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N5ALN-9 KK4IOH-2 10/30 19:43:03z Reply seems better so far i think it was a combo of things{04
SMSGTE KK4IOH-2 10/28 20:37:54z Reply @9016460901 Test 10/28{M3232
KK4IOH-2 N5ALN-9 10/28 20:15:04z Send another Got it. We don't need cell phones{1
EMAIL-2 KK4IOH-2 10/28 03:46:37z Reply Email sent to kk4ioh@gmail.com{1018
KK4IOH-2 EMAIL-2 10/28 03:46:37z Send another kk4ioh@gmail.com testing email from aprs{3
KK4IOH-2 KN4USN-7 10/28 03:46:08z Send another I have my igate up at the new qth now. {4
WXBOT KK4IOH-2 10/28 03:34:33z Reply wind:50@8,fair{JX
WXBOT KK4IOH-2 10/28 03:34:28z Reply Currently at West Memphis, West Memphis Municipal Airport, Temp:56{JW
WXBOT KK4IOH-2 10/28 03:33:03z Reply wind:50@8,fair{JV
WXBOT KK4IOH-2 10/28 03:32:58z Reply Currently at West Memphis, West Memphis Municipal Airport, Temp:56{JU
KK4IOH-2 WXBOT 10/28 03:32:52z Send another Current{2
EMAIL-2 KK4IOH-2 10/28 03:18:03z Reply Email sent to kk4ioh@gmail.com{1017
WXBOT KK4IOH-2 10/28 03:05:00z Reply West Memphis AR. Tonight,Decreasing Clouds Low 48{JT
KK4IOH-2 WXBOT 10/28 03:04:51z Send another 72301{1
WXBOT KK4IOH-2 10/28 03:03:31z Reply West Memphis AR. Tonight,Decreasing Clouds Low 48{JS
KK4IOH-2 SMSGTE 10/28 02:47:03z Send another @8705142800 test via radio over aprs de kk4ioh{2
SMSGTE KK4IOH-2 10/28 02:46:13z Reply @8705142800 Working{M3126
SMSGTE KK4IOH-2 10/28 02:38:59z Reply @9016460901 Got msg 456{M3125
KK4IOH-2 SMSGTE 10/28 02:38:43z Send another @9016460901 test 456{1
KK4IOH-2 KK4IOH-2 10/28 02:37:36z Send another Test3{4ÀÀ
KK4IOH-2 KK4IOH-2 10/28 02:37:34z Send another Test3{4ÀÀ‚ ˆ¤blà––h’žd®’ˆŠd@eð:KK4IOH-2 :ack4
SMSGTE KK4IOH-2 10/28 02:37:09z Reply @9016460901 Got this one 2{M3124
KK4IOH-2 KK4IOH-2 10/28 02:25:44z Send another @smsgte 9016460901 test 2{3ÀÀ‚ ˆ¤blà––h’žd®’ˆŠd@eð:KK4IOH-2 :ack3
KK4IOH-2 SMSGTE 10/28 02:21:45z Send another @9016460901 aprs to sms test1{8
SMSGTE KK4IOH-2 10/28 02:21:41z Reply @9016460901 Got this one{M3122
KK4IOH-2 KK4IOH-9 10/12 21:30:16z Send another Test{2
KK4IOH-2 KK4IOH-9 10/12 03:21:14z Send another Test aprs messages{1
SMSGTE KK4IOH-2 10/12 03:17:23z Reply @9016460901 Qsl got it -2{M56
SMSGTE KK4IOH-2 10/12 03:08:20z Reply @9016460901 Test back from sms{M55
SMSGTE KK4IOH-2 10/12 03:07:28z Reply @9016460901 Qsl got it{M54
KK4IOH-2 SMSGTE 10/12 03:07:00z Send another @9016460901 ok test with uv5r{10
EMAIL-2 KK4IOH-2 10/12 03:05:52z Reply Email sent to kk4ioh@gmail.com{744
SMSGTE KK4IOH-2 10/12 01:21:24z Reply @9016460901 i got it 8:20pm{M40
EMAIL-2 KK4IOH-2 10/12 00:55:43z Reply Email sent to kk4ioh@gmail.com{466
KK4IOH-2 EMAIL-2 10/12 00:55:43z Send another kk4ioh@gmail.com testing email from aprs{1
SMSGTE KK4IOH-2 10/12 00:52:29z Reply @9016460901 Replying back from phone or are you getting this questi{M35
KK4IOH-2 SMSGTE 10/12 00:49:07z Send another @9016460901 sms aprs test{7
SMSGTE KK4IOH-2 10/12 00:48:39z Reply @9013166500 Need to change the cords, its showing in fisherville{M34
SMSGTE KK4IOH-2 10/12 00:47:53z Reply @9016460901 Got it back{M33
KK4IOH-2 SMSGTE 10/12 00:46:22z Send another @9016460901 sms testing {4ÀÀ‚ ˆ¤blà––h’žd®’ˆŠd@eð:SMSGTE :@9016460901 test {5ÀÀ‚ ˆ¤blà––h’žd®’ˆŠd@eð:SMSGTE :SMSGTE @901646090q test{6
KK4IOH-2 SMSGTE 10/12 00:45:43z Send another @9013166500 kk4ioh texting via aprs sms gateway {9
EMAIL-2 KK4IOH-2 10/12 00:38:10z Reply Email sent to kk4ioh@gmail.com{465
KK4IOH-2 EMAIL-2 10/12 00:38:09z Send another kk4ioh@gmail.com testing email from aprs{1ÀÀ‚ ˆ¤blà––h’žd®’ˆŠd@eð:EMAIL-2 :kk4ioh@gmail.com testing email from aprs{3