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KM4BBV KM4BBV 05/12 18:22:28z Send another BITS.11111111,Battery State Tracking
KM4BBV KM4BBV 05/12 18:22:28z Send another EQNS.0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0
KM4BBV KM4BBV 05/12 18:22:28z Send another UNIT.Percent,Charge/On/Off,Sats/On/Off,N/A,N/A,On,Yes,On,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A
KM4BBV KM4BBV 05/12 18:22:28z Send another PARM.Battery,Charging/AC,GPS+Sat,A4,A5,A/C,Charging,GPS,B4,B5,B6,B7,B8
KM4BBV KD4HZL-7 05/11 00:37:06z Send another hows it?{FC}
KM4BBV KF4YMC 05/09 01:47:39z Send another did you make it home ok?{GH}
WHO-IS KM4BBV 04/23 02:01:08z Reply KM4BBV/T/Sidney W Averett/TN/United States{09}CW
KM4BBV WHO-IS 04/23 02:01:07z Send another KM4BBV{CW}
KM4BBV KC4OJS-9 04/22 11:44:41z Send another ICU SAFE TRAVELS{UJ}
KM4BBZ KM4BBV 04/20 00:26:56z Reply you you there sid{KD}
KM4BBV KM4BBZ-10 04/11 02:46:35z Send another dont know how to move it jus trying stuff{YD}
KM4BBZ-10 KM4BBV 04/11 02:46:14z Reply now your at 5th and wash{8
KM4BBV KM4BBZ-10 04/11 02:40:43z Send another idk{YB}
KM4BBZ-10 KM4BBV 04/11 02:40:34z Reply why are you at 8th and tn{7
KM4BBV KM4BBZ-10 04/11 02:39:40z Send another you are right{XZ}
KM4BBZ-10 KM4BBV 04/11 02:38:56z Reply it's showing you to be at 8th and tn, on your laptop{6
KM4BBV KM4BBZ-10 04/11 02:36:01z Send another nothing{XY}
KM4BBZ-10 KM4BBV 04/11 02:35:51z Reply it shows me as km4bbz-10{5
KM4BBV KM4BBZ-10 04/11 02:34:59z Send another ok i dont see you or ojs{XX}
KM4BBZ-10 KM4BBV 04/11 02:34:40z Reply yep your still in the samebplace{4
KM4BBV KM4BBZ-10 04/11 02:33:44z Send another i dont see anything again{XW}
KM4BBV KM4BBZ 04/11 02:32:41z Send another do you now?{XV}
KM4BBZ-10 KM4BBV 04/11 02:29:58z Reply I see you{3
KM4BBV KM4BBZ 04/11 02:22:29z Send another you should see me{ZF}
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/11 02:22:00z Send another hey Im world wide {ZE}
KM4BBZ-10 KM4BBV 04/10 02:27:47z Reply I don't see you but I don't see me either{2
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/10 02:02:53z Reply You rang?{52
KM4BBZ-10 KM4BBV 04/10 01:55:00z Reply how is your mom{1
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 03:09:13z Reply ?APRST
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 03:08:00z Send another 73s!!{NK}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 03:07:25z Reply 73s my friend{51
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 03:06:51z Send another erics? i dont know{NJ}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 03:06:41z Reply Got 2sleep{50
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 03:01:15z Send another lol howdy{NI}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 03:00:31z Reply whats Erics{49
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 03:00:24z Reply did it make it?{48
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:52:03z Send another ok{NH}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:51:13z Reply check ur email{47
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:47:46z Send another{NG}
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:47:29z Send another{NF}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:47:13z Reply its ok{45
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:46:59z Send another on here{NE}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:46:05z Reply yes{44
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:45:54z Send another you want mine?{ND}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:44:56z Reply ur email address?{43
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:44:12z Reply then teach me{42
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:40:59z Send another zooming in on japan{NC}
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:40:42z Send another yep{NB}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:40:42z Reply around and learn{41
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:40:35z Send another mapping to japan'{NA}
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:39:56z Send another right{MZ}
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:39:49z Send another it drew a line from old position{MY}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:39:16z Reply But u can mess{40
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:38:37z Send another oh dear{MX}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:38:20z Reply Dont know what line means{39
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:37:51z Reply Lets go fishing{38
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:37:41z Reply I got a pole{37
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:37:29z Reply You got a line{36
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:37:23z Send another where i use to be{MW}
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:37:18z Send another got a line to englewood {MV}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:36:28z Reply Good!{35
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:35:47z Send another move me did it {MU}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:35:42z Reply to Englewood{34
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:35:33z Reply or move{33
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:35:15z Reply select move me here{32
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:34:30z Reply rgt clk on map ur position{31
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:33:44z Send another trying but centers{MT}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:31:43z Reply or move me here{30
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:29:26z Send another 3519.72n{MS}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:29:16z Reply slecct center me here{29
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:29:01z Reply right click ur position{28
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:27:33z Reply check ur lat long{27
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:26:38z Reply cant spell{24
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:26:07z Send another icon still in englewood{MR}
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:25:30z Send another brain is mush{MQ}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:24:22z Reply i tired{21
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:23:16z Send another yes and evrones{MP}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:22:34z Reply u c our messeges?{20
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:21:21z Send another got it...public message?{MO}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:21:00z Reply right colum "messages"{19
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:20:55z Reply search kc4ojs{18
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:19:07z Send another got to find messages{MN}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:12:00z Reply tell me what u c{17
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:11:37z Reply{16
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:11:24z Reply check my messages on{15
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:10:53z Send another wow{MM}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:09:37z Reply on my end{14
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:08:10z Reply still no internet{13
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:08:05z Reply using wifi for link{12
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:06:30z Send another lol{ML}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:06:24z Reply from ipad in living room{11
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:06:03z Reply running aprs console{10
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:05:52z Reply switched to remote control{09
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:03:05z Send another yes{MK}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:02:54z Reply Lost little computer thing?{08
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:01:41z Send another ok{MJ}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:01:29z Reply remember last leg is rf{07
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 02:00:48z Send another ok{MI}
KC4OJS KM4BBV 04/09 02:00:40z Reply short messages work better{06
KM4BBV KC4OJS 04/09 01:59:59z Send another i was talking bout my little computer thing on my screen{MH}