KK4WDR-9 messages

fromtotime message
KM4DYR-7 KK4WDR-9 05/20 14:51:46z Reply hi rick{03
KM4DYR-7 KK4WDR-9 05/17 14:34:47z Reply hi 73{02
KE4BFX-3 KK4WDR-9 05/17 14:04:20z Reply Hello Rick{DQ}
KK4WDR-9 KK4WDR-9 05/16 16:35:17z Send another jk{11
KK4WDR-9 N7EAA-2 05/14 23:54:06z Send another hi{10
KM4DYR-7 KK4WDR-9 05/08 16:48:11z Reply x band from harbor qth. just because!{01
KM4DYR-9 KK4WDR-9 05/08 15:05:43z Reply try to set up a beacon with frquancy qsy and cq message. {11
KM4DYR-9 KK4WDR-9 05/08 14:54:04z Reply hey it worked{10
KK4WDR-9 KI5CWO-9 05/08 10:02:07z Send another hi{09
KK4WDR-9 KM4DYR-10 05/08 09:52:32z Send another HI{08
KK4WDR-9 KG5FQT-1 05/08 01:06:33z Send another HI{07
KK4WDR-9 W5MCC-11 05/08 00:56:04z Send another HI{06
KK4WDR-9 KB5OZE-11 05/08 00:52:30z Send another hi{05
KK4WDR-9 KM4DYR-10 05/08 00:49:18z Send another HI{04
KK4WDR-9 SMAGTE 04/21 13:32:33z Send another @8503982179 test{01
KK4WDR-9 SMAGTE 04/21 13:31:28z Send another @8503982179 test{03
KK4WDR-9 SMAGTE 04/21 13:31:22z Send another @8503982179 test{02