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KL7AA-15 KL3RR-2 04/02 04:13:18z Reply Your checkin time here is 2013! Thanks!{CD}0b
KL3RR-2 KL7AA-15 04/02 04:11:03z Send another checking for the simplex net. thanks!{0b}DD
KL3RR-2 KL7UG 03/20 00:28:50z Send another looks like kl7aa-10 is hearing you much better now{0a}06
KL7UG KL3RR-2 03/20 00:28:34z Reply yep. I was struggling with how to get myself to appear on my map{06
KL7UG KL3RR-2 03/20 00:27:58z Reply then I got repeated and it solved that problem {07
KL3RR-2 KL7UG 03/20 00:26:32z Send another definitely working better than the ios software{0Z}05
KL3RR-2 KL7UG 03/20 00:20:47z Send another seems to be working well. sometimes the acks repeat a few times{0Y}05
KL7UG KL3RR-2 03/20 00:19:35z Reply It looks like about half my mesages are getting confirmationss.{05
KL7UG KL3RR-2 03/20 00:17:04z Reply i'm using SARTrac.{04
KL3RR-2 KL7UG 03/20 00:16:39z Send another i think most people on win run APRSISCE/32{0X}03
KL7UG KL3RR-2 03/20 00:16:31z Reply well that's actually kinda cool {03
KL3RR-2 KL7UG 03/20 00:16:31z Send another i think most people on win run APRSISCE/32{0X}01
KL3RR-2 KL7UG 03/20 00:15:00z Send another roger roger working good{0W}01
KL7UG KL3RR-2 03/20 00:06:46z Reply Once more{02
KL7UG KL3RR-2 03/20 00:05:57z Reply TESTING MARCH 19TH 2020 {01
KL3RR-2 KL1V-7 03/15 21:07:16z Send another got your msgs. nice job on the igate. have a nice day{0V}33
KL3RR-2 KL7UG 03/15 04:39:01z Send another no ack there either. shame... any other software options?{0U}
KL3RR-2 KL7UG 03/15 04:37:59z Send another gettin msgs from both kl7ug and kl7ug-5, testing send to kl7ug{0T}
KL7UG KL3RR-2 03/15 04:01:42z Reply got you message. not sure but this software may not send acks
KL3RR-2 KL7UG-5 03/15 03:02:44z Send another hello hello{0S}
KL3RR-2 KL7UG-5 03/14 20:32:19z Send another got last 2 msgs 3 times.maybe software issue or vox cutting off{0R}
KL3RR-2 KL7UG-5 03/14 20:30:11z Send another got last msg. not seeing any acks from you when you rcv msg{0Q}
KL7UG KL3RR-2 03/14 20:30:08z Reply trying again.
KL7UG KL3RR-2 03/14 20:29:06z Reply I had that same problem this morning
KL3RR-2 KL7UG-5 03/14 20:27:32z Send another saw your msg in raw data but not in the normal rcv msg box hmm{0P}
KL3RR-2 KL7UG-5 03/14 20:20:54z Send another hello there!{0N}
KL1V-7 KL3RR-2 03/12 21:28:25z Reply girdwood igate is back online{33
KL7AA-15 KL3RR-2 03/12 04:14:38z Reply Thanks Eugen{DD}0M
KL7AA-15 KL3RR-2 03/12 04:14:21z Reply KL3RR Thanks. ZKE 2014L.{DC}0M
KL3RR-2 KL7AA-15 03/12 04:13:50z Send another checking in for the simplex net, thank you!{0M}LI
KL1V-7 KL3RR-2 03/05 22:28:37z Reply hello!{31
KL7AA-15 KL3RR-2 03/05 05:48:30z Reply I will log you in as of 2030L. Thanks!{LI}0L
KL3RR-2 KL7AA-15 03/05 05:30:47z Send another hi there, checking in for simplex net!{0L}AC
TB1TFO-1 KL3RR-2 02/19 21:03:52z Reply hi my friend,Greetings from turkey{188
KL3RR-2 KL7AA-15 02/16 03:06:55z Send another and again.. here is a screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/aJEi5lc{0K}AC
KL3RR-2 KL7AA-15 02/16 03:03:39z Send another strange.. after my first msg back to you, I rcvd about 10 ACKs back{0J}AC
KL3RR-2 KL7AA-15 02/16 03:00:28z Send another is this kevin?{0I}AC
KL3RR-2 KL7AA-15 02/16 02:57:51z Send another Hi! No big deal! Thought maybe you weren't aware of it.{0H}AC
KL7AA-15 KL3RR-2 02/16 02:50:17z Reply Done....sorry about that{AC}
KL7AA-15 KL3RR-2 02/16 02:49:33z Reply Thanks....I will shut it down{AB}
KL3RR-2 KL7AA-15 02/13 07:39:15z Send another last week they were left going almost a whole week{0G}
KL3RR-2 KL7AA-15 02/13 07:38:37z Send another hello your broadcasts announcing the simplex net are still active{0F}
KL3RR-2 N7DUD-9 02/13 06:41:13z Send another hello, good evening!{0E}09
KL3RR-2 KL7AA-15 02/13 06:39:57z Send another hello checking in!{0D}
N7DUD-9 KL3RR-2 02/13 04:43:59z Reply HELLO{09
TA5AHO-4 KL3RR-2 02/11 06:29:44z Reply See you. wish you good night 73{2705
KL3RR-2 TA5AHO-4 02/11 06:29:33z Send another very nice to make contact with you. thanks again, have a nice day{0C}
TA5AHO-4 KL3RR-2 02/11 06:29:12z Reply thank you for taking the time for me{2704
KL3RR-2 TA5AHO-4 02/11 06:29:00z Send another enjoying evening and sleep soon!{0B}
KL3RR-2 TA5AHO-4 02/11 06:28:37z Send another time here 9:27 PM (2127) 12 hr difference!{0A}
TA5AHO-4 KL3RR-2 02/11 06:28:15z Reply local time here 09:27{2703
KL3RR-2 TA5AHO-4 02/11 06:27:53z Send another nice. first time i've seen aprs via ISS. thanks for the contact!{09}
TA5AHO-4 KL3RR-2 02/11 06:27:13z Reply here there is a chilly weather with cloudy weather +4 degrees{2702
KL3RR-2 TA5AHO-4 02/11 06:26:59z Send another it rcvd you via RF. Im igate too, but heard via kl7aa-10{08}
TA5AHO-4 KL3RR-2 02/11 06:26:09z Reply Thank you for the information{2701
KL3RR-2 TA5AHO-4 02/11 06:23:09z Send another Anchorage, Alaska. Am well. -10C here. KL7AA-10 received your msg{07}
TA5AHO-4 KL3RR-2 02/11 06:21:20z Reply How are you Mr. Eugen{2700
TA5AHO-4 KL3RR-2 02/11 06:20:03z Reply nice to contact you{2699
KL3RR-2 TA5AHO-4 02/11 06:18:23z Send another Hello from alaska!{06}
TA5AHO-4 KL3RR-2 02/11 06:06:08z Reply Greetings From TURKEY Have nice day 73 via Aprs yaesu ft1-xde rf{2688
KL3RR-2 KL7AA-15 02/07 03:56:46z Send another Is the simplex net on tonight?{05}
KL3RR-2 N7DUD-9 02/07 03:40:09z Send another Good luck tonight-I'm free after 8pm, so likely not make this one.{04}
KL3RR-2 KL1V-7 02/03 06:26:15z Send another have a nice evening!{03}
TA5AHO-4 KL3RR-2 01/27 23:47:21z Reply Greetings from TURKEY.Have a nice day 73's via APRS{137