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KJ4IMP-5 KJ4IMP 05/10 14:37:50z Send another Test message for length. How long can it display on phone? Keep on.{1
KJ4IMP-5 W4GCW 04/22 15:09:19z Send another Hi, I'm starting the week doing medical appointment s{2
W4GCW KJ4IMP-5 04/22 13:44:23z Reply Good morning Jerry! 73, Don{JH}
W4GCW KJ4IMP-5 04/18 20:08:56z Reply You just passed KN4TOB-9! 73, Don{TC}
W4GCW KJ4IMP-5 04/07 02:02:51z Reply Enjoy!{EO}
W4GCW KJ4IMP-5 04/06 21:28:26z Reply AA:Your message received, thanks. 73, Don
KJ4IMP-5 W4GCW 04/06 21:27:54z Send another Just fine, getting ready to cook up steak.{1
W4GCW KJ4IMP-5 04/06 19:24:27z Reply Hello Jerry, how's it going? 73, Don{EN}
KJ4ERJ-12 KJ4IMP-5 03/21 16:21:08z Reply Whoops, not the person I thought you were.{04}
KJ4ERJ-12 KJ4IMP-5 03/21 16:19:41z Reply Do you still have the BuddiPole?{02}
KJ4ERJ-12 KJ4IMP-5 03/21 16:19:05z Reply Long time, no see on APRS!{01}