KM4BBZ-10 messages

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KM4BBZ-10 KM4HZL 05/01 23:20:22z Send another glad you going{2
KM4BBZ-10 KM4HZL 05/01 23:16:49z Send another hi mike{1
KD4HZL KM4BBZ-10 05/01 23:15:53z Reply HELLO. BUDDY{AU}
KM4BBZ KM4BBZ-10 04/20 02:33:36z Reply hi{ZM}
KM4BBV KM4BBZ-10 04/11 02:46:35z Reply dont know how to move it jus trying stuff{YD}
KM4BBZ-10 KM4BBV 04/11 02:46:14z Send another now your at 5th and wash{8
KM4BBV KM4BBZ-10 04/11 02:40:43z Reply idk{YB}
KM4BBZ-10 KM4BBV 04/11 02:40:34z Send another why are you at 8th and tn{7
KM4BBV KM4BBZ-10 04/11 02:39:40z Reply you are right{XZ}
KM4BBZ-10 KM4BBV 04/11 02:38:56z Send another it's showing you to be at 8th and tn, on your laptop{6
KM4BBV KM4BBZ-10 04/11 02:36:01z Reply nothing{XY}
KM4BBZ-10 KM4BBV 04/11 02:35:51z Send another it shows me as km4bbz-10{5
KM4BBV KM4BBZ-10 04/11 02:34:59z Reply ok i dont see you or ojs{XX}
KM4BBZ-10 KC4OJS 04/11 02:34:45z Send another red {4
KM4BBZ-10 KM4BBV 04/11 02:34:40z Send another yep your still in the samebplace{4
KM4BBV KM4BBZ-10 04/11 02:33:44z Reply i dont see anything again{XW}
KM4BBZ-10 KC4OJS 04/11 02:33:18z Send another button{5
KM4BBZ-10 KC4OJS 04/11 02:33:09z Send another push that{3
KM4BBZ-10 KC4OJS 04/11 02:32:59z Send another to{2
KM4BBZ-10 KC4OJS 04/11 02:32:54z Send another I ready{1
KM4BBZ-10 KM4BBV 04/11 02:29:58z Send another I see you{3
KC4OJS KM4BBZ-10 04/10 02:45:30z Reply email{70
KC4OJS KM4BBZ-10 04/10 02:44:02z Reply check u{69
KC4OJS KM4BBZ-10 04/10 02:41:19z Reply seconds{68
KC4OJS KM4BBZ-10 04/10 02:41:16z Reply in 10{67
KC4OJS KM4BBZ-10 04/10 02:39:44z Reply launch{66
KC4OJS KM4BBZ-10 04/10 02:39:36z Reply Rocket {65
KC4OJS KM4BBZ-10 04/10 02:39:21z Reply button{64
KC4OJS KM4BBZ-10 04/10 02:36:33z Reply the red{63
KC4OJS KM4BBZ-10 04/10 02:36:28z Reply Dont press{62
KC4OJS KM4BBZ-10 04/10 02:33:43z Reply LOL!{61
KC4OJS KM4BBZ-10 04/10 02:33:17z Reply u c me?{60
KC4OJS KM4BBZ-10 04/10 02:32:48z Reply I c u{59
KM4BBZ-10 KM4BBV 04/10 02:27:47z Send another I don't see you but I don't see me either{2
KM4BBZ-10 KC4OJS 04/10 02:01:09z Send another I think I'm up and going{1
KM4BBZ-10 KM4BBV 04/10 01:55:00z Send another how is your mom{1