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KL5T-9 KL7MM-9 12/15 22:56:52z Reply you left{22
KL5T-1 KL7MM-9 12/01 18:11:27z Reply Good morning from Mazatlan{JM}
KL5T-1 KL7MM-9 11/30 22:15:32z Reply problems{JH}
KL5T-1 KL7MM-9 11/30 22:15:29z Reply FYI that APRS traffic is being gated to/from the internet with no+{JG}
KL7AEC-1 KL7MM-9 11/30 18:53:28z Reply to respond{VC}
KL7AEC-1 KL7MM-9 11/30 18:53:13z Reply This is Kent I mean. I'm logged into the AEOC computer. No need+{VB}
KL7AEC-1 KL7MM-9 11/30 18:52:43z Reply RSOC?{VA}
KL7AEC-1 KL7MM-9 11/30 18:52:37z Reply This is Ken..be careful out there. You guys gonna light up the+{UZ}
KL7AEC-1 KL7MM-9 11/18 02:15:41z Reply to you from there!{UX}
KL7AEC-1 KL7MM-9 11/18 02:15:36z Reply We got APRSIS32 running and operational. This is coming{UW}
KL7AEC-1 KL7MM-9 11/17 22:37:48z Reply You wanted to know how things went at the AEOC...{UV}
KL5T-1 KL7MM-9 11/17 22:33:49z Reply I'm signing off here for a while. Need to do some yard work!{CW}
KL5T-1 KL7MM-9 11/17 22:15:35z Reply Awen.... you're leaving so soon1{CP}
KL5T-1 KL7MM-9 11/17 22:08:36z Reply Went very well at AEOC. {WZ}
KL7MM-9 KL5T 11/17 22:07:05z Send another how did it go with aeoc{2
KL7MM-9 HOW 11/17 18:28:35z Send another did it go with aeoc{1
KL5T-1 KL7MM-9 11/17 18:23:51z Reply So boring!{WY}
KL7MM-9 KL5T-1 11/17 18:23:24z Send another no{0
KL5T-1 KL7MM-9 11/17 18:15:40z Reply You gonna work Sweepstakes?{WV}
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 11/16 18:32:08z Reply Hey! It's Kent from Glendale!{KT}
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 11/15 18:27:26z Reply Welcome back!{JI}
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/25 16:45:43z Reply to that digi when it happened.{WI}
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/25 16:40:22z Reply Finally got you digipeated by KL7JFU-4, but you were pretty close+{WH}
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/25 16:35:03z Reply Matsu digipeaters don't appear to be wor:KL7MM-9 :KL7AA-10 and KL7AIR-10 direct{WF}
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/25 16:34:50z Reply Matsu digipeaters don't appear to be working. You are hitting+{WE}
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/25 16:31:14z Reply Got you at the junction of Parks and Glenn Hwys{VZ}
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/25 16:03:11z Reply want to stop by!{VO}
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/25 16:03:02z Reply Are you coming to visit me up Hiland? I have coffee ready if you+{VN}
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/25 15:47:04z Reply Good morning sir. Good to see you on the move. DE Kent{VF}
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/25 00:37:19z Reply AA:Message Received
KL7MM-9 KL7AA-11 10/25 00:34:04z Send another nope{5
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/25 00:32:19z Reply You thought you could hide from me{UG}
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/23 03:51:24z Reply It looks like your node is down and has been down for a few days.{TK}
KL6RG-7 KL7MM-9 10/17 20:30:05z Reply sorry, pse disregard my last{10
KL6RG-7 KL7MM-9 10/17 20:24:59z Reply XWE@SZ{9
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/16 17:13:44z Reply Good morning from the RSOC{SM}
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/16 04:30:53z Reply Hey! Slow down!{HZ}
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/13 20:13:35z Reply receipt of these messages.{CF}
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/13 20:13:22z Reply FYI, it doesn't look like your rig is set to auto acknowledge+{CE}
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/13 20:12:48z Reply At some point, please let me know if you are receiving these.{CD}
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/13 20:12:27z Reply Nedd to go get pretty?{CC}
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/13 20:12:11z Reply Hey. It looks like you are moving. {CB}
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/12 19:22:56z Reply Keith, please call me 907.632.3963. Thanks, Kent{MJ}
KL7AA-11 KL7MM-9 10/09 23:14:28z Reply Keith, please call me if you receive this. Thanks, Kent{HA}