KM4MNC-7 KD4STT 05/19 15:50:27z Send another test from 3 rd device{27
KM4MNC-7 KC4OJS 05/11 00:12:28z Send another get that towel{20
KM4MNC-7 KD4STT-3 05/11 00:08:32z Send another where is Kenny{1
KD4STT-10 KM4MNC-7 05/10 23:59:08z Reply evening joe {1
KM4MNC-7 KD4STT 05/10 23:55:53z Send another kd4stt-3{26
KM4MNC-7 KD4STT 05/10 23:55:32z Send another kd4stt-3{25
KM4MNC-7 KD4STT 05/10 23:54:19z Send another hello test from Etowah{24
KM4MNC-7 KD4STT 05/08 03:39:57z Send another test from sweetwater 11 and 68{23
KM4MNC-7 KD4STT 05/08 03:39:57z Send another digi test bounce back{22
KM4MNC-7 KC4OJS 04/30 17:19:32z Send another kd4stt star Mountain test{19
KM4MNC-7 KC4OJS 04/30 17:19:10z Send another hello Kenny star Mountain test{18
KM4MNC-7 KC4OJS 04/30 17:17:56z Send another test Madisonville{17
KM4MNC-7 KC4OJS 04/30 17:17:56z Send another kd4stt. hello{16
KM4MNC-7 KC4OJS 04/30 17:17:56z Send another wind rain conditions continue{15
KM4MNC-7 KC4OJS 04/30 17:17:56z Send another wind rain conditions continue{14
KM4MNC-7 KC4OJS 04/30 17:17:56z Send another wind rain conditions continue{13
KM4MNC-7 KD4STT 04/30 17:17:56z Send another wind and rain conditions continue{21
KM4MNC-7 KD4STT 04/30 17:17:56z Send another kc4ojs {20
KM4MNC-7 KD4STT 04/30 17:17:56z Send another wind rain conditions continue{19
KD4STT-5 KM4MNC-7 04/13 15:14:13z Reply chuck, do you see my messages {1
KM4MNC-7 KD4STT 04/13 14:39:50z Send another Rain 58 to 76 Today{18
N4AAN-1 KM4MNC-7 04/12 00:52:52z Reply rej17
KM4MNC-7 KD4STT 04/12 00:51:15z Send another see link from Missouri{17
N4AAN-1 KM4MNC-7 04/12 00:14:50z Reply rej16
KM4MNC-7 KD4STT 04/12 00:14:46z Send another relay WIDE3-3{16
N4AAN-1 KM4MNC-7 04/12 00:13:58z Reply rej15
KM4MNC-7 KD4STT 04/12 00:13:51z Send another kc4ojs Igate down{15
N4AAN-1 KM4MNC-7 04/12 00:11:49z Reply rej14
KM4MNC-7 KD4STT 04/12 00:11:44z Send another digis do good with direwolf and xastir{14
N4AAN-1 KM4MNC-7 04/12 00:10:56z Reply rej13
KM4MNC-7 KD4STT 04/12 00:10:45z Send another or Michael{13
N4AAN-1 KM4MNC-7 04/12 00:10:04z Reply rej12
KM4MNC-7 KD4STT 04/12 00:10:01z Send another w3gme hello Gary{12
KD4STT KM4MNC-7 04/12 00:09:49z Reply should be any bugs on the lettice. lol{ZH}
KD4STT KM4MNC-7 04/12 00:09:10z Reply message Gary w3gme-6{ZG}
KD4STT KM4MNC-7 04/12 00:06:48z Reply as many as we like . cool{ZE}
KD4STT KM4MNC-7 04/12 00:04:34z Reply aw, they are located at the bottom of the page. click and bring up+{ZD}
N4AAN-1 KM4MNC-7 04/12 00:02:17z Reply rej11
KM4MNC-7 KD4STT 04/12 00:02:13z Send another RF stimulates photosynthesis{11
N4AAN-1 KM4MNC-7 04/12 00:01:38z Reply rej10
KM4MNC-7 KD4STT 04/12 00:01:36z Send another the lettuce under the omni directional will be greener do to the RF{10
KD4STT KM4MNC-7 04/12 00:01:13z Reply chatt boxes{ZA}
KD4STT KM4MNC-7 04/12 00:01:04z Reply time{YZ}
KD4STT KM4MNC-7 04/12 00:00:54z Reply I need to figure out how to get multi screens on the page at one+{YY}
KD4STT KM4MNC-7 04/12 00:00:05z Reply Im trying to multi task Joe, if you can imagine that. lol{YX}
KM4MNC-7 KD4STT 04/11 23:54:48z Send another bit rate increased{9
KM4MNC-7 KD4STT 04/11 23:53:42z Send another faster{8
KM4MNC-7 KD4STT 04/11 23:53:29z Send another kc4ojs-14 the yagi did a fadtet transfet tben tbe diamond omni{7
KD4STT KM4MNC-7 04/11 23:52:39z Reply lol i see you joe{YT}
KM4MNC-7 KD4STT 04/11 23:51:49z Send another kc4ojs-14 reflector 4 linked to Echolink{6
KM4MNC-7 KD4STT 04/11 15:04:14z Send another Thank you Thomas kd4ysh / km4mnc{5
KD4STT KM4MNC-7 04/11 07:13:00z Reply we got your test message here in mcminn county.{YN}
KM4MNC-7 KD4STT 04/11 03:53:06z Send another 11:53 PM Eastetn{4
KM4MNC-7 KD4STT 04/11 03:52:29z Send another Testing message area from Cades Cove{3