KJ4ERJ-AL messages

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KJ4ERJ-AL AF7W-W 11/19 20:28:09z Send another ?APRSP
VU3NUF KJ4ERJ-AL 11/07 22:28:00z Reply Ports[2/2] 11-08 03:57:50 UZ7HO Sound Modem OK
VU3NUF KJ4ERJ-AL 11/07 22:28:00z Reply 158 /hr
VU3NUF KJ4ERJ-AL 11/07 22:28:00z Reply Ports[1/2] 11-07 21:55:47 APRS-IS OK 171 153 147 157 154 150 153+
KJ4ERJ-AL VU3NUF 11/07 22:27:59z Send another ?APRSS
VU3NUF KJ4ERJ-AL 11/07 22:27:54z Reply Nothing Heard via RF
KJ4ERJ-AL VU3NUF 11/07 22:27:53z Send another ?APRSH *
VU3NUF KJ4ERJ-AL 11/07 22:27:43z Reply IGate[2/2] UZ7HO Sound Modem[AGW] Receive-Only
VU3NUF KJ4ERJ-AL 11/07 22:27:43z Reply IGate[1/2] No IGate Activity
KJ4ERJ-AL VU3NUF 11/07 22:27:42z Send another ?IGATE
KJ4ERJ-AL N2JNT-2 09/27 22:38:11z Send another Thanks. Glad you found the stuff!{YS}EW
KJ4ERJ-AL KJ4DXK-12 09/27 22:36:36z Send another Did you take a ham radio with you?{YR}
KJ4ERJ-AL KJ4DXK-12 09/27 18:37:09z Send another How was traffic on I-75 Ocala to Lake City?{YQ}
N2JNT-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 09/25 22:37:46z Reply the .xml file. Great program.{EW}
N2JNT-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 09/25 22:37:45z Reply I recently found I could make the station a full digi by editing+{EV}
N2JNT-2 KJ4ERJ-AL 09/25 22:37:01z Reply Lynn,{EU}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-10 09/19 14:18:45z Send another "Eventually"...{YP}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-10 09/19 14:18:37z Send another There isn't one right now. Sorry.{YO}
HG5OAP-10 KJ4ERJ-AL 09/19 03:59:56z Reply what is the command to change this inactivity timer?{3
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-10 09/18 21:54:58z Send another able to configure it, but it will remain expressed in hours.{YN}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-10 09/18 21:54:57z Send another Yep, the default is 12 hours. Eventually the group owner will be+{YM}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-10 09/18 21:53:17z Send another Ah, the ANSRVR group timeout. Let me double-check.{YL}
HG5OAP-10 KJ4ERJ-AL 09/18 21:01:15z Reply is this correct?{2
HG5OAP-10 KJ4ERJ-AL 09/18 21:01:03z Reply hi! my experience is the group timeout is 12 hours only {1
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-10 09/17 20:09:47z Send another Great! Thank you for the feedback.{YK}
HG5OAP-10 KJ4ERJ-AL 09/17 16:06:46z Reply thanks 73{5
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 16:06:32z Send another 73 and good luck!{YJ}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 16:06:29z Send another Gotta run to take care of my granddaughter right now.{YI}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 16:06:20z Send another try to get a message to the author to get it fixed.{YH}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 16:06:19z Send another If the non-acks don't show up on APRSdroid, let me know and I'll+{YG}
HG5OAP-10 KJ4ERJ-AL 09/17 16:05:08z Reply -2 wo ack{4
HG5OAP-10 KJ4ERJ-AL 09/17 16:05:02z Reply -1 sending with ack{3
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 16:04:42z Send another From -1 or -2 to -10 direct with and without ack{YF}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 16:04:27z Send another it as well.{YE}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 16:04:26z Send another To -10, your APRSdroid instance, not HG5OAP unless you're testing+{YD}
HG5OAP-10 KJ4ERJ-AL 09/17 16:04:26z Reply with and without ack{2
HG5OAP-10 KJ4ERJ-AL 09/17 16:04:17z Reply i see the direct messages{1
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 16:02:04z Send another with and without an ack requested.{YC}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 16:02:03z Send another Not sending to ANSRVR with and without ack. Send DIRECT to -10+{YB}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:58:28z Send another If you uncheck ack, does a message from -1 show up at -10?{YA}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:58:20z Send another expecting them.{XZ}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:58:19z Send another of the acks would go back to the original sender who would not be+{XY}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:58:19z Send another But ANSRVR always forwards without the ack. Because otherwise all+{XX}
HG5OAP-1 KJ4ERJ-AL 09/17 15:57:10z Reply it shows up correctly with ack{586
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:56:48z Send another will be in the raw packets display.{XW}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:56:48z Send another aprs.fi's messages display), but not when not checked. But both+{XV}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:56:47z Send another checked? I'm suspecting it will show up when checked (along with+{XU}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:56:46z Send another Did you send from -1 to -10 with and without the Ack checkbox+{XT}
HG5OAP-1 KJ4ERJ-AL 09/17 15:56:36z Reply now I understand it send the message with my callsign as source{585
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:56:05z Send another APRSdroid related to messages that are not requesting an ack.{XS}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:56:04z Send another If APRSdroid isn't displaying them, then there's a bug in+{XR}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:55:20z Send another it easy for the recipient to reply back to the original sender.{XQ}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:55:19z Send another ANSRVR forwards the messages from the originating callsign to make+{XP}
HG5OAP-1 KJ4ERJ-AL 09/17 15:54:34z Reply thanks for the clarification I expected the message from ansrvr it caused the misunderstanding{584
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:52:41z Send another shows to -1, -2, and -10 (as well as HG5OAP and KJ4ERJ-AP){XO}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:52:27z Send another https://aprs.fi/?c=raw&call=HA1KSS{XN}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:51:49z Send another shows messags to -1 and -10.{XM}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:51:42z Send another https://aprs.fi/?c=raw&call=HG5OAP-2&limit=50&view=normal{XL}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:50:32z Send another going to -10.{XK}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:50:31z Send another But if you check -1's raw packets, you should see BOTH messages+{XJ}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:50:19z Send another messages list doesn't show them.{XI}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:50:18z Send another is not displaying non-ack-requested messages, just like aprs.fi's+{XH}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:50:18z Send another If the second message doesn't show, then APRSdroid is busted and+{XG}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:49:53z Send another Then uncheck the Ack checkbox and send again from -1 to -10.{XF}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:49:41z Send another Send a message directly from -1 to -10 and see that it gets there.{XE}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:49:12z Send another It may be that APRSdroid also does not show ack-less messages.{XD}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:48:29z Send another aprs.fi's messages displlya.{XC}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:48:28z Send another a message, it is a single shot message and will not show up in+{XB}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:48:27z Send another that's an ack request. If there is no open curly near the end of+{XA}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:48:26z Send another If the raw message includes an open curly brace near the end,+{WZ}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:47:32z Send another display as it won't show single-shot, non-acknowledged messages.{WY}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:47:31z Send another Look at RAW to see the actual messages, don't believe the messages+{WX}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:47:10z Send another only without an ack being requested.{WW}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:47:08z Send another The aprs.if MESSAGES display only shows messages that requested an+{WU}
HG5OAP-1 KJ4ERJ-AL 09/17 15:46:38z Reply as you can see here https://aprs.fi/?c=message&call=ansrvr ansrvr does not send the message to -10{579
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:46:36z Send another the source station as spoofed by ANSRVR on the sender's behalf.{WT}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:46:36z Send another ANSRVR DOES SEND TO -10. It shows in the RAW packet display from+{WS}
HG5OAP-1 KJ4ERJ-AL 09/17 15:45:57z Reply ansrvr does not send to -10{578
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:45:45z Send another display at aprs.fi seems to only show messages that requested an+{WQ}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:45:44z Send another The messages via ANSRVR are NOT ack-requested. The messages+{WP}
HG5OAP-1 KJ4ERJ-AL 09/17 15:45:31z Reply https://aprs.fi/?c=message&call=ansrvr{577
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:45:25z Send another there?{WO}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:45:24z Send another I cannot know for sure. Is there a raw packet display you can see+{WN}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:45:23z Send another Or it may be a setting in DireWolf that isn't showing the message.+{WM}
HG5OAP-1 KJ4ERJ-AL 09/17 15:45:07z Reply all other messages works well{576
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:44:35z Send another to it.{WL}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:44:35z Send another what stations are beyond the connection in order to route messages+{WK}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:44:34z Send another your probably may be solved. The APRS-IS server needs to know+{WJ}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:44:33z Send another Like I said, I cannot solve that, but if you enable beaconing,+{WI}
HG5OAP-1 KJ4ERJ-AL 09/17 15:44:24z Reply https://aprs.fi/?c=message&call=HG5OAP-10{575
HG5OAP-1 KJ4ERJ-AL 09/17 15:43:53z Reply the problem is i don't see this message at -10{574
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:43:51z Send another HG5OAP, HG5OAP-10, HA1KSS, and KJ4ERJ-AP{WH}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:43:40z Send another The "you won't see it at -10" went to:{WG}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:43:24z Send another Do you see the message from -1 to -10 in that listing?{WF}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:42:46z Send another https://aprs.fi/?c=raw&call=HG5OAP-1&limit=50&view=normal{WE}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:42:45z Send another from aprs.fi.{WD}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:42:44z Send another But for some reason, I'm having ACK issues sending you the copy+{WC}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:42:43z Send another -10 check it [Duplicate message content]{WB}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:42:14z Send another RJ-15::HG5OAP-10:N:AXDIGI2018 message from -1 and you won't see at+{WA}
KJ4ERJ-AL HG5OAP-1 09/17 15:42:14z Send another 2018-09-17 15:40:42 UTC: HG5OAP-1>APWW10,KJ4ERJ-15,TCPIP*,qAS,KJ4E+{VZ}