KI7VDO messages

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KI7VDO SMSGTE 09/01 16:57:41z Send another @me another test SMS{M0002
KI7VDO SMSGTE 09/01 16:56:02z Send another @me Did this SMS get through?{M0004
KI7VDO SMSGTE 09/01 16:55:13z Send another @me did this go through?{M0003
SMSGTE KI7VDO 09/01 16:54:23z Reply @me it did{M100
KI7VDO SMSGTE 09/01 16:46:41z Send another @me another test sms{M0001
KI7VDO SMSGTE 09/01 16:36:11z Send another @me test{03}
SMSGTE KI7VDO 09/01 16:34:24z Reply @me success{M96
SMSGTE KI7VDO 09/01 16:32:57z Reply Did you forget the @ prefix? Visit for help.{E95
TA5AHO-4 KI7VDO 09/01 16:32:48z Reply Hi from TURKEY
SMSGTE KI7VDO 09/01 16:32:03z Reply Did you forget the @ prefix? Visit for help.{E94
KI7VDO SMSGTE 09/01 16:27:48z Send another me test{02}
EMAIL-2 KI7VDO 08/24 17:50:45z Reply Email sent to KI7VDO@GMAIL.COM{AX}08
KI7VDO EMAIL-2 08/24 17:50:45z Send another KI7VDO@GMAIL.COM AT DN37EK {08}
EMAIL-2 KI7VDO 08/24 17:21:54z Reply Email sent to KI7VDO@GMAIL.COM{AW}06
KI7VDO EMAIL-2 08/24 17:21:53z Send another KI7VDO@GMAIL.COM TEST 5 {06}
EMAIL-2 KI7VDO 08/24 16:05:52z Reply Email sent to{AV}04
KI7VDO EMAIL-2 08/24 16:02:52z Send another KI7VDO TEST 3 {04}
EMAIL-2 KI7VDO 08/24 15:45:52z Reply Email sent to{AU}01
KI7VDO EMAIL-2 08/24 15:42:52z Send another ME TEST {01}
KI7VDO EMAIL : 08/24 04:51:34z Send another I7VDO@GMAIL.COM TEST EMAIL 4
KI7VDO EMAIL :K 08/24 04:49:43z Send another 7VDO@GMAIL.COM TEST EMAIL 3
KI7VDO EMAIL 08/24 04:45:42z Send another KI7VDO@GMAIL.COM TEST EMAIL
KI7VDO EMAIL-2:M 08/24 04:37:33z Send another TEST
KI7VDO EMAIL-2 08/24 04:35:48z Send another ME TEST 2
KI7VDO EMAIL-2 08/24 04:33:48z Send another : ME TEST
EMAIL-2 KI7VDO 08/24 04:30:01z Reply Email sent to{389
KI7VDO EMAIL-2 08/24 04:30:01z Send another me test from aprs{m0003
KI7VDO EMAIL-2: 08/24 04:21:47z Send another E TEST
EMAIL-2 KI7VDO 08/24 04:18:45z Reply Email sent to{388
KI7VDO EMAIL-2 08/24 04:18:45z Send another me l{m0002
KI7VDO EMAIL-2 08/24 04:17:42z Send another ME TEST
EMAIL-2 KI7VDO 08/24 04:16:11z Reply me added.{387
KI7VDO EMAIL-2 08/24 04:16:11z Send another me{m0001
KI7VDO EMAIL-2 08/24 04:13:00z Send another KI7VDO TEST
SMSGTE KI7VDO 08/24 04:12:41z Reply Your position was sent to @me{C9283
KI7VDO SMSGTE 08/24 04:11:00z Send another #MAPME @ME
KI7VDO SMSGTE 08/24 04:09:00z Send another @ME TEST
KI7VDO SMSGTE 08/24 04:07:00z Send another @KI7VDO TEST
KI7VDO SMSGTE 08/24 03:23:42z Send another #MAPME @KI7VDO
KI7VDO SMSGTE 08/24 02:51:02z Send another @KI7VDO TEST SMS.
SMSGTE KI7VDO 08/24 02:44:21z Reply This command is not available from APRS{C9266
KI7VDO SMSGTE 08/24 02:44:21z Send another #password set letmein1058{m0010
SMSGTE KI7VDO 08/24 02:43:20z Reply The number 4067885560 has been associated with this callsign.{C9265
KI7VDO SMSGTE 08/24 02:43:13z Send another #mynumber add 4067885560{m000z
SMSGTE KI7VDO 08/24 02:42:25z Reply Invalid syntax. Please try again.{C9264
KI7VDO SMSGTE 08/24 02:42:25z Send another #mynumber 4067885560{m000y
KI7VDO SMSGTE 08/24 01:57:01z Send another @KI7VDO TEST
EMAIL-2 KI7VDO 08/24 01:38:57z Reply Email sent to{386
KI7VDO EMAIL-2 08/24 01:38:57z Send another KI7VDO test{m000x
KI7VDO EMAIL-2 08/24 01:33:00z Send another KI7VDO@GMAIL.COM TEST
KI7VDO SMSGTE 08/23 23:53:15z Send another @4062198053 test{m000w
WHO-IS KI7VDO 08/23 23:47:58z Reply G/Brian D Hoobler/MT/United States{829
KI7VDO WHO-IS 08/23 23:47:58z Send another ki7vdo{m000v
WHO-IS KI7VDO 08/23 23:46:52z Reply E/Thomas G Azlin/AZ/United States{828
KI7VDO WHO-IS 08/23 23:46:51z Send another w7sua{m000u
KI7VDO SMSGTE 08/23 23:18:26z Send another @rachel test{m000t
EMAIL-2 KI7VDO 08/23 23:15:29z Reply rachel added.{385
KI7VDO EMAIL-2 08/23 23:15:29z Send another rachel{m000s
SMSGTE KI7VDO 08/23 23:14:03z Reply The alias rachel can now be used instead of 4065902877{C9244
KI7VDO SMSGTE 08/23 23:14:02z Send another #alias add rachel 4065902877{m000r
SMSGTE KI7VDO 08/23 21:01:13z Reply The alias nolan can now be used instead of 4067811406{C9240
KI7VDO SMSGTE 08/23 21:01:09z Send another #alias add nolan 4067811406{m000q
SMSGTE KI7VDO 08/23 20:59:18z Reply The alias dad can now be used instead of 7043003578{C9239
KI7VDO SMSGTE 08/23 20:59:17z Send another #alias add dad 7043003578{m000p
EMAIL-2 KI7VDO 08/23 20:58:12z Reply dad added.{384
KI7VDO EMAIL-2 08/23 20:58:11z Send another dad{m000o
EMAIL-2 KI7VDO 08/23 20:57:55z Reply Invalid Request!{383
KI7VDO EMAIL-2 08/23 20:57:55z Send another #alias add dad{m000n
SMSGTE KI7VDO 08/23 20:57:48z Reply The number is invalid{C9238
KI7VDO SMSGTE 08/23 20:57:40z Send another #alias add dad{m000m
SMSGTE KI7VDO 08/23 20:55:55z Reply @kim Got it{M9236
KI7VDO SMSGTE 08/23 20:55:07z Send another @kim test{m000l
KI7VDO SMSGTE 08/23 20:54:20z Send another kim test{m000k
SMSGTE KI7VDO 08/23 20:54:10z Reply The alias kim can now be used instead of 4067888241{C9235
KI7VDO SMSGTE 08/23 20:54:07z Send another #alias add kim 4067888241{m000j
EMAIL-2 KI7VDO 08/23 20:53:38z Reply Email sent to{382
KI7VDO EMAIL-2 08/23 20:53:38z Send another Kim test{m000i
EMAIL-2 KI7VDO 08/23 20:53:28z Reply Kim added.{381
KI7VDO EMAIL-2 08/23 20:53:28z Send another Kim{m000h
EMAIL-2 KI7VDO 08/23 20:53:07z Reply Email sent to{380
KI7VDO EMAIL-2 08/23 20:53:07z Send another KI7VDO test with alias{m000g
EMAIL-2 KI7VDO 08/23 20:52:53z Reply KI7VDO added.{379
KI7VDO EMAIL-2 08/23 20:52:53z Send another KI7VDO{m000f
EMAIL-2 KI7VDO 08/23 20:46:49z Reply Email sent to{378
KI7VDO EMAIL-2 08/23 20:46:49z Send another this is a test email via aprs{m000e
EMAIL-2 KI7VDO 08/23 20:42:37z Reply Email sent to{377
KI7VDO EMAIL-2 08/23 20:42:36z Send another lenny this is a test email via aprs{m000d
EMAIL-2 KI7VDO 08/23 20:42:18z Reply lenny added.{376
KI7VDO EMAIL-2 08/23 20:42:18z Send another lenny{m000c
KI7VDO SMSGTE 08/23 20:34:00z Send another @lenny radio to sms test using aprs{m000b
SMSGTE KI7VDO 08/23 20:10:26z Reply The alias lenny can now be used instead of 3525144364{C9234
KI7VDO SMSGTE 08/23 20:10:25z Send another #alias add lenny 3525144364{m000a
WXBOT KI7VDO 08/23 19:26:31z Reply W7SUA is not a valid US call sign.{VS
KI7VDO WXBOT 08/23 19:26:24z Send another info W7SUA{m0009
WXBOT KI7VDO 08/23 19:26:13z Reply w7sua is not a valid US call sign.{VR
KI7VDO WXBOT 08/23 19:26:05z Send another info w7sua{m0008
WXBOT KI7VDO 08/23 19:25:34z Reply w7sua is not a valid US call sign.{VQ
KI7VDO WXBOT 08/23 19:25:27z Send another whois w7sua{m0007
WXBOT KI7VDO 08/23 19:20:08z Reply Currently at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Temp:62 wind:290@3,overcast{VP
KI7VDO WXBOT 08/23 19:19:59z Send another now{m0006