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EA4DDR KJ4ERJ-AL 02/18 09:15:36z Reply Helo from S.W. of Spain. 13C and sunny day.{61
N2JNT-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 02/09 21:48:43z Reply arrangements.{KX}UM
N2JNT-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 02/09 21:48:42z Reply OK, thank Lynn, I'll let him know so he can make other+{KW}UM
KJ4ERJ-AL N2JNT-2 02/09 21:20:58z Send another environment would need to be ported and tested under IOS.{UM}KT
KJ4ERJ-AL N2JNT-2 02/09 21:20:57z Send another end of it yet, however, and my customizations to the MOAI+{UL}KT
KJ4ERJ-AL N2JNT-2 02/09 21:20:57z Send another develop APRSISMO is buildable on the Mac. I haven't pursued that+{UK}KT
KJ4ERJ-AL N2JNT-2 02/09 21:20:56z Send another That said, supposedly the MOAI environment that I'm using to+{UJ}KT
KJ4ERJ-AL N2JNT-2 02/09 21:20:06z Send another iAnything software.{UI}KT
KJ4ERJ-AL N2JNT-2 02/09 21:20:04z Send another Unfortunatley, no. I don't have any ability to develop nor test+{UH}KT
N2JNT-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 02/09 20:15:57z Reply MACS? Jack{KV}
N2JNT-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 02/09 20:15:56z Reply him, but he uses a MAC. Do you have any future plans to suppor+{KU}
N2JNT-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 02/09 20:15:55z Reply Lynn, My son has his ticket and I purchased an APRS tracker for+{KT}
KJ4ERJ-AL G6UIM 02/06 21:33:54z Send another I think the breeze from the south carried and killed the sound.{KX}LY
G6UIM KJ4ERJ-AL 02/06 21:11:34z Reply off at once! Elon has developed stealth rockets!{LY}KW
G6UIM KJ4ERJ-AL 02/06 21:11:33z Reply channels covered it live. Surprised you did not hear 3 rockets go+{LX}KW
G6UIM KJ4ERJ-AL 02/06 21:11:32z Reply Coverage here was good, I watched on the web but mains news+{LW}KW
KJ4ERJ-AL G6UIM 02/06 21:09:10z Send another equally amazing. Local TV coverage was good.{KW}LV
KJ4ERJ-AL G6UIM 02/06 21:09:10z Send another The parallel booster landing at the cape (X marks the spot) was+{KV}LV
KJ4ERJ-AL G6UIM 02/06 21:08:49z Send another hear anything.{KU}LV
KJ4ERJ-AL G6UIM 02/06 21:08:49z Send another It was an amazing launch, but more amazing to me is that we didn't+{KT}LV
G6UIM KJ4ERJ-AL 02/06 19:49:49z Reply They are still looking to go at 20:45UTC from their latest tweet{LV}KS
G6UIM KJ4ERJ-AL 02/06 19:00:39z Reply I was begining to think it would be delayed until tomorrow{LU}KS
KJ4ERJ-AL G6UIM 02/06 18:46:52z Send another Center) just said that it's not likely to go today.{KS}LT
KJ4ERJ-AL G6UIM 02/06 18:46:51z Send another and no later than 16:00 my local time. EOC (Emergency Operations+{KR}LT
KJ4ERJ-AL G6UIM 02/06 18:46:51z Send another Launch window just moved to no earlier than 15:45 my local time+{KQ}LT
G6UIM KJ4ERJ-AL 02/06 18:42:08z Reply Delayed by around 2 hours{LT}KP
G6UIM KJ4ERJ-AL 02/06 18:38:54z Reply AA:not at the keys at the moment, will reply asap. Steve
KJ4ERJ-AL G6UIM 02/06 18:38:51z Send another launch net. Quiet at the moment.{KP}
KJ4ERJ-AL G6UIM 02/06 18:38:50z Send another Just fired up the radio on the repeater that normally carries a+{KO}
KJ4ERJ-AL G6UIM 02/06 18:38:23z Send another We'll be watching!{KN}
KJ4ERJ-AL WB4APR 01/15 22:12:19z Send another ?APRSP
WHO-15 KJ4ERJ-AL 01/11 20:17:29z Reply KJ4OVR/T/Patrick T Duran/NY/United States{O4}OH
KJ4ERJ-AL WHO-15 01/11 20:17:28z Send another KJ4OVR{OH}
KJ4ERJ-AL N2JNT-2 12/16 13:54:03z Send another Happy Advent as we prepare for the Christmas Season ahead. 73{VH}EY
KJ4ERJ-AL N2JNT-2 12/16 13:54:02z Send another Great to know and thanks for the compliment. May you all enjoy a+{VG}EY