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KL3RR-2 KL1V-7 06/09 19:33:35z Send another welcome to the big city{1h}05
KL7AA-15 KL3RR-2 06/02 05:15:02z Reply got my hl2 running at the the RSOC{QQ}
KL7AA-15 KL3RR-2 06/02 03:52:17z Reply I'm starting to get the impression YK is trying to compete with you{QP}
KL3RR-2 KL1V-7 05/30 06:42:54z Send another hello, goodbye{1g}05
KL5BO-4 KL3RR-2 05/28 22:48:06z Reply Yeah. It's taking forever this year{8696E
KL3RR-2 KL5BO-4 05/28 22:46:15z Send another still snow back there?{1f}
KL5BO-4 KL3RR-2 05/28 22:08:36z Reply Miserably rainy haha. I gave up when I started post holing.{EF437
KL5BO-7 KL3RR-2 05/28 22:07:02z Reply t your test msg last night{07
KL3RR-2 KL5BO-7 05/28 21:53:24z Send another Beautiful day for a hike! Got your test msg last night{1e}
KL5BO-4 KL3RR-2 05/28 07:08:33z Reply Got a 2m amp for ic705. Seeing if it's working. Hope you get this.{0B245
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/27 04:57:40z Send another thank you{1d}HA
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/27 04:57:06z Reply Hello! You are number 7, your time is 20:56.{HA}1c
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/27 04:56:28z Send another hello check in plz{1c}LC
KL3RR-2 KL7AA-15 05/26 06:40:07z Send another RR take it easy ttyl{1b}CV
KL7AA-15 KL3RR-2 05/26 06:39:30z Reply shutting down here. will catch you tomorrow{CV}1a
KL7AA-15 KL3RR-2 05/26 06:39:20z Reply nice{CU}1a
KL3RR-2 KL7AA-15 05/26 06:38:07z Send another pressure using adafruit bosch bmp280 sensor into raspi gpio{1a}CT
KL3RR-2 KL7AA-15 05/26 06:37:10z Send another no wind spd/dir for now. have to get those sensors{1Z}CT
KL7AA-15 KL3RR-2 05/26 06:36:11z Reply yeah. flawless copy on my end.{CT}1Y
KL3RR-2 KL7AA-15 05/26 06:35:42z Send another realized was only using 2.8W w/ JS8... &that turbo mode was sweet!{1Y}CS
KL3RR-2 KL7AA-15 05/26 06:34:42z Send another problem solved for now the stations been down for a few days :){1X}CS
KL7AA-15 KL3RR-2 05/26 06:29:06z Reply professional.{CS}1W
KL7AA-15 KL3RR-2 05/26 06:29:01z Reply Will draft up something tomorrow. Need to make it nice and+{CR}1W
KL7AA-15 KL3RR-2 05/26 06:28:22z Reply I haven't sent any emails regarding the aprs hopping issue yet.+{CQ}1W
KL7AA-15 KL3RR-2 05/26 06:16:19z Reply excellent. Not going to do wind speed/dir for now?{CP}1W
KL3RR-2 KL7AA-15 05/26 06:14:50z Send another that's all parameters for now. thx!{1W}CO
KL7AA-15 KL3RR-2 05/26 06:01:07z Reply 40m js8 is hopping{CO}
KL7AA-15 KL3RR-2 05/26 05:34:25z Reply I'm seeing temp, baro pressure, and humidity in your latest packet{FM}1P
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 06:00:28z Reply we had 6 tonight{LB}1U
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:57:43z Reply it is!{LA}1U
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:50:38z Reply thank you, you too.{LC}1V
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:50:16z Send another cool! I rmbr that a mnth ago. Will continue to grow. thx&hv gd nite{1V}LB
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:47:57z Reply it's the way we learn!{KY}1T
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:47:34z Send another yes!thx for qso. ill wrap up.is 8 still the high ct. for scsn arps?{1U}KW
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:46:40z Reply or look for my (absent) beacon and send a message.{KW}1S
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:45:52z Reply I think most people hand enter the address.{KV}1S
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:44:34z Reply ah so my advice didn't apply to everyone.{KU}1R
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:44:31z Send another doin great. experiment, learning, and occas. mistakes all ham :){1T}KW
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:40:21z Send another instead of using a "reply" I just send your call a msg manually{1S}KU
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:39:39z Send another didn't pop up for some reason though. and can't reply either.{1R}KR
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:39:29z Send another take that back. xastir does list your bulletin for scsn net{1Q}KR
KL3RR-2 KL7AA-15 05/20 05:38:08z Send another anyone still there? how much of my wx data do you decode?{1P}FB
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:37:39z Reply TJ seemed unaware that person could reply to bulletin.{KT}1O
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:36:59z Send another i think its a xastir issue tho. bulletin support not 100%{1O}KS
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:36:37z Send another yes, but i only see your bulletins in raw data. they dont pop up{1N}KS
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:35:17z Reply for your first contact to me, did you reply to the bulletin?{KS}1M
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:34:42z Reply KL7AA club uses this, so I am trying to get better at it.{KR}1M
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:34:06z Reply easy to troubleshoot.{KQ}1M
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:33:59z Reply it matches aprs.fi. I like APRSIS32 works great for satellites.+{KP}1M
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:33:19z Send another for example xastir is great but cant snd the bulletin msgs you use{1M}KN
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:32:44z Send another all the computer clients seem to have their own strengths/weakness{1L}KN
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:32:22z Reply I'll check the help files{KO}1K
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:32:05z Send another kenwood probably #1 at APRS implementation so i'd be shocked :){1K}KL
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:31:57z Reply I'll check the help files{KO}1J
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:31:11z Send another whew... ok good. had positive reports with decoding on yaesu HTs{1J}KN
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:30:28z Send another hmm not sure about aprsis32, only have experience with xastir{1I}KN
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:30:22z Reply wait, it does, sorry{KN}1H
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:29:49z Reply my HT does not decode your weather correctly either.{KM}1H
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:28:17z Reply (above from APRS.fi, but not seeing it from APSRIS32.){KL}1H
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:27:39z Reply Temperature 48°F Humidity 54% Pressure 1017.2 mbar{KK}1H
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:26:52z Reply window, december I think, that was an abuse of resources.{KJ}1H
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:26:45z Reply I accidentally pasted a few dozen lines of text into this chat+{KI}1H
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:26:15z Send another cool that's 1/3... sending out temp, % RH, and barometric press{1H}KH
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:25:03z Send another aprs network can use a good workout/test every once in a while too{1G}KH
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:25:00z Reply all I see is 48F{KH}1F
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:24:04z Send another you seeing my WX info in aprsis?{1F}KG
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:23:58z Reply haha, I do that too!{KG}1E
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:23:56z Send another you seeing my WX info in aprsis?{1F}KD
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:23:23z Send another beats position packets of people driving around town ;){1E}KF
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:22:21z Reply I doubt anyone will complain!{KF}1D
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:21:52z Send another but i think that's fine on a temporary basis and esp. during a net{1D}KE
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:21:41z Reply considered an abuse of the network resources."{KE}1C
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:21:34z Reply causes serious congestion in the APRS network. This could be+{KD}1C
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:21:17z Send another yeah we are exceeding the 20sec/packet threshold with our messaging{1C}KB
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:21:12z Send another but antenna is diamond X50 outdoors @ 30 ft{1B}KB
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:20:57z Send another but antenna is diamond X50 outdoors @ 30 ft{1B}KD
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:20:49z Send another but antenna is diamond X50 outdoors @ 30 ft{1B}KA
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:20:30z Reply causes serious congestion in the APRS network. This could be+{KD}1A
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:20:23z Reply "This station is transmitting packets at a very high rate, which+{KC}1A
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:20:07z Send another plus the digis help things too. im running HT too, ft-60@5W{1A}JY
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:19:46z Send another you have a good positon there with your elevation. strong signals{19}JY
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:18:56z Reply Yes, I am on the HT antenna.{KB}18
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:18:36z Reply updated positions from me?{KA}18
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:18:29z Reply I turned off Beacons at the radio at 21:17, are you getting+{JZ}17
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:18:25z Send another you on the HT antenna?{18}JY
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:16:01z Reply I'm getting fast acks from you.{JY}17
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:15:43z Reply He normally works perfectly{JX}17
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:15:34z Reply I've never had trouble connecting with him before{JW}17
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:15:20z Send another standing by{17}ER
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:15:03z Send another not all clients/radios support all aprs features... who knows{16}EQ
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:14:53z Send another sry meant relay to KL7ca-7. glad you heard back. stil no ack here{15}EQ
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:14:38z Send another sry meant relay to KL7ca-7. glad you heard back. stil no ack here{15}EP
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:14:30z Send another sry meant relay to KL7ca-7. glad you heard back. stil no ack here{15}EO
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:13:05z Reply cycling both, stand by{ER}14
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:12:03z Reply when one of those went down.{EQ}14
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:11:25z Reply and my PC went to sleep. APRSIS32 might have glitched{EP}14
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:11:18z Reply You know, I ran my battery down earlier,{EO}14
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:09:04z Reply "Good Copy."{EN}14
AL6P-1 KL3RR-2 05/20 05:08:58z Reply I probably should use Fixed Position, KL7CA came back to me with+{EM}14
KL3RR-2 AL6P-1 05/20 05:08:27z Send another relayed your msg to ALp6-1, no ack yet. maybe radio off{14}EG