KL7AEC-1 messages

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KL7AA-15 KL7AEC-1 04/02 04:31:22z Reply R R CHECKIN TIME IS 2031{CE}PK
KL7AEC-1 KL7AA-15 04/02 04:15:57z Send another pLEASE LOG ME IN TO SCSN{PK}CA
KL7AEC-1 KL7AA-15 03/26 04:02:23z Send another r{PJ}CA
KL7AA-15 KL7AEC-1 03/26 04:02:19z Reply Your checkin time is 2002L Thanks.{CA}PI
KL7AEC-1 KL7AA-15 03/26 04:02:04z Send another Poe check me in{PI}BH
KL7AA-15 KL7AEC-1 03/19 04:07:49z Reply Checkin time is 2007L{BH}PH
KL7AEC-1 KL7AA-15 03/19 04:06:39z Send another Please check me in to SCSN{PH}
KL7AA-15 KL7AEC-1 03/12 04:04:41z Reply r GN{CY}RH
KL7AEC-1 KL7AA-15 03/12 04:04:34z Send another r r thanks. Here QRT{RH}CX
KL7AA-15 KL7AEC-1 03/12 04:04:01z Reply KL7AEC your checkin time is 2003L{CX}RG
KL7AEC-1 KL7AA-15 03/12 04:03:47z Send another Please log me in to SCSN{RG}YW
KL7AEC-1 KL7AA-15 03/07 21:03:04z Send another KL7AEC-1>APWW10,KL7AIR-10*
KL7AEC-1 KL7AA-15 03/07 21:01:56z Send another KL7AEC-1>APWW10,KL7AA-10,WIDE1*
KL7AEC-1 KL7AA-15 03/07 21:01:42z Send another KL7AEC-1>APWW10,WIDE1-1
KL7AA-15 KL7AEC-1 03/07 21:01:10z Reply ?aprst?
KL7AEC-1 KL7AA-15 03/07 18:56:16z Send another Good morning{RD}YW
KL7AA-15 KL7AEC-1 03/07 18:55:51z Reply Good morning{YW}
KL7AEC-1 KL1CK-15 03/07 18:55:25z Send another status?{RF}
KL7AEC-1 KL7AA-15 03/07 18:55:15z Send another Good morning{RD}
KL7AEC-1 KL1CK-15 03/07 18:54:31z Send another Could you please change your status from 'priority' to a lower+{RE}
KL7AA-15 KL7AEC-1 03/05 05:09:41z Reply Have you checked in at 2009L. Thanks.{LG}HD
KL7AEC-1 KL7AA-15 03/05 05:09:19z Send another Please check me in to SCSN{HD}
KL7AEC-1 KL7AA-15 02/27 05:10:03z Send another R 2009L Have a good night{HC}HT
KL7AA-15 KL7AEC-1 02/27 05:09:51z Reply R R , Checkin time for SCSN for you is 2009L{HT}HB
KL7AEC-1 KL7AA-15 02/27 05:09:24z Send another Requesting checkin to SCSN{HB}
KL7AA-15 KL7AEC-1 02/20 05:02:38z Reply Your checkin time is 2001L{HM}HA
KL7AEC-1 KL7CA-7 02/20 04:15:24z Send another AA:Msg Received by AEOC
KL7AA-15 KL7AEC-1 02/20 04:11:19z Reply R{HH}HA
KL7CA-7 KL7AEC-1 02/20 04:10:49z Reply Please Log me in to the SCSN{0
KL7AEC-1 KL7AA-15 02/20 04:10:21z Send another TEST{HA}
KL7CA-7 KL7AEC-1 02/20 04:07:45z Reply AA:Message received.
KL7AEC-1 KL7CA-7 02/20 04:07:32z Send another Can I check you in to SCSN here on APRS?{GZ}
KL7AEC-1 KL7AEC-1 02/16 04:10:20z Send another BITS.11111111,Battery State Tracking
KL7AEC-1 KL7AEC-1 02/16 04:10:19z Send another EQNS.0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0
KL7AEC-1 KL7AEC-1 02/16 04:10:19z Send another UNIT.Percent,Charge/On/Off,Sats/On/Off,N/A,N/A,On,Yes,On,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A
KL7AEC-1 KL7AEC-1 02/16 04:10:18z Send another PARM.Battery,Charging/AC,GPS+Sat,A4,A5,A/C,Charging,GPS,B4,B5,B6,B7,B8
KL7CA-7 KL7AEC-1 02/13 05:18:20z Reply Roger That!{3
KL7AEC-1 KL7AA-15 02/13 03:48:06z Send another I'll be here to check in to SCSN tonight{GY}