KL7MM-9 messages

fromtotime message
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/16 17:13:44z Reply Good morning from the RSOC{SM}
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/16 04:30:53z Reply Hey! Slow down!{HZ}
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/13 20:13:35z Reply receipt of these messages.{CF}
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/13 20:13:22z Reply FYI, it doesn't look like your rig is set to auto acknowledge+{CE}
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/13 20:12:48z Reply At some point, please let me know if you are receiving these.{CD}
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/13 20:12:27z Reply Nedd to go get pretty?{CC}
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/13 20:12:11z Reply Hey. It looks like you are moving. {CB}
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/12 19:22:56z Reply Keith, please call me 907.632.3963. Thanks, Kent{MJ}
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/09 23:14:28z Reply Keith, please call me if you receive this. Thanks, Kent{HA}
KE0SBF KL7MM-9 09/27 01:28:08z Reply hi test from GA{8
KL5T KL7MM-9 08/16 01:30:55z Reply I'm monitoring 146. For 9
KL5T KL7MM-9 08/16 01:29:44z Reply Test message from find you.com