KL7AA-15 messages

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WHO-IS KL7AA-15 08/17 20:39:11z Reply KL7MM:PO BOX 91758{YW}MK
WHO-IS KL7AA-15 08/17 20:39:11z Reply KL7MM:Anchorage AK United States{YX}MK
WHO-IS KL7AA-15 08/17 20:39:11z Reply KL7MM:Harold K Clark/E{YV}MK
KL7AA-15 WHO-IS 08/17 20:39:11z Send another f KL7MM{MK}
KL1V-7 KL7AA-15 08/16 01:27:03z Reply ?ping?{16
SMSGTE KL7AA-15 08/15 21:15:20z Reply @9076323964 hii{M8596
KL7AA-15 KL4OY-7 08/15 21:10:35z Send another Good afternoon from the RSOC{BM}
KL7AA-15 SMSGTE 08/15 21:10:08z Send another Please answer me....I need to see 2 way comms{BL}
KL7AA-15 SMSGTE 08/15 21:09:39z Send another You did not answer me{BK}
KL7AA-15 SMSGTE 08/15 21:07:53z Send another Nope...can't tell you a thing{BJ}
KL7AA-15 SMSGTE 08/15 21:07:39z Send another Please respond{BI}
KL7AA-15 SMSGTE 08/15 21:07:32z Send another Just messing with you.{BH}
SMSGTE KL7AA-15 08/15 21:07:17z Reply Message to 9076323964 delivered{C8593
KL7AA-15 SMSGTE 08/15 21:07:08z Send another @9076323964? Hey! Wake up!{BG}
KL7AA-15 SMSGTE 08/15 17:08:27z Send another Excellent!{BF}
SMSGTE KL7AA-15 08/15 17:08:20z Reply Message to 9073319770 delivered{C8579
SMSGTE KL7AA-15 08/15 17:07:21z Reply @9073319770 Got it{M8578
KL7AA-15 SMSGTE 08/15 17:06:58z Send another @9073319770? Test from the RSOC{BE}
KL4OY-7 KL7AA-15 08/15 04:37:54z Reply awesome! I'm testing analog on my 5w HT. {1
KL7AA-15 KL4OY-7 08/15 04:36:11z Send another good evening from anchorage amateur radio club{BD}
KL7AEC-1 KL7AA-15 08/15 03:37:54z Reply Directs[2/2]:KL7CA-15 KL7EOC-1 KL7YK KL7YK-1 KL7YK-7 N7DUD-9
KL7AEC-1 KL7AA-15 08/15 03:37:53z Reply Directs[1/2]:KL2D-13 KL3IT KL5T-10 KL7AA-10 KL7AA-15 KL7AIR-10
KL7AA-15 KL7AEC-1 08/15 03:37:51z Send another ?aprsd?
KL7AEC-1 KL7AA-15 08/15 00:15:14z Reply KL7AEC-1>APWW10,KL7AA-10,WIDE1*
KL7AEC-1 KL7AA-15 08/15 00:15:13z Reply KL7AEC-1>APWW10,KL7AIR-10*
KL7AEC-1 KL7AA-15 08/15 00:15:09z Reply KL7AEC-1>APWW10,WIDE1-1
KL7AA-15 KL7AA-10 08/15 00:14:26z Send another ?dx?
KL1V-7 KL7AA-15 08/12 23:53:11z Reply ?ping?{14
KL7AA-15 KL1V-7 08/12 23:07:38z Send another DX:Kenwood KISS[KISS] 9*KL7GG(21mi@62°) R: 2 18 12 16 17 7 14 9
KL1V-7 KL7AA-15 08/12 23:07:34z Reply ?dx?{10
KL7AA-15 KL1V-7 08/12 23:06:41z Send another KL7AA-15>APWW10 via KL7AA-10
KL7AA-15 KL1V-7 08/12 23:06:40z Send another KL7AA-15>APWW10 via KL7AIR-10
KL1V-7 KL7AA-15 08/12 23:06:34z Reply ?aprst?{09
AL2R-9 KL7AA-15 08/12 21:33:46z Reply AA:QSL
KL7AA-15 AL2R-9 08/12 21:33:30z Send another Hola{QI}
KL7AA-15 KL7MM-9 08/12 21:30:12z Send another You are on the move{QH}
KL7AA-15 AL2R-9 08/12 21:29:35z Send another Test from RSOC!{QG}
WHERE KL7AA-15 08/08 05:42:20z Reply KL1V-10: 31.97 miles 114.81 deg ESE (8m ago){TL}
KL7AA-15 WHERE 08/08 05:42:14z Send another kl1v-10{TL}
KL5T-8 KL7AA-15 08/08 02:46:40z Reply good evening{54
KL7AA-15 BLN1 08/08 02:02:51z Send another Working Wednesday at the RSOC tonight, 1800L
KL7AA-15 KL5T-8 08/08 01:36:46z Send another Hello from the RSOC!{CI}
WHERE KL7AA-15 08/08 01:35:11z Reply KL5T-8: 262.64 miles 17.5 deg NNE (1m ago){CH}
KL7AA-15 WHERE 08/08 01:34:48z Send another kl5t-8{CH}
ISS KL7AA-15 08/03 21:40:28z Reply AOS 1h59m (2339z) SE^1{CP}AO
KL7AA-15 ISS 08/03 21:40:27z Send another a{AO}
WXBOT KL7AA-15 08/03 21:39:34z Reply MK AO2 SLP225 T01940139 58001{RN}AN
WXBOT KL7AA-15 08/03 21:39:29z Reply PANC 032053Z 32007KT 10SM FEW050 BKN070 BKN120 BKN200 19/14 A3020 R{RM}AN
KL7AA-15 WXBOT 08/03 21:39:27z Send another metar{AN}RL
WXBOT KL7AA-15 08/03 21:39:06z Reply th a high near 74. Southwest wind around 10 mph.{RL}AM
WXBOT KL7AA-15 08/03 21:39:01z Reply Anchorage International Airport AK. This Afternoon,Partly sunny, wi{RK}AM
KL7AA-15 WXBOT 08/03 21:38:58z Send another full{AM}RJ
WXBOT KL7AA-15 08/03 21:38:31z Reply Alyeska AK. Tonight,Slight Chance Rain 20% Low 56{RJ}AL
KL7AA-15 WXBOT 08/03 21:38:28z Send another 99587 tonight{AL}
KL7AA-15 KL5T-8 08/03 21:36:16z Send another Hello from the RSOC!{AK}
WHERE KL7AA-15 08/03 21:34:04z Reply KL5T-8: 1366.71 miles 114.76 deg ESE (<1m ago){AJ}
KL7AA-15 WHERE 08/03 21:33:59z Send another kl5t-8{AJ}
KL7AA-15 BLN5 08/03 20:18:00z Send another Project Saturdays at the RSOC
KL7AA-15 BLN0 08/03 20:17:30z Send another Visit Anchorage Amateur Radio Club at 6721 Raspberry Rd
KL5T-8 KL7AA-15 07/31 03:57:47z Reply anybody home?{30
WHO-IS KL7AA-15 07/27 20:12:35z Reply KK2Z:865 County Road 207A{VZ}DL
WHO-IS KL7AA-15 07/27 20:12:35z Reply KK2Z:Burnet TX United States{W0}DL
WHO-IS KL7AA-15 07/27 20:12:35z Reply KK2Z:Kirk M Kendrick/E{VY}DL
KL7AA-15 WHO-IS 07/27 20:12:35z Send another f KK2Z{DL}
WHERE KL7AA-15 07/27 16:57:51z Reply KL5T-8: 2536 miles 121.1 deg ESE (18h 23m ago){DK}
KL7AA-15 WHERE 07/27 16:57:49z Send another kl5t-8{DK}
KL7AA-15 KL1V-10 07/20 19:39:17z Send another ?aprst?
WXBOT KL7AA-15 07/20 19:38:29z Reply 30%.{DT}JN
WXBOT KL7AA-15 07/20 19:38:24z Reply loudy, with a low around 57. Calm wind. Chance of precipitation is{DS}JN
WXBOT KL7AA-15 07/20 19:38:19z Reply Alyeska AK. Tonight,Scattered showers, mainly before 7pm. Mostly c{DR}JN
KL7AA-15 WXBOT 07/20 19:38:16z Send another 99587 tonight full{JN}DQ
WXBOT KL7AA-15 07/20 19:38:00z Reply Alyeska AK. Tonight,Scattered Showers 30% Low 57{DQ}JM
KL7AA-15 WXBOT 07/20 19:37:57z Send another 99587 tonight{JM}
CQSRVR KL7AA-15 07/12 02:15:45z Reply No active groups.{A1}HR
KL7AA-15 CQSRVR 07/12 02:15:45z Send another L{HR}
ANSRVR KL7AA-15 07/12 02:15:45z Reply Member Of O:ANCARES(1)
KL7AA-15 ANSRVR 07/12 02:15:45z Send another L{HQ}
KL7AA-15 AL6P 07/12 02:03:17z Send another hello!{HP}
WXBOT KL7AA-15 07/12 02:01:59z Reply Alyeska AK. Friday,Scattered Showers 30% High 67{HL}HO
KL7AA-15 WXBOT 07/12 02:01:57z Send another tomorrow 99587{HO}HK
WXBOT KL7AA-15 07/12 02:00:36z Reply 67. Southeast wind around 5 mph.{HK}HN
WXBOT KL7AA-15 07/12 02:00:30z Reply Alyeska AK. Saturday,Areas of smoke. Partly sunny, with a high near{HJ}HN
KL7AA-15 WXBOT 07/12 02:00:27z Send another saturday 99587 full{HN}
WHERE KL7AA-15 07/12 01:59:50z Reply 6W7RV-10: 746.41 miles 33.44 deg NNE (47m ago){HM}
KL7AA-15 WHERE 07/12 01:59:35z Send another 6w7rv-10{HM}
WHERE KL7AA-15 07/09 20:26:31z Reply 6W7RV-10: 626.07 miles 39.66 deg NE (9m ago){JC}
KL7AA-15 WHERE 07/09 20:26:29z Send another 6w7rv-10{JC}
WHERE KL7AA-15 07/04 04:05:47z Reply F4AHV-9: 36.74 miles 1.67 deg N (2d 1h 7m ago){VI}VH
KL7AA-15 WHERE 07/04 04:05:45z Send another f4ahv-9{VI}VH
WHERE KL7AA-15 07/04 04:05:31z Reply 6W7RV-10: 80.31 miles 354.75 deg N (1d 9h 9m ago){VH}
KL7AA-15 WHERE 07/04 04:05:24z Send another 6w7rv-10{VH}
WHERE KL7AA-15 07/04 01:54:20z Reply KL5T-8: 3277.8 miles 78.92 deg E (2d 2h 4m ago){VG}
KL7AA-15 WHERE 07/04 01:54:17z Send another kl5t-8{VG}
WHERE KL7AA-15 06/29 18:13:28z Reply KL2S: 5.97 miles 48.4 deg NE (4d 9h 7m ago){DS}
KL7AA-15 WHERE 06/29 18:13:25z Send another kl2s{DS}
KL7AA-15 F4AHV-9 06/29 18:12:52z Send another we will be here until 4:00 PM{DR}
F4AHV-9 KL7AA-15 06/29 17:47:58z Reply ok what time{86
WHERE KL7AA-15 06/27 23:25:20z Reply F4AHV-9: 41.87 miles 123.84 deg SE (3 ago){GI}
KL7AA-15 WHERE 06/27 23:25:17z Send another f4ahv-9{GI}
WXBOT KL7AA-15 06/27 00:47:10z Reply 0 mph in the morning.{JG}WP