KI7YRC-10 messages

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K7DRQ KI7YRC-10 09/29 17:09:48z Reply Oh fun{6
KI7YRC-10 K7DRQ 09/29 17:08:19z Send another the phone to radio{7
KI7YRC-10 K7DRQ 09/29 17:08:14z Send another it's nice and there's a cord you can get to hook it up to{6
K7DRQ KI7YRC-10 09/29 17:07:43z Reply Same, APRSDroid is this app{5
KI7YRC-10 K7DRQ 09/29 17:07:27z Send another I have the one aprs for Android{5
K7DRQ KI7YRC-10 09/29 17:07:03z Reply This is interesting, never texted over APRS before{4
K7DRQ KI7YRC-10 09/29 17:06:12z Reply I'll write KI7OJZ as an IO !{3
K7DRQ KI7YRC-10 09/29 17:05:43z Reply I'm connected through a mobile app, maybe it's less good than RF ?{2
KI7YRC-10 K7DRQ 09/29 17:05:32z Send another in{4
KI7YRC-10 K7DRQ 09/29 17:05:30z Send another ki7ojz on Facebook says good morning and isn't by a radio to check {3
KI7YRC-10 K7DRQ 09/29 17:04:41z Send another it took a while to show you on here but finally showed you{2
K7DRQ KI7YRC-10 09/29 17:04:09z Reply Hey there John !{1
KI7YRC-10 K7DRQ 09/29 17:03:27z Send another good morning drq {1
KI7YRC-10 KB6VY 09/22 20:32:25z Send another are you working 80 meters today{1
KI7YRC-10 VK3TBS-I 09/01 05:08:47z Send another hello ben{1