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WHO-IS KJ4ERJ-AL 08/17 09:24:51z Reply M0XSD:Frizington, Cumbria England{G2}FI
WHO-IS KJ4ERJ-AL 08/17 09:24:51z Reply M0XSD:27 Main Street{G1}FI
WHO-IS KJ4ERJ-AL 08/17 09:24:51z Reply M0XSD:Colin Catlin{G0}FI
KJ4ERJ-AL WHO-IS 08/17 09:24:50z Send another f M0XSD{FI}
AK6DC-9 KJ4ERJ-AL 08/11 15:01:33z Reply thnx gd point i hv to take car to autoglass shop talk2u later {3
KJ4ERJ-AL AK6DC-9 08/11 14:53:44z Send another Car looks more applicable now.{IZ}
KJ4ERJ-AL AK6DC-9 08/11 14:53:30z Send another Just thought you'd like to know.{IY}
KJ4ERJ-AL AK6DC-9 08/11 14:46:17z Send another No, you're beaconing a balloon symbol.{IX}
AK6DC-9 KJ4ERJ-AL 08/11 14:45:58z Reply And sticking to streets too!hi wrong address? gd day{1
KJ4ERJ-AL AK6DC-9 08/11 14:37:44z Send another And sticking to streets too!{IW}
KJ4ERJ-AL AK6DC-9 08/11 14:37:37z Send another Prettly low altitude balloon?{IV}
KJ4ERJ-AL VE7HMW-9 08/07 23:39:09z Send another Is there something I can help with?{MJ}
N4GVA-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 08/06 12:34:42z Reply trying to climb out of the heat{1
KJ4ERJ-AL N4GVA-2 08/06 12:32:44z Send another Up, Up, and Away!{XN}
KJ4ERJ-AL NJ3U-9 07/20 14:34:18z Send another Not WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1,HOP7-7,HOP7-7{AO}
KJ4ERJ-AL NJ3U-9 07/20 14:34:12z Send another Should be ONLY HOP7-7,HOP7-7{AN}
KJ4ERJ-AL NJ3U-9 07/20 14:18:31z Send another Fix NJ3U-7 path{AM}
KJ4ERJ-AL NJ3U-9 07/20 13:39:00z Send another I see you at parking?{AL}
NJ3U-9 KJ4ERJ-AL 07/20 12:48:10z Reply Shack Potato Tracking You!FOR 20 MINS 4 TOL{2
KJ4ERJ-AL NJ3U-9 07/20 12:47:45z Send another Copy base of Equinox{AK}
NJ3U-9 KJ4ERJ-AL 07/20 12:46:29z Reply Shack Potato Tracking You!ONSITE @BASE OF EQINOX NOW HAVE 2 WAIT {1
NJ3U-9 KJ4ERJ-AL 07/20 12:23:34z Reply Shack Potato Tracking You!GREAT 2 HEAR U{0
KJ4ERJ-AL NJ3U-9 07/20 11:14:13z Send another Shack Potato Tracking You!{AJ}
KJ4ERJ-AL PE5OHM 07/18 02:25:08z Send another ?APRSP
W4GCW KJ4ERJ-AL 07/09 21:20:35z Reply AA:Message receiced. TNX
KJ4ERJ-AL W4GCW 07/09 21:20:04z Send another Didn't notice WX4MLB-3. I'll inquire.{AI}
N7CTF-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 07/03 23:17:19z Reply computer isn't on) and then as a Inode when my computer is on.{OP}
N7CTF-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 07/03 23:17:18z Reply Perhaps I shouldn't be trying to use it as a Digi (when the+{OO}
N7CTF-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 07/03 23:16:28z Reply unit as a digi to get to Wolf Point as mentioned earlier.{ON}
N7CTF-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 07/03 23:16:27z Reply I just checked and see it there as well as see that It's using my+{OM}
N7CTF-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 07/03 23:15:19z Reply APRS.fi.{OL}
N7CTF-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 07/03 23:15:18z Reply The K7PG-7 wx digi lives SouthEast from me.. and I see it on+{OK}
N7CTF-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 07/03 23:14:09z Reply message. (grin).{OJ}
N7CTF-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 07/03 23:14:08z Reply put the link to my config file on the ftp site in my original+{OI}
N7CTF-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 07/03 23:14:08z Reply I guess Lynn... I don't know enough about aprsis. That's why I+{OH}
N7CTF-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 07/03 20:26:42z Reply IGate[2/2] HomeTNC[AGW] Bi-Directional
N7CTF-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 07/03 20:26:42z Reply IGate[1/2] No IGate Activity
KJ4ERJ-AL N7CTF-2 07/03 20:26:42z Send another ?igate
N7CTF-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 07/03 20:26:40z Reply Ports[2/2] 07-03 13:08:04 HomeTNC OK
N7CTF-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 07/03 20:26:40z Reply Ports[1/2] 07-03 13:38:04 APRS-IS OK 30 31 /hr
KJ4ERJ-AL N7CTF-2 07/03 20:26:39z Send another ?aprss
KJ4ERJ-AL WP4NGX 07/02 15:08:41z Send another You still have Emergency checked?{AH}MH
KJ4ERJ-AL WP4NGX 07/02 14:58:22z Send another Glad it was just a test. Have a great day! 73{AG}MG
KJ4ERJ-AL WP4NGX 07/02 14:58:12z Send another many people watching. Just so you're aware.{AF}MG
KJ4ERJ-AL WP4NGX 07/02 14:58:11z Send another When you set the status to Emergency, it will cause a pop-up on+{AE}MG
WP4NGX KJ4ERJ-AL 07/02 14:57:59z Reply JUST A TEST. THANKS{MG}AD
KJ4ERJ-AL WP4NGX 07/02 14:57:21z Send another Or is there an actual Emergency? If so, how can I assist?{AD}
KJ4ERJ-AL WP4NGX 07/02 14:56:22z Send another Copied your emergency. Was it just a test?{AC}