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M0GLJ KJ4ERJ-AL 03/24 11:41:31z Reply http://www.m0glj.info/{MQ}
M0GLJ KJ4ERJ-AL 03/24 11:41:30z Reply you would prefer ... 7 3s Adrian M0GLJ ...+ >+{MP}
M0GLJ KJ4ERJ-AL 03/24 11:41:29z Reply kj4erj@arrl.net unless you have another+ > email address+{MO}
M0GLJ KJ4ERJ-AL 03/24 11:41:29z Reply about windows mobile which+ > I will email to you via+{MN}
M0GLJ KJ4ERJ-AL 03/24 11:41:29z Reply (*5-11:33:06) > made the move ... Have a few questions+{MM}
M0GLJ KJ4ERJ-AL 03/24 11:41:27z Reply Lynn ... It Adrian VK2BAC ... I now live in the UK ... Finally++{ML}
KJ4ERJ-AL N4ZIQ-2 03/16 07:22:18z Send another And do you copy WX4MLB-3 and W4MCO-4?{JI}
KJ4ERJ-AL N4JTK-9 03/15 22:32:50z Send another ?APRSP
KJ4ERJ-AL N4ZIQ-2 03/15 18:49:06z Send another Greetings, do you digipeat N4ZIQ-2?{JH}
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 14:06:51z Send another me interested in moving forward.{ID}JK
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 14:06:50z Send another eventually come to fruition. It's feedback like your's that keeps+{IC}JK
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 14:06:49z Send another You're welcome as always. Keep after me, and new features will+{IB}JK
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 14:06:01z Reply Ok Lynn. 73 and thanks for what you do! Have a wonderful day...{JK}IA
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 14:04:21z Send another thanks for the QSO and 73{IA}JJ
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 14:04:15z Send another different direction.{HZ}JJ
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 14:04:13z Send another I've gotta clear for a while. Time to get my day moving in a+{HY}JJ
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 14:03:30z Send another there, but a lot of other APRSISCE/32 features won't be (yet).{HX}JJ
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 14:03:29z Send another possible to get APRSISMO running on Windws. The radar will be+{HW}JJ
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 14:03:28z Send another If you hold your mouth right, and jump through a few hoops, it's+{HV}JJ
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 14:02:37z Send another is under MOAI. I'll get it over there eventually.{HU}JJ
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 14:02:36z Send another Not yet. Windows doesn't make transparent overlays as easy as it+{HT}JJ
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 14:01:57z Reply Is there a radar function on APRSIS32?{JJ}HR
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 14:00:49z Send another LOTS of notifications!{HS}JI
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 14:00:48z Send another clear the screen blanker, the notifications start delivering.+{HR}JI
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 14:00:46z Send another notification, but the machine is usally not attended. When I+{HQ}JI
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 14:00:45z Send another that system. Every tracked satellite that comes in view posts a+{HP}JI
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 14:00:44z Send another You should see my satellite tracking instance when I get back to+{HO}JI
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:59:35z Reply taken place.{JI}HN
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:59:34z Reply can take a long while to cycle through them if a long QSO has+{JH}HN
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:59:33z Reply beginning of the conversation long after it has taken place. And+{JG}HN
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:59:31z Reply Oh ok. I'll just ignore it. I have had that start displaying the+{JF}HN
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 13:58:10z Send another to hit the little x on each one of them.{HN}JE
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 13:58:09z Send another still deliver on their own pace. The only way to speed it up is+{HM}JE
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 13:58:07z Send another queued. Even when/if the chat gets focus, the notifications will+{HL}JE
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 13:58:06z Send another doesn't have focus when a message comes in, a notification is+{HK}JE
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 13:58:04z Send another I see that lots, but it's not really a bug. If the chat window+{HJ}JE
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:56:53z Reply messages for like 15 minutes or so. VEry weird.{JE}HG
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:56:52z Reply read and responded to? I have had the program display those+{JD}HG
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:56:51z Reply showing messages from the other person although they were already+{JC}HG
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:56:50z Reply little notification bubbles on the tray icon bar will start+{JB}HG
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:55:43z Reply those {JA}HG
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:55:42z Reply have a long QSO with somebody and you can be done with it that+{IZ}HG
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:55:41z Reply Have you ever noticed a bug in APRSIS32. It seems that when you+{IY}HG
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:55:38z Reply Have had it for 6 months now. But I am close to implementing it.+{IX}HG
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:55:37z Reply ran into that many a times. That is the case with the KAM XL.+{IW}HG
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:55:36z Reply Ha ha ha. That happens alot when you are extrememly busy. I've+{IV}HG
N4GVA-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:54:49z Reply yup, loaded down with gear too{17
KJ4ERJ-AL N4GVA-2 03/10 13:54:40z Send another Here's hoping for clear weather{HI}
KJ4ERJ-AL N4GVA-2 03/10 13:54:20z Send another Life preserver time!{HH}
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 13:53:13z Send another Actually, I haven't even powered it up yet!{HG}IU
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:50:22z Reply you like it? {IU}HF
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:50:20z Reply I hear that! I'll have to check that MobiLink TNC out. How do+{IT}HF
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 13:49:51z Send another Always more ideas than time!{HF}IS
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 13:49:42z Send another become directly supported.{HE}IS
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 13:49:41z Send another interface into APRSISMO at which point Bluetooth GPS will also+{HD}IS
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 13:49:39z Send another And I have a MobiLink Bluetooth TNC here that I'm hoping to+{HC}IS
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 13:49:06z Send another going on.{HB}IS
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 13:49:05z Send another how to get trace logs saved to a log file so I can debug what's+{HA}IS
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 13:49:04z Send another to disappear without warning sometimes. I'm trying to figure out+{GZ}IS
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 13:49:03z Send another Actually, I have a version here that displays speed, but it seems+{GY}IS
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:46:44z Reply display. Still nice to see it when I drive a car without RF APRS.{IS}GX
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:46:42z Reply Love the radar feature. All though the New car has radar on the+{IR}GX
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:46:41z Reply Have any revisions for APRISMO coming soon? Works great BTW.+{IQ}GX
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 13:42:41z Send another Currently, it doesn't hold settings across power cycles.{GX}IP
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 13:42:32z Send another it.{GW}IP
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 13:42:31z Send another working for him. It needs a new battery and then I can play with+{GV}IP
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 13:42:30z Send another I've got a friend's dual port KAM that I'm supposed to try to get+{GU}IP
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:38:17z Reply it offline. Going to hook my KAM XL up in the next couple weeks.{IP}GS
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:38:15z Reply ready to get my SatGAte going again. I had it going but just took+{IO}GS
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:38:14z Reply still not sure when I will get HF APRS going here. I'm almost+{IN}GS
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:38:13z Reply seems to work well. I wish there was a software option too. I'm+{IM}GS
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:38:12z Reply I know. Seems like there is few stations running robust. But+{IL}GS
KJ4ERJ-AL N4GVA-2 03/10 13:36:07z Send another Got enough ground-based stuff to play with!{GT}
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 13:35:50z Send another hardware.{GS}IK
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 13:35:49z Send another I wish Robust was available in a software solution, not dedicated+{GR}IK
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 13:35:35z Send another HF.{GQ}IK
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 13:35:34z Send another Finally got my iCom 706 finals repaired so it time to get back on+{GP}IK
KJ4ERJ-AL K0GDI 03/10 13:35:33z Send another I need to get my 30m mag loop retuned and back up on the roof.+{GO}IK
N4GVA-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:34:55z Reply its out there now, you can buy receivers to play with{15
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:34:31z Reply Robust and 300 baud. Works well...{IK}GA
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:34:28z Reply APRS going on 30m yesterday. My beacon alternates between{IJ}GA
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:34:27z Reply tethers the GPS via bluetooth. Works quite well. I just got HF+{II}GA
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:34:26z Reply if I am not in my car. All I have to do is use this app that+{IH}GA
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:34:24z Reply really like it. What I really like is now I can beacon using that+{IG}GA
K0GDI KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:34:23z Reply Well that sounds great! I just got a Win 8.1 tablet pc myself. I+{IF}GA
KJ4ERJ-AL N4GVA-2 03/10 13:33:54z Send another FAA certification = long + expensive{GN}
N4GVA-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:33:25z Reply the new systems work like aprs, should be better{14
KJ4ERJ-AL N4GVA-2 03/10 13:32:11z Send another Thought something like that{GM}
N4GVA-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:31:59z Reply yes, reads the transponder data and displays it f/traffic avoidance{13
KJ4ERJ-AL N4GVA-2 03/10 13:31:07z Send another TCAS = airplane thing?{GL}
KJ4ERJ-AL N4GVA-2 03/10 13:30:35z Send another er passed{GK}
KJ4ERJ-AL N4GVA-2 03/10 13:30:30z Send another You just past each other{GJ}
N4GVA-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:30:23z Reply got him on TCAS{12
KJ4ERJ-AL N4GVA-2 03/10 13:30:06z Send another He's 3 Miles East and 3000 feet up{GI}
N4GVA-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:29:37z Reply Never saw the other guy, visibility in the backseat isn't very good{11
N4GVA-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:28:43z Reply yes, VHF drops off about freeport{10
KJ4ERJ-AL N4GVA-2 03/10 13:28:13z Send another SPOT will be good off the coast{GH}
N4GVA-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:27:38z Reply that means my server software is working!{9
KJ4ERJ-AL N4GVA-2 03/10 13:26:46z Send another Your -5 just showed up{GG}
N4GVA-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 03/10 13:24:29z Reply I have the altitude on him now{8