KM4DYR-4 messages

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KM4DYR-4 KJ4JEK-9 07/02 17:36:11z Send another 147.000MHz C100 +060 Hi, Welcome toi Destin. Dave KM4DYR{0V}
KM4DYR-4 KM4DYR-10 06/29 19:18:37z Send another ?APRSD{0U}
KM4DYR-4 KM4DYR-9 06/29 19:16:05z Send another Hop you guys had fun at pratice today.{0S}
KM4DYR-4 KM4DYR-7 06/29 18:07:56z Send another Got it{0T}
KM4DYR-4 KM4DYR-7 06/29 17:16:51z Send another 3 25mm Tubes, 5lb 12mm rod{0R}
KM4DYR-4 KM4DYR-7 06/29 17:15:14z Send another 7mm Heavy wall 25mm ID{0Q}
KM4DYR-4 KM4DYR-7 06/29 17:04:52z Send another ?APRSD
KM4DYR-4 KM4DYR-7 06/29 16:58:32z Send another ?APRST
KM4DYR-4 KN4TMD-9 06/28 17:06:16z Send another Will do, Drive safe, Dave.{0P}
KM4DYR-4 N4GXX-9 06/26 17:54:40z Send another Hey Steve, this is sent from raspberry pi. Drive safe.{0P}
KM4DYR-4 W4OLV-7 06/25 20:59:45z Send another Hi welcom to Destin. Let me know if you need any info, Dave.{0a}
CQSRVR KM4DYR-4 06/25 18:37:27z Reply No text in message.{A3}0Z
KM4DYR-4 CQSRVR 06/25 18:37:27z Send another APRST{0Z}
WHO-IS KM4DYR-4 06/25 18:36:37z Reply format is an invalid command!{0G}0Y
KM4DYR-4 WHO-IS 06/25 18:36:37z Send another APRST{0Y}0F
ISS KM4DYR-4 06/25 18:35:12z Reply AOS 1h12m (1947z) SW^17{IC}0X
KM4DYR-4 ISS 06/25 18:35:12z Send another q{0X}HY
ISS KM4DYR-4 06/25 16:39:17z Reply NNE^36 NNE^36 ESE LOS 5m25s @ 1{HY}0W
KM4DYR-4 ISS 06/25 16:39:17z Send another 1{0W}
WHO-IS KM4DYR-4 06/25 16:30:49z Reply K4DTV:Niceville FL United States{0F}0V
WHO-IS KM4DYR-4 06/25 16:30:49z Reply K4DTV:11 Hampton Circle{0E}0V
KM4DYR-4 WHO-IS 06/25 16:30:49z Send another F K4DTV{0V}0C
WHO-IS KM4DYR-4 06/25 16:30:34z Reply W4ZBB:Fort Walton Beach FL United States{0C}0U
WHO-IS KM4DYR-4 06/25 16:30:34z Reply W4ZBB:PO BOX 873{0B}0U
KM4DYR-4 WHO-IS 06/25 16:30:34z Send another F W4ZBB{0U}08
WHO-IS KM4DYR-4 06/25 16:30:10z Reply KK4WDR:6327 GARDEN CITY RD{08}0T
WHO-IS KM4DYR-4 06/25 16:30:10z Reply KK4WDR:CRESTVIEW FL United States{09}0T
WHO-IS KM4DYR-4 06/25 16:30:10z Reply KK4WDR:RICHARD T STONE/G{07}0T
KM4DYR-4 WHO-IS 06/25 16:30:10z Send another F KK4WDR{0T}06
WHO-IS KM4DYR-4 06/25 16:21:10z Reply KD7KE:MIRAMAR BEACH FL United States{06}0S
WHO-IS KM4DYR-4 06/25 16:21:10z Reply KD7KE:88 DOMINICA CT{05}0S
WHO-IS KM4DYR-4 06/25 16:21:10z Reply KD7KE:DAVID H HAVERFIELD/E{04}0S
KM4DYR-4 WHO-IS 06/25 16:21:10z Send another f KD7KE{0S}03
WHO-IS KM4DYR-4 06/25 16:16:49z Reply KM4DYR:DESTIN FL United States{03}0R
WHO-IS KM4DYR-4 06/25 16:16:49z Reply KM4DYR:406 PRIMROSE CR{02}0R
WHO-IS KM4DYR-4 06/25 16:16:49z Reply KM4DYR:DAVID M MAGEE/G{01}0R
KM4DYR-4 WHO-IS 06/25 16:16:49z Send another f KM4DYR{0R}00
WHO-IS KM4DYR-4 06/25 16:15:59z Reply G/DAVID M MAGEE/FL/United States{00}0Q
KM4DYR-4 WHO-IS 06/25 16:15:59z Send another KM4DYR F{0Q}ZZ
WHO-IS KM4DYR-4 06/25 16:15:43z Reply G/DAVID M MAGEE/FL/United States{ZZ}0P
KM4DYR-4 WHO-IS 06/25 16:15:43z Send another KM4DYR{0P}
KM4DYR-9 KM4DYR-4 06/24 00:29:53z Reply ?APRSP
KM4DYR-4 KM4DYR-9 06/23 01:04:00z Send another ?APRST{0T}
KM4DYR-4 KM4DYR-9 06/22 23:08:11z Send another Test message 1{0S}
KM4DYR-4 KM4DYR-9 06/22 23:04:41z Send another ?APRSM
KM4DYR-4 KK4WDR-9 06/19 17:52:36z Send another Beep Beep, you have a message. I think I heard you on voice alert.{0Q}
KM4DYR-4 KJ4RWD-10 06/19 16:00:55z Send another Hi Steve, this is Dave in Destin. Good day{0R}
KM4DYR-4 KK4WDR-9 06/18 18:52:54z Send another Rain, Rain, Rain all day just Rain. Drive safe.{0P}
KB4HAH KM4DYR-4 06/18 18:29:42z Reply rgr... sorry about that... I was running the weekly ARES net here+{QQ}0Q
KM4DYR-4 KB4HAH 06/17 18:56:49z Send another Or how and when is my question?{0Q}
KM4DYR-4 KB4HAH 06/17 18:56:01z Send another Hi, I recived the request for checkins, what is the protocol?{0P}
KM4DYR-4 WB4JD-9 06/16 18:14:29z Send another Hi, Welcome to Destin. This is Dave KM4DYR 146.520MHz{0O}